UnitedFlings.com review

June 15, 2022 The result of our UnitedFlings.com review: Our test turned out to be an insufficient dating website.
UnitedFlings.com review
  • Fake chat rip-off

  • Fake Operator

  • Fake Profiles

  • Unlikely to meet

  • Negative comments

  • Very expensive

Report on UnitedFlings.com review

The online dating website UnitedFlings.com looks great. On the landing page, we see an image of an attractive woman. There, we read about free registration and that we can flirt for free here. Of course, that sounds promising. Because of that information, we assume that we can use the site and all the features for free. Plus, this site has many members. At least, we assume that, because of one statement. We read about the fast process of finding matches. Then, we can flirt for free. It seems that we can find a match in no time.

On the landing page, we see more images of female users. At least, we assume that these pictures show members of the site. There are no notifications that these profiles are used for advertising only. Plus, we read short a short message about the simplicity of use, and the high chances of finding a match.

But there are some notes which we do not appreciate. First, the website does not mention actual dates in any way. We can flirt and chat, but real meetings are not part of the offer. Moreover, we read about entertainment profiles, which show fictional cuties. This website appears to be a fake chat. Well, it is good that the note is stated on the landing page. But, this notification does not mean anything good, according to our experience. The operator of the site is Meteor Interactive BV, who are based in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. We know this company already.

Is UnitedFlings.com a rip-off?

The online dating website UnitedFlings.com is a rip-off. It is a fake chat. There is no chance of meeting a real person. The site mentions the use of fictitious profiles a few times. Because of that, it is still a scam with a fake chat. On the landing page, the use of fictional entertainment profiles is stated. But this notification is provided at the bottom of the landing page. As we see it, there are many users who will not spot this notification. There is a reason why it is displayed there, and not at the top of the homepage.

The use of entertainment profiles is stated again while registering. Of course, that speaks volumes for the site. Also, the note on the landing page is a positive aspect. Both notifications mention that the fictitious profiles are marked with a heart icon. Actually, that is helpful for the users. This way, users can spot the entertainment profiles very quickly. But, that does not change our point of view. The website is still a fake chat scam.

After the registration is done, we received many messages from other profiles. These messages come from fake chat operators who control the fake profiles. Now, we can reveal the profiles on the site, and the reasons why it is still a fake chat. The fake chat operators will animate new members into a chat. They take the first step in a conversation. But, they will not identify as a fictional person. That is one problem.

We could assume that the icon would be an obvious mark. However, it is not. The profiles do not show the icon visibly. It is necessary to visit a profile to find the mark. Moreover, the heart icon itself does not contain any information. So, it is necessary to read the terms and conditions first, to know the meaning of the icon. The icon is in the form of a heart. But if users do not know about that, the icon is not any help.

Additionally, we checked the members´ area. We did not find one profile which did not show this icon. So, all profiles on the site are fake. There is no chance of finding a real match. Also, the use of the site is not free. This website claims to be free of charge. That is a misleading piece of information. The user must spend a lot of money to chat with other profiles. Here, you will pay to chat with the fictitious profiles of fake chat operators.

On the internet, we found many negative reviews from former members. This website has a bad image. Also, the operator of the site is well-known. The company runs many more dating platforms. All sites from this operator are a fake chat.

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Registration on UnitedFlings.com

On the landing page, we see the button to create a profile. First, we enter a username and a password. Then, we choose our gender and the one that we are looking for. We must also choose our location and age. In the last step, we enter a valid e-mail address. That is all the required information to create a profile. In general, the profile quality appears to be poor. This website asks for too little personal information to find accurate matches, according to our experience.

However, before we complete the registration, we must check our provided information and agree to the terms & conditions. There we read a short notification that informs us about an important aspect. This website uses moderated fictitious profiles. The note says that there are fictional entertainment profiles which are marked with a heart icon. But physical contact is not possible. More detail about this icon is given in the legal information.

It is positive that this note is provided before the registration is completed. But we cannot see the meaning of the note as a positive feature. The use of fictitious profiles is never something good. This website appears to be a fake chat. We must find out if all profiles are fictitious. Also, it might be that not all fake profiles show the heart icon. Anyway, we agree to all terms of the site, to complete the registration.

Before we can enter the site and complete all steps of registration, we must verify our account. That is an important step to avoid fake profiles. As we see it, this is a positive aspect of the site. Also, we see another notification about moderated fictitious profiles. These profiles are now called “fantasy cuties.” Their purpose remains the same. We see it as positive that we must agree to the communication guidelines. The notes about moderation are not hidden.

Members’ area on UnitedFlings.com

After the registration, we visit the website. First, the design of the platform is modern and appealing. Thanks to the great design, the handling is not just easy, but a lot of fun. At the top, we see the different areas of the site. There is a bar in a pink color, which shows the inbox, our notifications, and profile settings. Also, one section is displayed where we can buy credits. Credits are needed to send messages. It seems that costs will develop for the use of the site, even though the site advertises free use on the homepage.

Anyway, we will explain the costs later on. The members’ area is full of profiles. All profiles show attractive women. We assume that the chances of finding a match are high. Plus, the community on the site appears to be open-minded and chatty. On one hand, the profile pictures show sensitive content. That creates a promising impression. On the other hand, we receive many messages right after the registration.

The messages mention erotic fantasies right away. Of course, that creates a promising impression as well. But we know that it does not mean anything good. The messages are fake. Also, the profiles on the site are fake. Fake chat operators control these fake profiles. They send us messages to animate us into a conversation. While chatting, they do not mention anything about moderation. This website is a fake chat scam.

