xAttract.com review

June 15, 2022 The result of our xAttract.com review: Our test turned out to be an insufficient dating website.
xAttract.com review
  • Fake chat rip-off

  • Subscription Rip-off

  • Fake Operator

  • Fake Profiles

  • Negative comments

  • Very expensive

Report on xAttract.com review

The online dating website xAttract.com makes a good first impression. On the landing page, we see some erotic content and the screen for registration. The registration is free and done within a few minutes. In fact, it is stated that we should register, because it is free. Well, this creates the impression that the use of the site is free as well, which is not the case. According to our experience, this is a misleading piece of information.

This website uses member profiles for advertising. That creates a promising impression, on the one hand. We assume that the platform has a lot of members. Well, there is also a statistic that shows the number of members. This site has more than one million users. However, on the other hand, we question their data protection. We would not appreciate it if our profile was visible on the landing page of a casual dating website.

Anyway, the profiles look good and promising. However, not all profiles on the site are real. We found a note about so-called computer-generated virtual profiles. That stands for fictitious profiles. This website seems to be a fake chat scam. The operator of the site is Oxygen Mind Ltd, who are based in Kent, in the United Kingdom. We know this company already. On the internet, we found many negative reviews about this operator.

Is xAttract.com a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating website xAttract.com is a rip-off. The profiles on the site are fake. It is a fake chat scam. Plus, there is a high risk of falling into a subscription trap. Costs will develop after the registration. First, that is not stated on the landing page. Second, the subscription renews automatically, if the user does not terminate it in time. That is not even stated in the terms and conditions. The automatic renewal is only briefly explained in the payment section.

We want to explain the cheeky scam step by step. It all starts with misleading information on the landing page. There, we see fake profiles that are not marked as fictitious content of the site. Also, free registration is offered, but there is not one piece of information about any kind of charges. Well, the use of fake profiles that are controlled by bots is stated. But the operator does not call these fake profiles by their name. They are called “computer-generated virtual profiles.” Of course, that expression does not sound suspicious, for a reason.

Our research shows that all profiles on the site are computer-generated virtual profiles. So, there is no chance of meeting real people on the platform. The chance of realizing a date is zero. Still, the user must pay to use the site. Well, there is much more to mention about the fake chat. The bots animate new members into a conversation. They will take the first step. Of course, that is a huge problem, but just one of many. The bots will also not mention anything about moderation.

They take the first step, but will not identify as a bot. While chatting, a user will not get any hint of a fake chat at all. Also, the goal of moderation is not the purpose of entertainment. This is how the operator of the site explains the goal of moderation. In fact, the goal is to increase the operator’s income. Costs will arise for sending messages. It is free to read messages, which is a part of the trick. If a user purchases a premium membership to respond to the moderated fake profiles, the subscription trap will snap closed.

On the internet, we found reviews about a subscription rip-off. Well, there are many hints for that, which we stated at the beginning of this section already. But we must mention one factor. There are many dating sites that use an automatic renewal. It does not have to be bad, in general. However, this website and this operator are not reliable. Also, you pay to chat with computer-generated virtual profiles, and not with real singles. If it is not a trap, it is still a waste of money.

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Registration on xAttract.com

The screen for registration is right at the top of the landing page. Only a bit of information is needed to create a new profile. The registration is free. Well, it is stated that we should register, as it is free. We are not sure if that applies to the use of the site as well. However, we enter a valid e-mail address, a password, and our age. Also, we must agree to the terms & conditions and the privacy policy to continue.

The terms and conditions include the communication guidelines, which are very important on this site. Here, you will chat with computer-generated virtual profiles. That might not sound suspicious, at first sight. But it means that you will chat with fictitious profiles, which are controlled by bots. This website is not a normal dating website. It is an entertainment service. So, the profiles are controlled by bots that will entertain users. We are not sure if all profiles are fictitious. It might be that this site is a fake chat scam.

However, it is good that this note is displayed before the registration starts. This way, users can spot the notification about moderation soon enough. But we cannot evaluate this note positively. Usually, it is never good if a site uses bots to increase the activity in the chatroom. Especially as this site claims to be a casual dating site. Also, we found a number of members on the landing page. We do not know if this number shows the sum of all users, including the fictitious profiles, or only the real members.

In the last steps, we enter a username and our location. Plus, we choose our gender and sexual orientation. It is possible to look for female and male users. Moreover, it is possible to look for both genders at the same time. To complete the registration, we can upload a profile picture. This step is not mandatory, so we skipped the upload. Also, we can describe ourselves, but only five words are needed to fill the box. According to our experience, that does not make a good impression. We assume that many users skip the upload of an image.

By making the upload obligatory, the whole quality of the site would increase. Also, we do not have to verify our account. Well, this is not good at all. We are able to visit each section of the site, including the profiles of other members. This is a no-go. It is possible to read personal data without verification.

Members’ area on xAttract.com

After the registration is completed, we took a look around. The website makes a good first impression. The design is not very appealing. But it ensures a good overview. There are no highlights to mention about the design of the interface. White and grey colors are used for the background. All features are easy to find. Plus, all functions are easy to use and self-explanatory. This website does not offer many different functions. Also, there are not many areas to get lost in.

