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Report on review appears to be a great choice. On the landing page, we see an image of an attractive woman. We also see the registration form. Registration is free for both women and men. The process takes a few minutes but is as easy as pie. What this website offers in its advertising is interesting. On this platform, men can find matches from Russia or East Europe. The site seems very likely to be a solid matchmaker.

You will definitely only come to meet your match after getting to know her very well. Afterwards, you might meet her in her hometown, or she could visit you. As the goal is international matchmaking, this website needs the highest standards of safety and personal data protection. And the matchmaking system must work impeccably.

What is on offer naturally sounds interesting, and the site’s general appearance seems promising. But we would like to make one point clear before we proceed to the details. International matchmaking is not that simple. There is a high risk of falling for love scammers. If there are any hints of a site being less than trustworthy, we advise you to not provide any payment details or further personal information. The site operator is Interpillar Ltd, which is based in Las Vegas, USA.

Is a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating platform is a scam. There are many hints that indicate it uses fake chat. In this instance, it was not that easy to uncover the tricks the site plays. But there are several clear hints that make sense after connecting the dots. First, what the site offers users requires a lot of effort. This portal claims to be a matchmaker. Men can find wives here from Russia or East Europe. International matchmaking is always difficult. But finding the perfect match from overseas is even harder.

Inevitably, there will be substantial language barriers. This website would have to use an effective translation tool; otherwise flirting might be difficult. But such a facility is conspicuous by its absence. After registration, we received messages couched in perfect English. These messages came from profiles that were obvious fakes. All profiles on the site show very attractive women. There was not a single female member who looks like just an average person. All images in the members´ pool look like professional model photos. Fake profiles are the second aspect of our negative review.

The messages we received sounded fake to us. Several reasons led us to this conclusion. We did not provide any profile picture. The chances that we would be contacted proactively are therefore very slim. And these messages contained really basic questions or erotic fantasies. Admittedly, this could seem promising. Receiving erotic messages from attractive 20-year-old women makes a great first impression. But considering this scenario realistically, there is no chance it would truly happen.

Another reason for concluding this is a rip-off is that the website makes an untrustworthy impression after registration. What it offers sounds great. But such a service would require a great deal of input from the operator. Subsequently, our matches looked great, but there were only a few matches with interests in common with ours. So the matchmaking system did not work properly. And we received a lot of invitations to start chatting with certain members. Some of these members had nothing in common with us. This created a suspicious impression.

Moreover, we found reviews alleging the use of fake chat. Last but not least, the purpose of entertainment is stated in the legal information. Entertainment usually stands for moderation. Former users also mention fake chat in their reports. So we are not the only ones who had this impression.

In general, the chances of finding a perfect partner to marry on the internet are not that high. This could definitely work on a reliable website. But the chances decrease if your match comes from a different country and cultural background. So you should be careful. On this website you will receive countless matches. And these matches promise heaven on earth. This is a clear sign of a rip-off with fake chat. With the admission of the purpose of entertainment, the situation is clear to us.

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Registration on

On the landing page, we see the form for registration. Registration is free for women and men. Only little information is required to create a profile at this stage. We enter our gender and age. And we provide our name, a valid e-mail address and a password. To proceed, we have to agree to the terms & conditions and privacy policy.

We then have to provide more information about ourselves. The registration process turns out to be quite extensive. This website asks a lot of questions about our behavior and preferences. All our answers will be used by the matchmaking algorithm later. Moreover, we have to provide details not only about ourselves, but also how we envisage our perfect match. This creates a good impression. In our experience, providing plenty of personal information will help in finding accurate matches.

At the end of the registration process, we can upload a profile picture. But this is not compulsory. We are able to skip this step. However, the website asks us twice to upload an image. Again, this makes a good impression. Profiles with an image increase the quality of the site. They also give users much better prospects when chatting and flirting.

If you answer all the questions attentively, the process of registration might take up to five minutes. New users also have the opportunity to write a personal description. But this description is not obligatory. In our view, the protracted registration process makes a promising impression. At first, this site appears to be a reliable choice. We assume we will receive accurate matches imminently, as we have provided a lot of information.

Members’ area on

After registration is completed, we visit the site’s members´ area. This works without verification. We were able to see all profile pictures and visit all sections. The portal reminds us to verify our profile. This is of course highly recommended. But it is not compulsory. This leaves a bad feeling. It is possible to see the full content of the site without a verified profile. This poses a high risk for the personal data of other members. We are able to view every profile and read personal information. It is also possible to make contact.

The platform has a modern and appealing appearance. All sections of the site are easy to navigate. And the portal does offer quite a lot of different features, which are all easy to use as they are self-explanatory. We can use the search function, which allows us to filter the members´ area by age, location and family status. At the top of the site, we see the different areas. This platform has a news feed comparable to those on social media websites. There we can see all the activities of every member. Again, this works without a verified account.

