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Report on review

The online dating platform does not have a good appearance. On the landing page, we see various images of attractive women. But the pictures do not fit the size of the landing page. So, the permanently changing images are all we see. At least, that is the first impression. It is possible to scroll down. Then we see more content. Only a bit of information is provided. Plus, we see more images of attractive women.

Of course, the pictures create a promising impression. We assume that the chances of meeting a person here must be high. Now, this platform is not a casual dating service. It is a matchmaker. But it is not any kind of matchmaker. Here, men from all over the world can find a woman from Ukraine. It is possible to find matches for a romantic relationship, or an affair as well. The main goal of the website is to connect people who are looking for marriage.

Well, the offer of the site sounds very interesting. However, we must mention a thought. It takes a lot of effort to find accurate matches, even if all members are in the same country. To find potential partners for marriage is very challenging. We are not sure if this website is really that accurate, or even reliable.

On the landing page, we did not find enough information. We are not sure how many women are registered. Also, we do not know about the matchmaking system. In a nutshell, we just see a few images of attractive women. That looks great, but it is simply not enough. This platform makes a bad first impression and lacks transparency. According to our experience, this is not a good sign.

The operator of the portal is Webster Enterprises Ltd, who are based in Gibraltar. Now, you should never judge a book by its cover. But this location does not appear reliable to us. We do not know the company. However, we reported already about a few companies from the same region. Usually, operators of dating sites choose this place for a reason. Legal steps against companies from there have a low chance of success.

For now, we have no reason to call this website a scam. However, it does not make a good first impression. We review the platform extensively to find out more. We must mention one thing right away. Our point of view changed completely while reviewing this site.

Is a rip-off?

According to our point of view, the online dating portal is a scam. But we did not find any proof in the legal information. We can only describe our experience with the site. There are a few signs which point to a fake chat. However, the tricks of the site are quite cheeky. For example, the profiles on the site are real. Here, you can chat with real women. But you will never meet them in real life.

Right after registration, we received notifications from other members. Other users liked our profile. Also, we received invitations to chat. On this site, it is possible to chat via video chats and messages. To send messages or to make a video chat, very high costs will ensue. As we see it, this is the reason that makes this website a rip-off.

We are animated into a chat. If we want to reply, high costs will develop. Additionally, other members of the site contact us because we are a potential match. We did not provide any piece of information. Also, we did not upload a profile picture. It seems that women on this website do not mind our appearance. Of course, this is good. But they also do not care about characteristics, which should play an important role, as this site claims to be a matchmaker.

We also checked the profiles on the website. While reviewing the platform, we did not find one member who looks like an average woman. All profiles show very attractive women. Of course, this makes a promising impression. Especially as it is stated many times that all members on the site are real. But we found many hints that these profiles show users with whom a date in real life is not possible.

We did some research on the internet. There, we found a lot of negative reviews. Former users had a bad experience. Regarding the information on the internet, this website is a cheeky rip-off. So, we are not the only ones who assume that. Also, the reviews on the internet mention real members. But it is not possible to meet these women. This platform is not a matchmaker. It is an entertainment service, which is limited to a virtual experience.

This does not have to be bad. But the portal claims to be a matchmaker. Also, it is mentioned that it is possible to find the love of your life here. While using the site, members will not receive any information that actual dates will never happen. In the end, users get tricked in a very cheeky way. So, we have only one option left. We have to mark this website a scam.

Moreover, the rates for using this dating site are extremely high. As we see it, this makes the rip-off even worse. Here, users must purchase different kinds of credits. Some credits are used to send messages. Other credits are used to buy pictures. Plus, other credits are needed to make a video chat. In the end, it is all a waste of time and money. By the way, this platform has a terrible reputation. These are already enough reasons to skip this portal.

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Registration on

The registration is free. This is stated a few times on the landing page. Moreover, the process of registration is as easy as pie. Within a few moments, a new profile is created. We enter a valid e-mail address, a password, and a code, to prove that we are a human and not some kind of bot. To continue with the process of registration, we must agree to the terms and conditions.

We took a short look at the legal information of the site. For now, there are no hints for a fake chat or a subscription trap. Additionally, we read a few times the information that all women on this website are real. Of course, this sounds very promising. But it seems a little awkward that this is stated that many times. Anyway, we agree to the terms and conditions, and create a new account. In the next step, we can upload a profile picture. But it is possible to skip this step, which we think is a negative.

