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  • InternationalCupid starts already in 2004

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  • 4+ million members in the US

  • 51% Men / 49% Women – Quality matches for everyone

  • Every 14 minutes, someone finds love on eharmony

  • Highest quality dating pool

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  • Connecting Christian singles since 1999

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What is a matchmaking agency?

You are single and looking for true love. You are looking for the one and only person who knows everything about you and your feelings. The one who carries you on his or her hands and knows what’s going on in your mind. The person you can dream with and share every little part of your life without hesitation. It seems like everyone is looking for this person but of course true love is not easy to find. Some have been disappointed in the pas,t and some just do not have the time, while some live in the wrong place.

There are many obstacles to overcome but there is an easy solution. The internet made a lot of things easier for those looking for true love. There is no harm in trying an online matchmaking agency. Your true love could be just a mouse click away so why not give it a try? We did extensive research, have checked many websites, and put the best dating websites through their paces.

How does an online matchmaker work?

It is not easy to find the right partner. Especially if you are looking for a long-term relationship. People harmonize, function together, and complement each other in many ways. Their personalities should fit together. Matchmaker agencies understand this and put together personality profiles for each member. The providers use a personality model which is based on a five-factor personality test. Even though that sounds very complicated and scientific it really isn’t.

To be an active member on a matchmaker dating website you have to do a psychological test when you do the registration which takes about 20 minutes. It sounds like a lot of work and a waste of time but it’s really not. It brings you a little closer to your dream partner. This tests you for the following areas:

  • Kindness: generosity, trust, altruism
  • Conscientiousness: care, reliability, striving for leadership
  • Openness: curiosity, imagination, inquisitiveness
  • Emotional stability: anxiety, irritability, vulnerability
  • Extraversion: Sociability, activity, enterprise

The advantage of a matchmaker agency

The advantage of a matchmaker agency

Thanks to the personality test and the matching system you, as a user, will only be introduced to other singles of the platform that matches your personality and values. This means that potential partners, which could be the love of your life, will be suggested to you automatically. This means that you don’t have to spend hours and hours searching through all the dating profiles yourself or even leave the house to find a good match. You will only meet singles who fit you and your lifestyle, at least theoretically. These are the big advantages that make the search for a partner much easier.

All kinds of dating agencies of all imaginable preferences

The chance to find someone on an online matchmaker agency who are also looking for an earnest partnership is clearly much higher compared to other dating websites or dating apps that are available.

There are all kinds of dating agencies of all imaginable preferences. Every person has individual demands. That is the reason why there are dating websites for special fetishes and classic ones like Parship or Dating Cafe, for example. Or, special portals for Christians who are looking for love. There are special dating agencies to meet women in or from Russia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries.

Whatever you are looking for you can find on one of our test winners websites which you can trust.


Registration itself is always free but use of the dating platform incurs costs. The costs for a matchmaker dating website are usually a little more compared to other single dating websites. Since the chances of success are much higher we deem it worth the price.

The advantage of free dating agencies

Of course there are also dating websites that are completely free. This means they can be used by everyone. The advantage is that on such websites there are a lot of singles. Plus registration and handling are usually very simple.

The disadvantages of free dating agencies

disadvantages of free dating agencies

There are a few disadvantages of free dating websites. The reason is that free dating agencies also have to earn money that works with ads. Most of the free dating websites show their users many ads and get paid by doing that. It sounds like that is not too bad but it can be quite annoying. There are even some websites that show too much advertising that it is hard to navigate. Without enough money customer support service suffers. Special requests are considered far too slow or not at all.

Last, but not least, free dating websites sometimes comes with a great number of fake profiles. If anyone can register and create a profile there end up being a lot of real but non-active profiles. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, fake profiles are a negative note. Tracking fake profiles and blocking them takes time and money.

Most of the users on free dating websites are just looking for some fun

A good dating website needs good software and good employees to detect scammers and cheaters. As the cost for this can be quite high, privacy and data protection tend to be insufficient on free dating websites. Dating agencies that charge no money mostly attract users that have no serious intentions at all. They register because of boredom or just to check their chances but not for anything real or serious. Most of the users on free dating websites are just looking for some fun. In fact, it is nearly impossible to find a match with someone that is also looking for true love on websites like these.

Advantages of paid dating agencies


First of all, the members on a paid website are truly wanting to find someone. Premium members who are willing to pay money to find the right partner is a clear hint that they mean it. Of course, the bigger dating agencies do their best and treat their customers well.

Higher standards

Most of the users who are able to spend money on a website to look for a partner have their own income and know exactly what they want. That leads to the conclusion that the users of paid websites are older and more mature which also raises the standards of the users and the quality of the conversation.

Bigger range of matches

A reputable matchmaker website that charges its users can also spend more money on advertising. The result of more advertising is that more singles know about the platform which increases the number of members and potential partners.

Less fake profiles

The dating portals that charge money have less fake profiles as they have the resources to check every profile and member. That in turn saves you money, time, and disappointment.

Customer service

Good service is very important for every business. It is the same with online dating. It is important that you get answers to your questions within a reasonable time.

Disadvantages of paid dating agencies

Costs can rise very quickly.