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Report on review

The online dating platform makes a great first impression. On the landing page, we see the image of a couple. This image makes us feel the site is promising and reliable. We also see the registration screen. Registration is free for women and men. Plus, it only takes a few steps to create a new profile. So this can be done in just a few minutes.

We also see profile pictures on the landing page. These show mature singles. As we see things, the profiles look real. This website appears reliable. But we do have to mention that substantive facts about the site are completely missing. We do not know whether costs will develop later on. And we are not sure how many members this platform has. All in all, we don’t even know whether this website is a matchmaker or casual dating site.

Its initial appearance makes it look more like a solid matchmaker. But this is just our impression. The site isn’t at all transparent. In our experience, this isn’t a good sign. When examined again more closely, this platform seems rather suspicious. The portal operator is SOL Networks Ltd, which is based in Sliema, Malta. This company is well-known on the internet. We found quite a lot of reviews about it, and we know this company already too.

Is a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating portal shows all the signs of being a fake chat scam. The first hint that it’s an unreliable choice is its defective transparency. We couldn’t find a single item of useful information on the landing page. We read there about free registration and finding a lot of mature matches in no time. But costs will arise after registration. Actually, the use of this site is quite expensive. So promising free registration is misleading and irksome. And although the chances of finding a match might be high, what about actual dates?

We didn’t see any assurances about dates in real life on the landing page. This is another hint that this site is a bad choice. Ultimately the operator can claim real dates were never offered. Besides, the name of the website operator is another hint. The operator of this portal is well-known. We found a lot of negative reviews from its former customers. And we know this site operator ourselves too. The company in question runs a lot of other dating sites. All its portals aim at a particular target group. Ultimately, they are all a scam.

Plenty of different hints indicate the use of fake chat. But definitive proof that moderated chat is used is not available. We didn’t read anything about moderation being used in the site’s terms and conditions. Neither fake chat operators nor fictitious profiles are admitted. The purpose of ‘entertainment’ isn’t admitted in any way. So we didn’t even find a euphemism that could mean or imply moderation. But we did find reviews from former users. They had the same experience as we did.

After registration was completed, we received a lot of messages. In general, this is a clear sign of fake chat. It’s especially likely that on this platform this is more than just a sign: it amounts to real proof. We didn’t provide a single item of personal information about ourselves while registering. So there’s no reason for other members to contact us. Moreover, this website claims to be a matchmaker. This means its community wouldn’t normally be as open-minded and chatty as those on casual sites. We received messages from other members here a little too quickly.

The messages we received also contained erotic content. Naturally, this might seem encouraging. But the signs are clear. This website uses fake profiles controlled by fake chat operators. They take the first step. Fake chat operators actively encourage us to join conversations for which costs will be incurred. A user has to pay to send messages. Generally speaking, using this site is quite expensive. This isn’t because sending one message is over-pricy; the problem comes from something else.

First, users pay money to chat with moderated fake profiles. Second, this site claims to be a matchmaker but has no matchmaking system. So you just have to get to know your matches yourself. This requires a lot of chatting, for which high costs inevitably arise over time. However, the chances of meeting a real person here appear very low. So this website is a waste of time and money.

As far as costs are concerned, we have to mention the risk of falling into a subscription rip-off. Credits are needed to chat. These are offered in different packages, which are a kind of subscription. They will be automatically purchased each month. The user has to terminate this kind of payment arrangement, which doesn’t appear too easy.

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Registration on

On the landing page we see the registration screen. The process starts by asking us to indicate our gender and the one we are seeking. We read again on this screen about the site’s target group. This platform addresses mature singles looking for serious commitments. We choose the age range we’d like our matches to fall into. We enter a valid e-mail address and password and must then verify our account to continue.

Our experience tells us this is a positive aspect of this website. It enables fake profiles to be avoided. It also guarantees a modicum of data protection. Other users can’t register too easily to access your personal data. In short, verification is a plus point for this site.

After the very brief registration and verification processes, we can enter the website. We now have the opportunity to provide further information about ourselves. But doing this doesn’t seem to be compulsory. We’re not asked to enter additional details. Nor do we have to upload a profile picture. We sense from this that this website is very unreliable. It claims to be some kind of matchmaker. To find matches, a lot of data is needed. But here all the matchmaking algorithm evidently needs are our gender and the age of our desired matches.

In our view, this makes everything seem very suspicious. The registration process is too basic to ensure successful online dating. However, we enter the website to learn more.

Members’ area on

After our very speedy registration, we enter the site. The platform has a modern and appealing appearance. And the design doesn’t just look good; it ensures easy surfing too. Navigating the site is also very easy because it doesn’t offer too many different features. At the top of the interface, we see three different areas. There is the search function, our inbox and the button to upgrade our account. And there are three bars that open some other sections. These sections include the site’s legal information and our profile settings.

The site isn’t terribly extensive. But it offers all the necessary features to find matches and make contact with them. On the right, we see another screen showing our incoming messages and notifications. Within a few minutes, we receive quite a lot of attention. Well, this is nothing good, as we will explain shortly.

