June 15, 2022 review
  • Good price performance ratio

  • Many members

  • Extensive offer

  • Real dates guaranteed

  • No one-to-one matchmaking system

  • Swingers are the only target group

Report on review is an online community for singles, couples, and groups, who are looking for new adventures. This website is actually much more than just a dating site. Well, you can find a date here for sure. You can chat with other members privately, or in group chats, and talk about erotic fantasies. Plus, there is so much to explore. This website offers speed dating, live streams, and sex education. Here, influencers and actual experts talk about nothing else. Of course, the website is full of erotic content. Registration is only possible if you are over 18 years old.

Furthermore, the website offers many more possibilities for finding a match. Here, you can join events all over the US. This platform is available all over the world. In fact, you can register for a certain event in Europe as well, and use of the travel offers which you can find on the site. Additionally, the website focuses more and more on real life events. So, the main goal of the site is not online chats or one-to-one dates, but gathering a big community together for parties.

In a nutshell, this website offers all you need, if you are looking for erotic adventures. It does not matter if you are looking for erotic chats or live streams on the internet, or in real life. However, it appears to be more than clearly stated that this website is a casual dating portal. It is less about finding the love of your life and much more about having the time of your life.

The operator of the portal is SDC media LLC, who are based in Cary, in the USA. We must mention one important aspect. This website has a lot of members. Regarding the information on the landing page, this website has many active users. But the number shows all members around the world. So, we also found some reviews from disappointed customers. However, this website is reliable and safe.

Is a rip-off?

The online dating website is not a scam. At least, we did not find any reviews about that on the internet. Of course, there were some former users who were not completely satisfied or were disappointed. But that is quite normal. This portal has countless users from all over the world. Some of them joined the site for the online service. Others are looking for real life adventures. By offering such an extensive service, which is available all over the world, it is no wonder that there are some bad reviews.

Still, the fact that some former users had a bad experience does not mean that this platform is a rip-off. Also, we had a good experience with the site. The operator makes sure that there are no fake profiles created by new users. This site asks for a profile picture, which must be verified manually. Plus, verification is obligatory if you want to use the site. Moreover, the personal data protection of the site is of the highest level, which is another great feature.

Costs will develop after the registration. A new member will need a premium membership to chat with other members. However, there are some ways to contact other users for free. However, the most important fact is that the subscription is not a trap. The process of termination is simple, and the deadline for cancelation is set fairly.

All in all, if you feel attracted to the website, so you are safe to go. There are no risks. Also, we were not able to find any hints of a fake chat, or any other way in which you could lose your money.

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Registration on

The registration might take a few minutes. It is stated that registration is free for all. Here, you can register as woman, man, transgender or as a couple. A valid e-mail address, a password and a username are needed. Plus, we enter our location. After that, we continue to the second step. We can explain what we are looking for on this site. By clicking on different interests, we describe if we are looking for swingers, hook-ups, events, or sex education. Of course, there are way more categories to choose. These are just a few examples.

In the third step, we have the chance to describe ourselves in more detail. There are three boxes that we can fill out. In the first one, we can introduce ourselves. The second box is the profile box, in which we can describe our interests, preferences and needs. In the third box, we can mention more extensively what we are looking for on this site.

After that, we need to upload a profile picture. This step is mandatory and cannot be skipped. That is clearly a positive aspect of the site. It is a simple help against fake profiles. Usually, fake profiles are created without an image. Additionally, the profile picture must be manually approved. That takes a few minutes. However, we appreciate that, as this ensures a safe and fun handling of the site. In general, that process increases the quality of the whole website. Imagine, if this step was not mandatory, many users would not upload an image.

Besides the upload of the profile picture, we must verify our account via e-mail as well. This is the second step to avoid fake profiles. According to our experience, this website gives a good impression. The registration process asks the right questions and ensures a member pool full of real profiles only.

However, before we verify our account via e-mail, we must add some more details to our profile. Within different steps, we describe our appearance, character, interests, and sexual preferences. All information is provided by choosing set replies in small boxes. As stated before, the registration takes a while. But the whole process is as easy as pie. There is not one step which is too complex to answer.

Members’ area on

After the extensive registration is done, we checked out the platform. Now, we see ourselves confronted with a very extensive platform. This portal seems to offer everything that you could ever imagine. From the very first second, it is clear that this site works differently from other dating portals. does not only focus on one-to-one interactions made up by users of the matchmaking system. focuses much more on real events and parties. The goal is to bring like-minded people together. This way, the matchmaking will happen in real life. By the way, the events that are organized by the site sound more than promising. After the registration and approval of your profile picture, you can check out the event section. There you will find countless options close to your area. Of course, most of the events happen in bigger cities. However, even if you need to travel a few miles to get there, it will be worth the effort for sure.

