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Example of Subscription rip-off based on

In the search for exciting dates, suitable partners and even great love, the internet is becoming more popular every day. More and more people are specifically looking for online dating agencies which suit their needs. Unfortunately, over 90% of these dating platforms are just rip-offs.

How to recognize a subscription rip-off

Unfortunately, the internet not only brings advantages but it also contains many risks. Online dating can be especially risky as it is easy to scam people. Scammers know how to manipulate, and play with emotions. They prey on people who are already emotionally vulnerable.

How do I recognize a fake chat rip-off?

What is a fake chat? The name explains itself very well. Usually you create an account on a dating portal to meet someone with the same goals as yourself, only to later find out that it was a fake profile and you’ve been interacting with an employee of the company the whole time.

Easy tips to fight a rip-off

The internet can be a risky place if you don’t know your way around. Scammers are not always easy to recognize and you might be ripped off before you realize what’s happening. By this point, a lot of money can be lost. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks to spot a scam and catch it before it is too late.

Fake chat

Currently there are about 100 operators who are running a great number of letterbox companies and the tendency is rising. Most of the companies are located in Europe and started to work as professional animators.

The subscription trap rip-off

Besides viruses, phishing and spam emails, which can be devastating to your privacy, subscription traps are also something to look out for. Dating websites come at a particularly high risk of subscription rip-offs.