On the landing page and while registering, a notification about the use of fictitious profiles is displayed. Each note explains that the site uses entertainment profiles. In general, entertainment stands for moderation. But the goal of moderation is not the entertainment or amusement of the users. The actual goal is to increase the income of the operator.

The profiles that show a fictional person with which a date in real-life is not possible contain a certain icon. In the legal information, we read more information about this icon, which comes in form of a heart. We checked many profiles in the members´ area. But we did not find a single profile that did not show this icon. All profiles are fake. That is one reason why this site is a fake chat scam.

Also, the icon in the profiles does not contain any information. All users who did not read the terms and conditions, do not know the meaning of it. According to our experience, there is a reason why this icon does not show any information. The operator of the site wants to be on the right side of the law. This operator does not want to make the moderated chat too obvious. Because of that, the purpose of entertainment is stated, which is not true as well.

On the internet, we found many reviews about the fake chat. Former users were not satisfied with the site at all. In general, this website has a bad reputation.

Review UnitedFlings.com member area

Terms and conditions of UnitedFlings.com

Extract from the terms and conditions from the UnitedFlings.com website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of June 15, 2022.

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment Service and that (i) the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators [...]

Costs on UnitedFlings.com

The registration is free. Actually, this website advertises with a free use as well. On the landing page, we read about flirting for free. As we see it, that means that the use is free as well. However, it is not. After the registration is done, costs will develop for sending messages. The user must purchase credits to be able to send messages. Of course, it is a waste of money. The website is a waste of time. All profiles are fictitious. There is no chance of meeting a real person.

At least, we can exclude the risk of falling into a subscription trap. But that does not change the fact that this website is a rip-off with a fake chat. The members´ pool is full of fake profiles, controlled by fake chat operators. They will animate new members into a conversation. While chatting, they will not mention any hint about moderation. The goal is to increase the income of the operator. In the legal information, the purpose of entertainment is stated. But that is simply not true, just like the advertisement about the free use of the site.

One credit is needed to send one message. At first, that does not sound like a lot. But the use is quite expensive. That is also stated in reviews on the internet. Former users complain about the high costs as well. The credits are offered in different packages. Depending on which package is purchased, the price per message varies.

The smallest package contains three credits and costs 3.00 USD. One message costs one US-Dollar. The most expensive package, regarding the price per message, costs 50.00 USD and contains 25 credits. With this package, one message costs 2.00 USD. The biggest package costs 300.00 USD and contains 300 credits. Again, one message costs 1.00 USD. All in all, six different packages are offered. The rates per message vary from 1.00 USD to 2.00 USD. Payments can be done with a credit card.

Review UnitedFlings.com payment

Conclusion from our UnitedFlings.com experience

The online dating website UnitedFlings.com is a rip-off with a fake chat. This website uses fictitious profiles, which are used for entertainment. Well, entertainment is not completely honest. The goal of moderation is not the entertainment, but the increasing of the income of the operator. The operator of the portal is Meteor Interactive BV, who are based in Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

Now, this website shows quite a few notifications about moderation. One note is displayed on the landing page. But this note is well-hidden at the bottom. Another note is shown while registering. Moreover, all fake profiles that are moderated show a heart icon. However, the site is still a fake chat.

All profiles show this heart icon. But the icon itself does not contain any information. So, it is mandatory to read the terms and conditions first. Then, fake chat operators actively animate you into a chat without identifying. We received more than 20 messages during our review. Not one fake chat operator hinted at moderation. Also, the site advertises with free use. But the use of the site is very expensive. Here, you will pay up to 2.00 USD per message, to chat with a moderated fake profile.

Contact data of the operator of UnitedFlings.com

Meteor Interactive BV
Savannahweg 17
3542AW Utrecht


FAQs for UnitedFlings.com

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website UnitedFlings.com

What has attracted positive attention to UnitedFlings.com ?

The design of the site is modern and appealing.

What has attracted negative attention to UnitedFlings.com ?

All profiles are fake, and the costs for using the site are very high.

What can I do on UnitedFlings.com with a free account?

There is no premium membership. Costs will only develop for sending messages.

Can I really meet someone on UnitedFlings.com ?

No, all profiles are fake. Reviews on the internet agree with us.

Is there moderators or bots on UnitedFlings.com ?

Yes, this website employs fake chat operators to entertain users. Entertainment is not the actual goal. It is to increase the operator’s income.

How can I cancel my account on UnitedFlings.com ?

You can delete your profile at any time in the profile settings.

Let us know your UnitedFlings.com experience in the comments as well.

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  1. Mark Sheridan July 11, 2021 at 4:14 pm

    I’ve been on the site what about the last three months I figured it out that it was a scam, and in a blog that you write about yourself I wrote that it was a scam over and over again each time they took it down. I was surprised that one time they left it up for several days, and then took it down again. Lately I have noticed that some of the women I was talking to have text me to try to get me to text back to them again. I have also noticed when I was texting some of these women they didn’t seem to be very intelligent with their wording which made me wonder if I was really talking to that woman. It was becoming obvious to me that I was talking to company operators!!

  2. Bryant Hopkins June 1, 2021 at 7:25 pm

    O figured this out too but only after dropping several hundred bucks on conversations that went nowhere. Live and learn.

  3. William Hart December 21, 2020 at 7:53 pm

    Man, I SO GOT TAKEN! People READ the fine print, these guys are scammers!! It’s too good to be true!! Forget United Flings and go to the REAL DEAL at Secret Benefits!!

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