Additionally, we receive various notifications. Most tellingly of all, we see pop-ups that members are now online and that we can chat with them. But we are unsure whether there is any genuine prospect of connection here. It might be that these users have something in common with us. Or these pop-ups might just show random members and not actual matches. We regard these pop-ups as suspicious. They encourage us to chat and take the first step. This might be a trick to encourage us to purchase credits. Costs will arise for sending messages.

Moreover, the profiles of the site look fake to us. Our experience suggests the profiles look like professional model images. There is not a single person who looks like an average woman. All pictures show very attractive women. This is a sign of fake profiles. As we see it, the profiles do not look real at all. We did some research on the internet. It transpires that we are not the only ones who have come to this conclusion. We found quite a lot of reviews on the internet alleging fake profiles.

Additionally, we found a suspicious note in the legal information. This platform is for entertainment only. Entertainment might stand for moderated chat. It is an oft-used synonym. In general, a dating website is not supposed to be for entertainment. It should be a service that connects users willing to date. Usually, entertainment is limited to an online experience. Entertainment usually represents a fake chat scam without calling it by its name.

The pop-ups appear to be fake. They are a part of the trick. These notifications are intended to encourage us to start chatting. But we will not connect with a real person. It seems the profiles are fake and show fictitious people. Additionally, the fake profiles seem to be controlled by fake chat operators. There are several signs of fake chat. For example, we found reports that some profiles remain online for days without a break. We also received several messages after just a short time.

We receive photos of some users. Other women ask us what we expect from our match. And we receive messages that contain erotic fantasies. Remember, we did not upload a profile image. The chances of our receiving this much attention are very low.

Review member area

Terms and conditions of

Extract from the terms and conditions from the website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of April 15, 2022.

Any statement that may be posted on the Service is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional financial, medical, legal, or other advice.

Costs on

Registration is free. No subscriptions are offered. So there is no premium membership that allows more features or guarantees better chances while flirting. However, this does not mean the website is free to use. Users will have to pay to send messages. Remember, this website is a matchmaker. To get to know your match, you will have to send tons of messages. And not only did we receive lots of matches; we also had countless messages from other users.

First, costs will mount rapidly. Second, the messages that we received are part of a rip-off. This website uses fake chat. The chances of meeting someone via this platform are low to zero. Reviews on the internet share our view here. The messages come from fake chat operators. They want to push us into chatting. We will have to pay to send messages. Costs will accrue from using credits.

Sending one message costs two credits. This does not sound like a lot, but it actually is. We tried to send a message. We were able to send one message with a maximum of 50 words. This is far too few. Remember, this website claims to be a matchmaker. So you will have to send a lot of messages to ask all the important questions and stay in touch. If you want to send an image, 10 credits are needed. For sending stickers or emojis, five credits are needed.

So these are the costs that will arise from using the site. We tried to find out how much the credits costs. But we were unable to view the payment section. To see the various offers of credits, we would have had to provide our credit card details first. Obviously, we didn’t do this. This website is not trustworthy. And its operator does not make a reliable impression. According to reviews on the internet, the credits are not cheap at all. Former users complain about very high costs.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience is a rip-off with fake chat. This website made a great first impression. But the longer we reviewed it, the more adverse signs we noticed. First, what the site offers sounds interesting. But after registration, it simply does not provide the services that would be needed to deliver on the promises it makes on its landing page. The portal claims to be a matchmaker. After registration, you will receive countless potential matches.

Additionally, a new member will receive plenty of messages. This could well seem a positive aspect, but it is not. It is a clear sign of fake chat. Moreover, the profiles on this website seem fake. They all show professional models. There was not one average looking woman in the members´ pool. The messages contained erotic fantasies, which are hardly to be expected from a matchmaker. Potential partners tend to get to know each other first. Last but not least, we found proof of fake chat. This website is an entertainment service but not a dating site.

Nor does the website operator make the best impression. We found several reviews about this company. Former users were not satisfied at all. Ultimately, a lot of different signs present a disturbing picture in clear language. This website is a cheeky scam with fake chat. The platform operator is Interpillar Ltd, which is based in Las Vegas, USA.

Contact data of the operator of

Interpillar Ltd
3960 Howard Hughes
Pkwy Suite 500
Las Vegas
NV 89169

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

What the portal offers sounds interesting.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

The profiles on the site are clearly fake.

What can I do on with a free account?

There is no subscription for premium membership. Costs will arise for credits which are needed to chat.

Can I really meet someone on ?

No, the profiles on the site are fake. Reports on the internet agree with us here.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

Yes, this website is an entertainment service.

How can I cancel my account on ?

You can delete your account at any time in the profile settings. If you need help, please contact customer support.

Let us know your experience in the comments as well.

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