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The online dating website eHarmony is a great alternative for people that are looking for a serious commitment. It helps its members find the best match for them in their area. They are able to do this thanks to their specific matchmaking system based on psychological studies. Moreover, the website has a large number of members and is available all over the world.


  • One of the best choices for people looking for a serious relationship
  • A highly regarded dating portal with an impressive number of successful love stories
  • Balanced gender ratio - 51% men and 49% women
  • More than 37 million users all around the world
  • 33 million registered members in the US alone
  • Available all over the world
  • Scientifically designed questionnaire
  • Great matchmaking algorithm thanks to their extensive personality test
  • Modern design and good performance
  • Best solutions for personal data protection
  • Amazing customer service available 24/7
  • Costs originate via a subscription through premium membership

The online matchmaker eHarmony has a great reputation. Millions of people from all over the world have joined the platform in the past 20 years. Moreover, the operator claims that over 2 million people have found their loved one here.


A lot of things can be said about this website. One is that it just might be the best choice to find your dream partner. In the following review you will find out about the great services and offers of eHarmony.

General information

The platform eHarmony is categorized as a matchmaking site. But it is not just any matchmaking site. It is quite possibly the perfect place on the internet for people looking to find a real love relationship. One reason for its sounding success is because of their personality test. This test is based on scientific researched questions. Every new user has to take this test which is done during registration.

eHarmony first became available in 2000 in the US and went international a short time after that. Twenty years later it is still going strong and can boast over 2 million people finding love on their site.

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A great portal experience plus continuous improvement of their services make eHarmony the highly recommended matchmaker that it is today. Saving you not only time but also sorrow. Because a broken heart or a rejection on a date, even if it is an online date, can be hard to take. Thanks to their great matchmaking service you will get only potential suggestions that match just right.

Great service and extensive offer

The website site was founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist for more than 35 years. He has dedicated his entire work and life to only one thing, helping others find the right partner for a relationship. Through Warren’s counseling experience over the years, he set up his website based on scientific matching questions. Which is what leads us to the best matchmaking results that the site boasts. Now, eHarmony has millions of members all around the world. It connects singles that are looking for love and a long term relationship. The operator is eHarmony Inc. which is located in Los Angeles.

The website of eHarmony offers various information about the platform right from the start. In general it is an extensive website with a lot of things to discover. But everything is still easy to find and use thanks to its great overview. Another great thing about the website is that you won’t just read information about the portal itself. You will also find a lot of details about online dating in general. Besides good customer service, it provides dating information in a section called “Dating Advice”. There you will find comprehensive information and dating tips. Along with that, you will also find a wide range of topics about love, dating, cheating, and heartbreaks. In that section you will also find more information on how to use the eHarmony website itself and how the compatibility system works and what exactly the compatibility wheels mean.

Design and performance

The platform has a modern design and a user-friendly interface that appeals both to the younger and older generation. Thanks to its great design the portal guarantees a good overview as well. Use of the website is easy as the portal has just a few features available. There are a few icons and functions which are easy to find at the top of the site. The colors are mostly white and light blue. eHarmony comes in a minimalist design which makes the characters easy to read. It ensures an easy operation as every single section of eHarmony is self-explanatory.

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Mobile version and eHarmony app

The mobile app of eHarmony is freely available for both Android and iOS devices. It has all the functions that the desktop version offers. While the mobile version on a browser smartphone or tablet is good, the general design and implementations of the app are a bit better and performance is easier. Also, the different sections load faster on the app than on the mobile version.

Registration process on eHarmony

  • Possible to register via e-mail or Facebook
  • Takes around 20 minutes to finish the registration process
  • You will answer an extensive questionnaire about yourself

eHarmony - Sign up Before you start registration on eHarmony make sure that you have time for it. Registration here is one of a kind. It takes much longer than on other dating websites. As you start the website informs you that you will need around 20 minutes to finish everything. The reason why it takes so long is because of its questionnaire. Your answers will be used by the algorithm later to find the right match for you. You are required to answer all questions of the questionnaire in order to finish registering.

You don’t need to verify your e-mail address. The platform uses verification with an SMS service to verify your identity and your profile. At the end of registration and after the questionnaire, you will have to provide details like your full name, age, region, occupation, and how much money you earn.

Questionnaire process

The questionnaire includes questions about yourself and how you generally act in certain situations. It is recommended that you take time for this. Do not rush. They are simple and easy to understand. To answer you will pick some words or sentences out of a list. Answer spontaneously but answer honestly. There are no wrong answers.