In general, the handling of the site is very smooth and intuitive. Within a few minutes, we know all sections, like our pockets. At the top, we see the different areas. There, we see the offer of a premium membership, to upgrade our account. Also, the inbox and our notifications are shown. This website has a live stream section. But this is not from this site. By clicking on the button, we are redirected to another portal. Sadly, that would be a positive feature, as only real people can offer a live stream.

The profiles in the members´ area look good. Some of them show sensitive content. Of course, that makes a promising impression, but the profiles are fake. We need to remember the note on the landing page. This informs about computer-generated virtual profiles. Just one minute after the registration, we received our first messages. That is a clear sign of a fake chat. The messages are fake, and sent by a bot. But there is no notification about that in the message. Also, the profile is not specially marked as such.

The longer we remained on the website, the more messages we received. Of course, the case is clear. The profiles are fictitious and controlled by bots. Now, we know that all profiles are fictitious and not marked as such. That is one huge problem. Also, the bots will take the first step in the conversation. While chatting, there will be no information about moderation. The bots animate new members into a conversation to entertain us. Well, that is how the operator describes the service. Actually, they are used to increase the income of the operator.

Review xAttract.com member area

Terms and conditions of xAttract.com

Extract from the terms and conditions from the xAttract.com website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of June 15, 2022.

Please, note that while using our Services You may sometimes interact with automated online accounts and/or fictitious profiles, which its interactions been generated by or with the assistance of automated programs or scripts, or by real persons that have been contracted or employed by Us (Hereinafter, referred to as “Bots”, "Automated Profiles” or “Fictitious profiles”). [...] Bear in mind that none of the content or actions made by Automated Profiles are the result of, or arise in connection with, a natural person’s profile or otherwise User Content.

Costs on xAttract.com

The registration is free. Then, new members receive a free basic membership. This kind of membership allows you to get to know this website. We were able to visit all areas of the site. Well, this platform does not have too many different sections. The free basic membership allowed us to see profile pictures, and to visit each profile individually. So, we were able to get further personal information, which is not that good. This website does not require verification. So, your personal data is not safe here.

The free basic membership even allowed us to read messages. Well, that would be great on other sites as well. Here, it is part of a trick. The messages come from bots which animate new members into a conversation. While chatting, users do not get any information about moderation. In the end, users will spend money for a premium membership, to chat with moderated fake profiles. Plus, there is a high risk of falling into a subscription trap.

The premium membership renews automatically. That does not have to be bad, in general. We have reviewed many good websites that use that feature as well. But it can be used as a trap as well. That seems to be the case here. The operator is not reliable. Also, the site makes a bad impression, regarding the automatic renewal. The automatic renewal is not stated in the legal information. There, we only read furthermore information about the automated messages.

The automatic renewal is stated in the payment section. But it is not possible to copy and paste this piece of information. These are all hints of an unreliable website. According to our experience, that gives use the impression of a subscription trap. Besides that, the costs that will develop are quite high. Plus, you will pay to chat with bots. The subscription that you will choose here is a waste of money anyway.

On the internet, we found reviews about the complicated termination process. The operator ignores letters of termination, or simply declines them without a reason. As the paid subscription renews automatically, if the cancelation is not made in time, it will end in a trap.

The premium membership is offered with three different terms. There is a subscription for one month that costs 29.95 USD per month. Then, there is a premium membership for three months that costs 19.98 USD per month. The premium membership for six months costs 16.66 USD per month. As we see it, this website is too expensive. Even for other reliable websites in the same category, the rates are high. Payments can be done with a credit card or a major brand gift card.

Review xAttract.com payment

Conclusion from our xAttract.com experience

The online dating platform xAttract.com is a rip-off with a fake chat and a subscription trap. Well, the fake chat is not a big problem. On the landing page, there is a hint of a fake chat. The operator notes the use of so-called computer-generated virtual profiles. Well, there is a reason why the operator does not call the fake profiles that are controlled by bots, by their name. The operator does not want users to know.

After the registration, the bots will start a chat. While chatting, the bots will not state anything about moderation. Also, their fake profiles are not marked as such. So, users do not know about moderation and will not get any information afterwards. To chat, a premium membership is needed, which extends automatically. The user must terminate the subscription in time, to avoid an automatic renewal. Regarding reviews on the internet, that is the problem.

The operator of the site makes the process of termination difficult. Letters of termination will be ignored or declined. This way, the operator makes sure that the deadline will be missed again and again. The operator of the platform is Oxygen Mind Ltd, who are based in Kent, in the United Kingdom. We know the operator already. Plus, we found many negative reviews from former users on the internet. All signs speak of a cheeky rip-off.

Contact data of the operator of xAttract.com

Oxygen Mind Ltd
Office 3, First Floor
18 Castle Street
Dover Kent, CT16 1PT
United Kingdom


FAQs for xAttract.com

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website xAttract.com

What has attracted positive attention to xAttract.com ?

The first impression of the site is not too bad.

What has attracted negative attention to xAttract.com ?

The profiles are fake and controlled by bots. Also, the subscription is a trap.

What can I do on xAttract.com with a free account?

A free account allows quite a lot. To chat, costs will develop.

Can I really meet someone on xAttract.com ?

No, the profiles are fake and controlled by bots.

Is there moderators or bots on xAttract.com ?

Yes, this website is an entertainment service. To entertain users, bots are used. Fake chat operators are not employed.

How can I cancel my account on xAttract.com ?

You may cancel your subscriptions via the settings option under your profile, or by contacting the customer support service via the FAQ of this website.

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