EligibleGreeks.com review

June 20, 2022
EligibleGreeks.com review
  • Reputable website

  • Reliable operator

  • Solid offer

  • Real members

  • Low chance of success

  • Bad data protection

Report on EligibleGreeks.com review

The online dating platform EligibleGreeks.com makes a good first impression. On the landing page, we see the image of an attractive woman. This woman fits the target group. On this website, Greek singles from all over the world can register to find matches. The portal is available all over the world. So its main focus is on heritage and not location. On the landing page, we also see the registration screen. Registration is free and easily completed.

We found further information about the site on the homepage too. This platform is reasonably transparent. We read about the site’s target group, what it seeks to achieve, how it works and what users can expect. Last but not least, we read some testimonials from former users. The love stories of these people sound interesting and quite promising.

Our first impression of the website is good. At the bottom of the homepage, we found the name of the operator: World Singles LLC, which is based in California, USA. But this company has received negative reviews on the internet. It’s known for its huge dating network, which is generally reliable but has inadequate data protection.

Is EligibleGreeks.com a rip-off?

The online dating platform EligibleGreeks.com generally makes a good impression. Our experience tells us this website is not a scam. We did not find any hints of the use of fake chat. Nor were there any signs of a subscription trap. Costs arise for premium membership after registration, and the rates are quite high. And the operator does not set out the subscription terms clearly. So we saw negative points during our review.

Premium membership is renewed automatically. But in the payment section all subscriptions are shown as involving one-time payments, which is simply not possible. This is suspicious. But it’s not enough to justify calling this website a cheeky subscription rip-off. Still it is something we have to mention. If you have made a purchase here, please be sure to terminate your premium membership proactively and on time.

This website is a good choice if you feel it addresses your needs. We assume it’s obvious that it goes for a certain target group. Greek singles can register here to find matches. You can of course register with any heritage. But Greeks are the main target group. And this point seems clear. This website offers some smart features to find matches for its members. But these don’t include a solid matchmaking system.

On the landing page, we read how easy and quick it is to meet interesting people. This could well be true. But the whole point is to find you an accurate match. During registration, only minimal personal data is requested. In our experience, this is insufficient to find proper matches. And your data is not really safe here. The site operator is well-known on the internet. This website is part of a huge network of countless dating sites for all sorts of different target groups.

The operator claims sharing your profile across this network will increase your chances of finding a match. But this is simply not true. Remember: this platform is a matchmaker for Greek singles. Other sites are for Christians, Muslims, gay singles and so on. There are too few similarities between the different sites’ separate target groups. So sharing profiles won’t help you. It just allows the operator to claim a large membership on all its networked sites in its advertising. Such claims are highly misleading.

Misleading advertising is of course not the same as a scam. But it certainly doesn’t make a good impression either. But if you’re not over-concerned about your privacy protection and still feel attracted by what the site offers, this is your chance. The website has quite a lot of members in the US, although its overall popularity isn’t too impressive. Still, it does make matchmaking and finding new friends possible.

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Registration on EligibleGreeks.com

The registration screen is displayed at the top of the landing page. On this website both women and men register free of charge. We indicate our gender, the one we’re seeking and then our country and city of residence. This platform is available all over the world. We can select literally any country. Then we key in our date of birth. You have to be older than 18 to join this website.

Finally we enter a valid e-mail address, username and password. In the ensuing registration stages we describe our appearance, character and behaviour and answer questions about our looks, education, work and social habits. Then further questions are asked. We have to state whether we have ever been married and to outline our political beliefs.

All in all, the registration process is quite extensive. It takes around five minutes. All the questions seek useful information and are easy to answer. And we don’t have to create replies ourself. Possible answers are listed in menus: all we have to do is choose one or sometimes multiple answers from these. For example, we can choose more than just one reply regarding our taste in music or foreign language proficiency. Before the registration process is complete, we can upload a profile picture. But this step is not obligatory: a point we evaluate negatively.

Making the uploading of a profile picture optional lowers the site’s quality. In our experience, many people will skip this step. And we don’t have to verify our account, which is another black mark. This opens the door to fake profiles. Last but not least, we have to record what our impressions are. This website claims to be a matchmaker. The process of registration includes some useful questions for the search algorithm to use, but this is simply not adequate. This website asks for too little information to be a serious matchmaker.

Members’ area on EligibleGreeks.com

After completing registration, we enter the platform. Our first stop is the members´ area, which is full of interesting and good-looking women. The profiles look good, but not too good to be true. This website shows no sign of using fake chat. Its profiles are not fictitious. Nor is it just for online amusement or the ‘purpose of entertainment’. During our review, we did not receive any messages, which is a good sign.

Usually, receiving too much attention immediately after registration is completed is a sign of a fake chat scam. This could of course give some new members a good feeling. But in reality it wouldn’t signify anything positive. However, from this point of view, this website appears to be reliable.

The site’s design isn’t too impressive. We do have a good overview of the platform. But its design isn’t really appealing. It doesn’t offer too many areas to explore. This makes it relatively easy to navigate. Plus, using all its features and functions is extremely easy. Within a few minutes, we know all its various areas and are ready to look for matches.