It is a good sign if the upload of at least one image is obligatory. This way, fake profiles can be avoided. In the next step, we provide some personal information. We enter our full name, age, and location. Plus, we choose our expectations from this website. From pen pals to romantic affairs and marriage, everything is possible on this website. However, it is possible to skip this step. In the last step, we can provide more information about ourselves. Here, we can describe our appearance and characteristics.

But it is possible to skip this step as well. So, we created an empty profile with no image. Of course, this does not make a good impression. This platform claims to be an international matchmaker. Here, men from the US can find a woman from Ukraine to marry. But to find accurate matches, much more information is needed. Also, verification is not obligatory. This is very bad.

A missing verification process makes fake profiles possible. Plus, personal data is not secured at all. It is as easy as pie to create profiles with fake content. Then, all the personal information on other profiles is accessible.

Members’ area on

After registration, we enter the portal. We must mention one aspect right away. This website claims to be a matchmaker. Surely, that is not the case. Too little of personal information is required to create a profile. Of course, misleading information is not a scam. Still, it creates a very bad feeling.

The platform has a solid appearance. At the top of the interface, we see the different areas. There, we see all members in the section called “ladies”. Also, there is one area that leads to something that can be described as a chat room. In the chat room, we see members who are online to chat via private messages, or those who are ready for a video call. Additionally, there are areas in which we find trips, information about the service, details about the agency, and the support section.

In the section called “service”, we find all the different packages of credits. So, this is the area that we will describe later on. But we can already mention two points. There are many offers. And, the rates are very high. In the section called “trips”, we can book trips with our match. So, we have to find a match first and get to know her. Then, we can arrange a romantic vacation. Again, the rates are very high.

It quickly turns out that this is not a normal dating website. Surely, it is not a common matchmaker. Moreover, this is not a normal international matchmaker either. Here, you can meet a woman online. If you want to spend a lot of money, you can arrange a meeting with a woman in Ukraine. But the rates are high. Also, the prices do not include the transfer from the US to Ukraine. Most importantly, the chances that this meeting will happen are very low.

On the internet, we found a lot of negative reviews. Former users describe this portal as a scam. It appears that a lot of money is spent while getting to know a match. Then, shortly before meeting your match, the date has to be rearranged. In the end, you will not meet your match.

Plus, there are many hints for a fake chat scam. We received a lot of messages right after the registration. Well, we did not really receive actual messages. But other members of this site wanted us to contact them. So, we should make the first contact. We received many invitations for a private chat or a video call.

Now, this platform points out many times that all the women on the site are real. Of course, they have to be real if you can arrange a video chat. But that does not mean that you can meet your match. This platform has a bad reputation on the internet. Former users point out that a date will not happen. Also, we found a notification in the legal information.

The operator points out again that the women on the site are real. Also, real dates are possible. But there are a lot of conditions. Plus, the website and the women that are registered can change or cancel a date easily. However, the paying customer finds it much harder to rearrange. At this point, we want to remind you again about the high costs.

Finally, the operator points out that all meetings will not be longer than one hour. So, high costs will ensue for traveling to Ukraine to meet the love of your life. Again, this portal claims to be a real matchmaker. In the end, this website is not a dating site. It seems to be an escort service. However, this website does not appear like a reliable escort service.

As we see it, women are employed to chat with singles from all over the world. Users will spend a lot of money on sending messages and making video calls. If a paying user finally wants to meet his match, the request will be put on hold. Sooner or later, if the user cannot wait any longer for a date, a meeting will be arranged, which will be canceled, or rearranged many times.

In the end, if a user made it all the way to Ukraine to finally meet the love of his life, the date will last one hour maximum. We have no other choice than to call this website a rip-off. The main scam will happen on the website with a fake chat. In the end, this website appears to be some kind of organized love scam.

Review member area

Terms and conditions of

Extract from the terms and conditions from the website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of July 21, 2022.

22. Meeting in person policy:

a) Introduction service is subject to IMBRA law, we can only organize a meeting if the required Background Questionnaire is received no less than 48 hours prior the meeting.

b) If a lady proposed a new time for a meeting, a member must either approve or decline the suggested change within 48 hours.

c) a man can reschedule or decline a meeting not less than 24 hours before the appointed date and time. If the member fails to do so Introduction service is not refunded.

d) Introduction service fee is not refunded if a member does not show for a meeting at the appointed time

e) If a meeting lasts less than 1 hour, it is still considered as taken place and is not refunded

f) If a lady speaks English or member’s language, the meeting is still paid in accordance with the established fee regardless the interpreter’s services are used or not.

g) A man can invite translator from aside after using 1 hour of translation service included into the Introduction service and after receiving written confirmation from the lady. The lady can decline to prolong the meeting with a man at her own decision and will

h) translation time does not necessarily start when your lady is present on the meeting. It is counted while you're interacting with the translator as well and ends once you don't need assistance anymore.

i) first meetings with the ladies always take place with the interpreter from our agency for a maximum 1 hour

j) If a man is not satisfied with the quality of the translation service, he can ask for a substitute translator from the branch manager by writing a request, stating the reasons of dissatisfaction with the service.