That is just one section of the site. There is so much more to explore. It is nearly impossible to describe it all in just one review. This site offers all you could ever imagine that has at least some connection to erotic content. Here, you will find live streams from members all over the world. Plus, there is a video section, with content from open-minded members. After your profile is approved, you have the chance to explore all the different areas of the platform. Of course, you can contact each member of the site as well.

Besides personal chats, you can join group chats. There you can talk about all kinds of topics. In the blog section, you can interact with members regarding their posts. Be aware, the content and topics in these groups do not have any limitations. In general, the community of the site is more than just open-minded. Everything is possible on the site. There are no boundaries, and you might get some invitations that might sound a bit too harsh. But this is what is all about. wants to offer an extensive platform for erotic adventures in real life and virtual experiences as well. For example, in the event section, you will not only find erotic and porn conventions. Here, users can put ads online as well. So, you will see offers from couples who are looking for a third person. There are also people who are looking to join a group gathering. Even this part has to end.

While we reviewed this platform, more than 20,000 users were online. A few thousands of live streams were available. More than 55,000 videos of users are online already. Travel options are available in high numbers as well, more than 6,000 to be more exact. In this section, users post where they will go for a vacation. You can either join this person or meet at the destination. Of course, this will not be a normal sightseeing vacation.

As you can see, this website offers too much to describe in just one review. To keep it short, if you feel attracted by the offer of the site in just one way, that it is already enough to join. Of course, if you are looking for true love and a serious relationship, this site might not be your first choice, However, it is even possible to find that on this site.

This website is very extensive. But there was never the point when we were overwhelmed by the site’s offer. The handling is smooth and very intuitive. That is because the design is simple, but allows a good overview. Somehow it does not look very appealing. However, it ensures an easy use, which is more important than the look, as we see it. The navigation is very simple. Surely, people of all ages can find their way around quickly.

Review member area

Costs on

The registration is free. Then, a free basic membership will be provided. This kind of membership runs for an unlimited time and allows many features. We were allowed to visit all areas of the site. That included the live stream areas and the video section as well. Also, we were able to check out all ads in the event and travel area. In a nutshell, the free basic membership gives you the chance to get to know the site. After that, you can decide if this website is worth your money or not.

If you decide to join the site with a premium membership, you can enjoy all the features and functions, and you have different offers available. There is a one-month premium membership which costs 30.95 USD per month. The premium membership for three months (92 days) costs 19.98 per month. Summed up, three months can be charged in one go for 59.95 USD. Plus, there is a premium membership for six months, which costs 17.49 USD per month. Again, it is possible to pay the subscription in one charge. Then, it costs 104.95 USD.

Two more options are left. The website offers a premium membership which runs 12 months. This kind of membership costs 12.91 USD per month. Summed up, it costs 154.95 USD. All in all, the price-performance ratio is good. But there is one offer which leaves all other options behind. The website offers a lifetime membership for only 250.00 USD. It costs 100.00 USD more than the one-year subscription. Of course, this offer is more than great.

The subscriptions renew automatically, except for the lifetime membership. You can switch the automatic renewal off in your profile settings. But we can assure you. The automatic renewal on this platform is not a scam. There is no subscription trap to be feared. All payments can be done with a credit card, a PaySafe card, Google Pay, American Express, Bank or Cash.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience

The online dating website is a safe platform for erotic adventures of all kinds. Here, you will find everything that you can imagine, which is somehow connected to express sexual fantasies. But you will not only express your fantasies online. The main goal of the platform are real life experiences.

On this platform, you will find live streams and videos from members. The community is not only chatty but very open-minded. There are many ways to get in touch. You can even join other users while they are on vacation. Of course, this will not be a typical holiday tour, but an erotic adventure. The people who join the site are mostly swingers and singles, who are looking for something special. Now, this website is the right choice to achieve that.

The website offers a lifetime premium membership, which sounds like a great offer to us. If you feel attracted by the site, there is no reason not to join it. Even with a free basic membership, you have a lot of freedom to discover the site. The operator of the platform is SDC media LLC, who are based in Cary, in the USA.

We must mention one more point. There are a few negative reviews on the internet. Some former users were not happy with this site. But this platform has millions of active members all over the world. It is simply not possible to ensure that all members are satisfied, because of this high number of members. We can assure you that this website is safe and not a rip-off of any kind. However, you might not want to join the site if you do not want to see sensitive content, or if you are looking for a serious commitment.

Contact data of the operator of

SDC media LLC
2054 Kildaire Road #428
Cary NC 28511

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

This website offers all you can imagine, regarding erotic adventures.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

The design is not that appealing, but it ensures a simple use.

What can I do on with a free account?

A free account allows many freedoms. However, if you feel attracted by the offer, the premium membership will guarantee a lot of useful features. But there is no risk of a rip-off with a subscription trap. This website is reliable.

Can I really meet someone on ?

Yes, the website’s goals are real life events and happening.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

No, there are no fake chat operators or bots. A fake chat scam is not to be feared.

How can I cancel my account on ?

To terminate your premium membership, please contact the customer support.

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