On the left, we see the various areas: our inbox, the search function and dashboard. At the top we see different categories to filter the members´ area. We can choose to see only the latest members or those close to us. We can also choose whether we wish to see only members of EligibleGreeks.com or all members of the entire dating network of World Singles LLC.

This website is part of a huge network. By choosing to see all network members, a lot more potential partners will of course be displayed. But we doubt this will increase your chances of finding a match. Each website in the network has its own unique target group. So users registered on another website might not be looking for a Greek single. However, you have to play to win. In the end, there’s only one way to find out.

There are quite a lot of members from our region. This is what we expected at the outset. But the search algorithm doesn’t appear to be very accurate. We actually see members from all over the US and even Canada. Anyway, this website offers a reliable service to find matches for members. The good news is that you can get to know the platform first. If you feel persuaded that your prospects of finding an interesting match here are strong, you can make a purchase enabling you to initiate first contact.

Review EligibleGreeks.com member area

Terms and conditions of EligibleGreeks.com

Extract from the terms and conditions from the EligibleGreeks.com website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of June 20, 2022.

Your World Singles subscription will be automatically extended for successive renewal periods at the then-current non-promotional subscription rate, unless you elect to turn off the rebilling mechanism on the site when you first purchase a subscription or deactivate the rebilling mechanism prior to the expiration date of your subscription.

Costs on EligibleGreeks.com

Registration is free. And free basic membership will be provided after registration. This kind of membership allows you to get to know this website. If you feel attracted by what the site offers, you can make a purchase and try your luck with paid premium membership. Premium membership is offered with three different terms. There is premium membership for one month, which costs 39.99 USD per month. Beware: all types of subscription are renewed automatically.

We have to criticize the automatic renewal system used by this website. It’s not actually a rip-off with a subscription trap. But the website does make a very serious mistake. At the time when the initial offer is extended, we read about a one-time payment. Usually, a one-time payment means you pay a certain price once and not again. Well, things seem to work differently here. Premium membership for 39.99 USD will automatically be renewed if you do not terminate the subscription on time.

In the site’s legal information, automatic renewal is mentioned. Still, some former users obviously didn’t read the terms and conditions. On the internet, we read reviews alleging a subscription trap. However, the website does make a trustworthy impression nonetheless. And there are no incentives that might lure new members into a subscription trap. But this website leaves us no other choice. All its features and functions are well explained, except the automatic renewal system. This is the most significant, critical aspect we have to mention.

Besides the premium membership option for one month, two further options are available. There is premium membership for three months, costing 29.99 USD per month. And there is premium membership for six months, costing 24.99 USD per month. Our experience suggests the rates on this website are quite high, especially when we consider that the chances of actually meeting another member are not too encouraging.

Our feeling was that it would be best to spend as much time on this site as possible with free basic membership, which is what we recommend. If you feel persuaded by what the site offers, try premium membership for one month. And be sure to terminate your current subscription in time to avoid its automatic renewal. If the website still suits you, change your version of membership to a cheaper alternative. Plus, we recommend using the feature to see all members and not only the Greek singles. You could find your true love in this way.

Review EligibleGreeks.com payment

Conclusion from our EligibleGreeks.com experience

The online dating platform EligibleGreeks.com is a good choice – at least under some circumstances. In the first place its main target group consists of Greek singles. It doesn’t matter where you are located: Greek singles are the main focus. However, this website makes it possible to look for other singles too. This platform is part of a huge network. Your profile will be shared across this network. This incidentally amounts to poor personal data protection. The platform operator is World Singles LLC, which is based in California, USA.

Members of other sites will see you if they activate a certain button in their members´ area. And you can do the same thing to see more potential members. If you do not mind your profile being shared, this site might be a good choice for you. Its rates are quite high. So if you do not mind high usage charges, you are good to go.

There are no risks of fake chat being used. The profiles are real and not moderated. However, this website will charge you for premium membership, which is extended automatically. This is not stated in the payment section but only in the legal information. We assume this isn’t a cheeky trap. But it certainly doesn’t create a good feeling either. Anyway, if you do make a purchase, please bear the termination deadline in mind.

Contact data of the operator of EligibleGreeks.com

World Singles LLC
32565-B Golden Lantern St.
#179 Dana Point, CA 92629


Phone: +1 (949) 743-2535

FAQs for EligibleGreeks.com

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website EligibleGreeks.com

What has attracted positive attention to EligibleGreeks.com ?

This website is a reliable matchmaker and offers realistic chances of finding matches.

What has attracted negative attention to EligibleGreeks.com ?

This website is not completely transparent as far as automatic renewal is concerned. And the prospects of finding a Greek single in the US might be not too high.

What can I do on EligibleGreeks.com with a free account?

A free account allows users access to a lot of features. With this kind of membership, you can get to know the website.

Can I really meet someone on EligibleGreeks.com ?

Yes, the profiles are real.

Is there moderators or bots on EligibleGreeks.com ?

No, this website does not employ fake chat operators. Bots are not used either.

How can I cancel my account on EligibleGreeks.com ?

To cancel your premium membership, please contact customer support.

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