The personality test touches on free-time activities, interests, hobbies, and musical preferences. There will be some questions about what you desire, what you want, and what you expect from your partner. The test will come up with some situations that might happen in a relationship. Then you have to choose how you would react. For example, there will be questions like if you like to sleep with an open window. Later it asks how you plan your holidays or which flowers you like. At the end it will get a bit more difficult and very specific. From here you have to answer how you would act in an unpleasant situation like in a fight with a friend or your partner

All of these questions will help to find a person that will best fit your interests and behavior. The more time you spend on the test, the more honestly you answer, the better and more satisfying your partner suggestions will come. You can only do the test one time and no editing is possible afterward.

Settings and user profile

After registration and the personality test are done you can edit even more information on your profile. It is recommended to upload images of yourself. This way you will get more reactions from others. People prefer a profile with many details and a great looking profile picture.

eHarmony - User profile

In general, the more information you provide the more success you will have later on when chatting and flirting. Thanks to the personality test, which every member has to fill out, there is a number on every profile. That number shows you your compatibility rating with each other. Thanks to one number you will know at a glance how good you would fit with another member. Of course, that only works if you provide enough information and answer honestly.

You can edit your preferences, interests, and much more in your profile. From there you can provide more information like your skills, or what you are thankful for. In a nutshell, a member profile on eHarmony is very detailed. If you take the time and read one profile completely it will take some minutes. This way you can get to know a person before you start to chat. Thanks to the compatibility number you find out easily how great a relationship could work out. Before you start, you should check out the member’s pool and find some potential matches.

Member structure on eHarmony

  • International members pool
  • Worldwide success means a large number of members
  • More than 37 million people are registered globally
  • 33 million members are from the US

The online dating website eHarmony has a high number of members. Its member structure offers a very diverse member’s pool. Registered people come from every level of society and of all ages. One reason for its great variety of users is that everyone is looking for love and someone to rely on.

If you register here, you will find people from every corner of the US. Of course, it also has a lot of international members as well. More than 37 million people are registered here. The biggest percentage of users are from the US.


The majority of users in the member’s area are between 20 and 40 years. But that doesn’t mean the older generation can’t find love here as well. It is a good alternative for silver agers as members are here looking for real commitment.

Generally, the members of eHarmony are well educated, have a stable life, and are looking for a match to converse with on a high level. As mentioned before, the users here are looking for the right partner to spend their life with. That means, if you are just looking for spontaneous fun with no strings attached, this is probably the wrong place for you.

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There are a few different ways to find a person here. On one hand, you will get partner suggestions based on your answers from the personality test. On the other hand, you can check the member’s area by yourself. This way you can browse the member’s pool in your region with specific search filters in place.

Getting in touch with other people on eHarmony

eHarmony offers you various ways to get in touch with others. It offers automated questions that you can send for initial contact. Moreover, you can send a wink which is available for free. But to really get to know a person you will need premium membership. Only users with a premium subscription will have access to the full selection of contact features.

For every member on eHarmony you will see your compatibility number on their profile. The higher the number the more compatible you are with them. If you find such a potential partner you can either add this user to your favorites list and contact the member later or you can take your chance right away.

eHarmony - Chatroom

You can send them a smiley. If she or he replies with a smile back, you can send a message. Besides the normal message, you can instead send an ice breaker. The ice breaker messages are automated questions that can be a good start. If you are shy or not sure about your chances a smile and an ice breaker can be a good alternative.

But be aware that you will have the best chance of success if you start with an individualized and charming message. Most of the members on eHarmony are looking for a real partner and are open to a charming first chat. So the chances that they will reply to a real message are much higher than an automated sent question.

The costs on eHarmony

The website eHarmony offers free and paid services. Registering and taking the personality test is free. Setting up your profile and checking others out is also completely free. Other free functions include getting in touch with someone. Winks and smiles, viewing member profiles, sending automated messages, creating a favorites list, and checking the member’s area for potential matches are also free.

eHarmony - Costs

But, if you want to see the images of others, check out who visited your profile, who added you to their favorites, and to send an unlimited amount of messages, you will need a paid premium membership. This membership is offered in three different subscriptions with different terms and costs.

  • Premium membership Light runs for 6 months and is $65.90 per month.
  • Premium membership Plus runs for 12 months and is $45.90 per month.
  • Premium membership Extra runs for 24 months and is $35.90 per month.

If you are new, your first purchase at eHarmony offers a discount of 50%. This is a one- time offer to receive that special price. This discount is offered for both the 12 and 24 months subscription, but not for the 6 months premium membership Light. If you get the discount, Plus will cost $22.95 per month and Extra will cost only $17.95 per month.

Our conclusion of eHarmony

The online dating website eHarmony fulfilled all of our expectations. It is a great matchmaker dating site that is based on scientific data. The portal might be the best alternative to finding your right partner. Its performance is great, it is very easy to handle, has a modern design, smart algorithm to find matches, and is filled with members that communicate at a high level. It draws much knowledge from its long history of over 20 years. The people behind the portal know exactly what the members are searching for here and how to help them find who they are looking for.