Before we say more about chatroom activity, we’d like to mention a few more aspects of the members´ area. This site has a lot of users. In the members´ pool, we see plenty of profiles that just look stunning. And thanks to a green dot on profile pictures, we can see whether a certain user is online or not. So we can chat with active users right away and do not have to wait till they go online.

Besides the name and green dot, we see a member’s brief description and membership status on their profile pictures. Some even upload a video. This creates a good feeling.

However, our good impression is soon undermined. First, the profiles look great. Actually, they look a bit too good to be true. We didn’t spot a single average-looking woman. Plus, the members are quite young. But this website supposedly aims at mature singles. Our impression is that this isn’t really consistent. And there’s an unmistakable indication that fake chat’s used. Within minutes of our registration, we start to receive messages.

The large number of messages we receive is a sign of fake chat. And the messages disappear after a short time. So it’s hard to obtain proof of the scam. However, we arranged things so we could prove this. There’s an over-keen interest in our profile here. We didn’t provide a single piece of personal information about ourselves. Nor did we upload a profile picture. So there’s no valid reason for other members to contact us, particularly since this site is supposed to be a serious matchmaker. At least, the portal gives us this impression.

Users of a matchmaker generally look for serious commitments. But here the messages we receive contain erotic fantasies right away. The signs are clear. Fake chat operators control the profiles on the platform. The profiles are fake. A fake profile shows a fictitious person with whom a date in real life is not possible. But fake profiles are not marked as fake. Fake chat operators will not identify themselves as fake either.

There’s a major problem in proving all this. The operator doesn’t admit anything about moderation in the site’s legal information. Neither fake chat operators nor fictitious profiles nor the purpose of entertainment are mentioned in any way. This means legal proof of the use of fake chat is unavailable. But we’re quite sure moderation occurs. And internet reviews agree with us here.

Review member area

Terms and conditions of

Extract from the terms and conditions from the website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of May 22, 2022.

After Your initial purchase of membership, and again after any subsequent membership period, Your membership will automatically renew for an additional equivalent period, at the price you agreed to when initially purchasing the membership. You agree that your account will be subject to this automatic renewal feature.

Costs on

Registration is free. Premium membership is not on offer. Or at least, we assumed this was the case. We read the terms and conditions before registering. But then we read something about premium membership and a subscription that is renewed automatically. Well, it transpires that a cheeky trap is being played.

Costs do not arise for premium membership. Still, by purchasing credits, you automatically receive the status of a premium member. Credits are offered in different packages. Altogether there are three different packages. It doesn’t matter which particular package is purchased: costs will recur. The credits are automatically rebought at the end of each month. It is of course possible to buy credits between monthly boundaries if they are needed. But at the end of the term in question, any package purchased before will definitely be purchased automatically again.

Actually, this sounds like a subscription rip-off to us. We also found reviews on the internet alleging a subscription trap. It seems cancelling a recurring payment is not that easy. According to information on the internet, the operator ignores users’ requests. But buying any credits on this site seems to be a waste of time anyway. In the end, costs will grow very quickly. And it seems users can only chat with fake chat operators.

Credits are offered in three different packages. The smallest comprises 150 credits. This kind of package costs 49.99 USD. The second package costs 149.99 USD and contains 600 credits. 1,500 credits are included in the biggest package, which costs 299.99 USD. Now the prices are actually stated on a per monthly basis. So the credits will be rebilled each month. Payments can only be made with a credit card.

Sending one message costs two credits. This might not sound like a lot. But you have to send a lot of messages to get to know your matches. This website does not have a matchmaking system. It is solely your responsibility to ascertain whether a potential partner is a true match or just a waste of time. Well, the case is clear with this site.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience

The online dating platform is a rip-off. We spotted a lot of hints that it uses fake chat. There’s also clear evidence of a subscription trap. However, legal proof of fake chat is missing. The operator does not admit anything about moderation in the terms and conditions. But we received numerous messages within a few minutes. And the profiles in the members´ area look too good to be true.

The signs are clear. In the end, proof from the site’s legal information isn’t necessary any more. We received messages from users that mentioned erotic fantasies right away. Of course, this sounds promising, but it’s not consistent with what would happen with a serious matchmaker, which is what this site claims to be. And costs on this site are very high and will recur. Last but not least, we found reviews alleging fake chat and a subscription trap from former users.

We also found negative reviews about the operator, which we already know too. The site operator is SOL Networks Ltd, which is based in Sliema, Malta. This company has a terrible reputation on the internet.

Contact data of the operator of

SOL Networks Ltd
71, Tower Road, SLM
1609 Sliema

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

The website has a great initial appearance.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

This site shows all the signs of being a rip-off with fake chat and a subscription trap.

What can I do on with a free account?

Apart from sending messages, all features are free. Credits are offered in what seems to be some kind of subscription system, which is in effect a trap.

Can I really meet someone on ?

In our experience, actual meetings are not possible.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

Yes, this website shows all the signs of using moderated chat.

How can I cancel my account on ?

You can delete your account at any time. To terminate your current subscription, please contact customer support.

Let us know your experience in the comments as well.

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