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ChristianCafe: Test winner "Matchmaker"

The online dating portal ChristianCafe might be the best place for single Christians on the internet to find a match. For more than 20 years this dating site has connected people around the world who are looking for the one and only to share their feelings and convictions.


  • One of the best matchmakers on the internet
  • Customized for religious Christians
  • Successful matchmaking for more than 20 years
  • Operated by Christians for Christians
  • Great service and simple operation of the portal
  • Modern design that suits people of all ages
  • Very accurate matchmaker system with proven results
  • Available all over the world
  • A high number of members in the US
  • Users are chatty and active
  • Positive testimonials and many successful love stories
  • Extensive portal with many different sections and functions
  • Costs originate through a subscription from membership
  • Free trial membership is available

ChristianCafe offers a lot of great things that make this online dating portal one of the best choices to find your soulmate. The platform is operated by RealCafes.com Inc. which is located in Ontario, Canada. From there the operator has run the site since 1999. The company created a platform where Christians can connect, chat and date with people who have the same convictions.

General information about ChristianCafe

The online dating website ChristianCafe is a matchmaker. It is one of a kind as the target group is very special. On this platform people register and meet up that are religious and want to meet a soulmate who are religious as well. As the name points out already, it is for Christians.


Of course, the matchmaker accepts people of other religions and convictions as well. But with registration, the operator makes it clear that this is not a common dating platform on the internet. Its rules and regulations are deeply connected to the religious values of the Christian faith.

Some people might assume that this matchmaker for Cristian people might be full of older members. But thanks to just this one target group, it counts more than two billion people all over the world. This means there are enough people to give this portal a chance. Additionally, the platform is crafted in a modern design that attracts people of all ages.

Another prejudice might be that since this portal is for Christians only it would not offer variety. But as the Christian religion has many different offshoots, this thinking is completely wrong. From Anglican to Lutheran, from Baptist to Episcopalian, and so on. People of all races and nationalities join this portal on a daily basis which has led to its big member´s pool of more than two million members worldwide. About half of them are from the USA.

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The registration process

On ChristianCafe you receive a free trial membership with your registration. That free trial membership lasts between seven to ten days. With our registration we received an extra five days. In this time, we were able to use all of the functions and features of the online dating website. So, even if you are not sure if you fit in on this site, there is no reason not to give it a try.

To create a profile on ChristianCafe you have to go through the four steps. In the first step you have to provide your e-mail address and a username. After that you have to enter your location, gender, age, and some general information about yourself.

CristianCafe - Register

Those general details are about your appearance, education, lifestyle, and faith of course. Before, we mentioned already that this matchmaker is one of a kind and that you will see this during registration. At the bottom of the registration process we read the note that you should not register here if you are married. ChristianCafe points out that the people and the portal itself is a religious place. This way the operator can guarantee that only same-minded people join this portal.

In general, the registration process on ChristianCafe is simple and done in a few minutes. Our first impression was that this seemed quite short for such a solid matchmaker. But you can and should provide more details later. We checked out some profiles of already registered members and have to admit that all of the profiles were very detailed.

Profile information and setup

When registration is done and your e-mail address is confirmed, you can edit more details in your profile. This is not necessary but recommended. A profile with a lot of information and a charming description will have much more success than an empty one. As a picture says more than a thousand words you can upload up to three images of yourself. The operator also advises that a profile with a profile picture will see 10 times more responses to their mail.

The first box with detail is called “Vitals” and it tells the essential information of a person. In this section you will provide or see details like age and location. Here you will also see when a user has been online in the last time. That is quite useful so that you do not spend too much time on an inactive profile.

CristianCafe.com - Profile

The second box is the “Profile” section. Here you will provide or find personal information about appearance, lifestyle faith, family desires, education, employment, and so on. So, if you want to find out more about a person, this is where to start reading.

In the third and last box, you can describe yourself in your own words. When we visited some other profiles of already existing members we read charming descriptions about their person and their character. Some people tell great stories from their life so you can read what made them become the person they are today. In this section you will find out if this person could be your match.

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The member´s structure of ChristianCafe

  • More than two million members worldwide
  • About half of all members are located in the US
  • Balanced gender-ratio
  • Members of all ages
  • Chatty, friendly people that are very active in general
  • Group conversations can be found in the forum section

In regards to the billions of Christians all around the world, two million members of ChristianCafe seem to be quite small. But on the other hand, a matchmaker with that many members offers plenty of people to get in touch with and to actually meet in real life. Especially in the US, the online dating website has a lot of members. Plus, the users of ChristianCafe are very active and chatty.

