How do I recognize a fake chat rip-off?

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What is a fake chat? The name explains itself very well. Usually you create an account on a dating portal to meet someone with the same goals as yourself, only to later find out that it was a fake profile and you’ve been interacting with an employee of the company the whole time.

Easy tips to fight a rip-off

Jan 15, 2020|Categories: Articles|Tags: , |

The internet can be a risky place if you don’t know your way around. Scammers are not always easy to recognize and you might be ripped off before you realize what’s happening. By this point, a lot of money can be lost. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks to spot a scam and catch it before it is too late.

The subscription trap rip-off

Jan 13, 2020|Categories: Articles|Tags: , |

Besides viruses, phishing and spam emails, which can be devastating to your privacy, subscription traps are also something to look out for. Dating websites come at a particularly high risk of subscription rip-offs.

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