In general, people of matchmaker dating sites are open-minded in a very specific way. Of course, open-minded does not mean that they are looking for match after match. But it means that they are really looking forward to getting to know each other while chatting. That is what makes a matchmaker what it is and on this site the people are very excited to welcome you on board.

CristianCafe - Members area

The members of ChristianCafe are composed mostly of Christians. More than 90 percent of its users are Christians. They point out that their conviction is that what defines them. So, that means the people here have already a lot of things in common and a lot of topics to talk about. They all have the same things in mind but are divided demographically and separated into different nationalities all over the world.

Even if the members are located on all continents of this world, your best chances to find a match are in the United States. About one million active members are from there, so there should always be an interesting, charming character close to you. If you find one, you only have to make the first step to get in touch with her or him.

Best matches thanks to the accurate search filter

There are plenty of ways to start something very special here on ChristianCafe. But before you start a chat with someone, you have to find your match first. The matchmaker convinces us with great testimonials of former customers. That means that the matchmaker system and its algorithm works solidly and accurately.

If you are looking for a match or just a person to meet on a friendship level, you will start your search in the member´s section. You can scroll through all of the profiles and look for an appealing person. Thanks to the detailed profiles it is a lot of fun to just read the members information and also a great way to find out if they might be a match.


If you want to save a bit of time, you can enter some of your preferences in the search filter. That makes the search for a match simple and easy while providing you with the best results. If the algorithm finds a great match for you but you want to continue your search, ChristianCafe offers a great function. On every profile you will see a button that says “View similar profiles”. Even if this choice seems to be uncommon for a Christian matchmaker site, it is a useful function. By clicking on it you will be redirected to a member´s pool of people that have similar interests and profile information. This is an easy way to find more potential matches and a great alternative to the search filter.

How to get to know each other

You can add every member into your favorites list. Once added, you will never lose this contact again. If now seems not to be the right time, save the match for a better moment to get in touch with them. A great feature is that if you enter a profile into your favorites list, you will get a notification if this member is online.

CristianCafe.com - Member profile

If you want to see if another member might be interested in you as well, you can send her or him a wink. That is a great way to start without any words. Last but not least, you can start a chat right away with all members of the site. A friendly and individual private message is the easiest and most promising way to get to know your match better. Usually the members of ChristianCafe reply after just a short time.

The chatroom of ChristianCafe looks like a normal e-mail account. You can address a certain member or start a group chat. If you have more conversations with different groups or different topics with one member, you can separate all messages by subjects. If you are a premium member of the site you can send unlimited messages to all members. Another great thing is that the message section does not have a limited amount of characters or words.

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Special features of ChristianCafe

ChristianCafe is a great matchmaker but it offers much more than just a platform to find people. There is a community section that is full of interesting topics which are related to life, lifestyles, dating, love, and, of course, religion. There you will find a members-blog of active users of ChristianCafe that share their life stories with everyone else.


In the forum you can enter group conversations to get in touch with people all around the world that have joined the site. As we see it, this is a great way to exchange convictions and opinions. Plus, as this site is available all over the world, you might find a match or a friendship with someone across the ocean.

One more thing to mention about the service of ChristianCafe is its always friendly and helpful customer service. For questions and complaints, you can get in touch with the operator via a contact form. That form is available in the help section of the portal. Customer service will get back to you within one to three days.

The rates on ChristianCafe

ChristianCafe offers a great choice for people to get in touch with and to find a partner for life. You can check out the website and its features for free. After registration a new member will get a trial premium-membership that is completely free. That free trial membership will run for seven to ten days, depending on the season.

CristianCafe.com - Costs

Then, if the free trial membership comes to an end, you can choose if you want to stay a member. If you want to stay a user and want to find your match here, you will have to pay for membership. The premium-membership is offered in the form of a subscription with different terms.

One month costs $39.97
3 months cost $19.99
6 months cost $19.99
12 months cost $9.16

All prices stand for one month and not for the complete term of the subscription.

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Our conclusion on ChristianCafe

The online dating website ChristianCafe is our top matchmaker for Christian people without a doubt. This platform offers a great place to find a match and makes the search for that person very simple. Its members are chatty, friendly, and very welcoming. On this site you will have access to various alternatives to get in touch with new people that share the same faith and values as you.

If you don’t trust our conclusion about the great advantages of this site, then you could trust the many testimonials of its former members. Over the past 20 years ChristianCafe has connected thousands of people all over the world that have found their forever someone here.