Costs on

The registration is free. Then, costs will develop for the use of the site. Here, it is possible to spend a lot of money. There are different kinds of credits that are used for different purposes. Now, we want to criticize a few aspects right away. It is not possible to purchase only one package of credits that can be used for all the different features and functions. Users have to buy credits to send mails. On this site, private messages are called mails.

Then, other credits must be purchased to send SMS messages, buy pictures and videos, make a video call, and many more. So, if you want to use all the different features on this site, you must purchase many packages of credits. This is the first negative aspect. Second, the rates for the credits are very high. For example, the price for one e-mail credit is 6.99 USD. Of course, this is the highest price per message. If you purchase a package with more e-mail credits, the price per message lowers.

But 6.99 USD for one message is simply too much. The operator justifies the high prices with an insufficient reason. An e-mail credit includes a confidential translation. Plus, it includes two messages. So, the price includes one message from a user to a match, and her reply. But all messages are limited to a maximum of 4500 characters, which is not a lot. Every day, one free message is given. The platform also guarantees a translated reply within a maximum of three days.

That might sound convincing. But we received already a couple of chat invitations during our review. So, we could have spent a lot of money for sending e-mail messages. Plus, this website does not have a matchmaking system. That means it is all about you finding a match and getting to know her. This process may sound simple. But it takes a long time, and a high number of exchanged messages. In a nutshell, it will cost a fortune.

The highest price for a message is $6.99 for one message. Now, the lowest price per personal message is $3.49 per 1 credit. But this is the biggest package, which includes 200 credits. This package costs $699.99.

Besides the personal message, this website offers video calls, for which special kinds of credits are needed. Of course, a video chat is the best way to get to know each other. Plus, it proves that the members are real. But we must mention the most important point again. The chances of meeting your match are low to zero. According to our experience, it is a waste of money. Anyway, during the video chat, you both can see each other through your webcams. Additionally, there is a screen to type messages.

The price for a video call of 10 minutes, plus three free minutes, is $14.95. This is the lowest offer. The highest offer is for 180 minutes plus 30 minutes for free. This video call with cost you $217.35. We are not sure if this is a one-time call. It might be that you must make a call with three hours, or if there is a balance. However, it seems that you must purchase the credits for a video call for each match. So, you cannot purchase video call credits and use them for different women.

Additional costs are credits for watching videos. Plus, there are credits to see photos. And there are special credits for sending and receiving audio messages. In fact, this is not the full list of credits. However, it is simply too much to display all in just one review. We list the prices later in this report.

Moreover, there are more costs that will apply. These costs will develop for meetings. You can spend money on meeting your match. Of course, that sounds very promising, as the women look stunning. Plus, real dates are usually a positive aspect. But in the section before, we noted the conditions surrounding dates. In the end, there are many challenges until a date will happen. It will be changed or canceled many times. Finally, all meetings are limited to a maximum of one hour.

We want to review the costs again. Here, you will spend thousands of US-Dollars to chat with women on the other site of the world. As the website claims, your match may be the love of your life. In the end, you will meet your match after you spend a fortune to see her for one hour. By the way, you will meet your match together with a translator and a tour guide. As we see it, this is not worth the money or the effort.

The lowest offer of a trip is for one day. It costs 173.00 USD for picking up and returning to the airport. Also, there is a translation service for 30 minutes, and a single economy room at the Hotel. Finally, you will meet your chosen woman. But, only for 30 minutes. Most importantly, this price does not include the flight ticket. The website will book your flight, but you will have to pay it.

Then, there is the offer of a deluxe trip to Ukraine. The price is 959.00 USD and applies to a full date. It includes 24 hours of translation. According to the conditions of the site, the maximum time that you spend with your match alone, is one hour. Plus, the offer includes a deluxe room at the hotel, but with one bed. So, you will not spend the night with your match. Additionally, you will be picked up and returned to the airport. Again, this price does not include the flight ticket. The service will only book the ticket.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience

The online dating platform claims to be a reliable international matchmaker. But this portal has a bad reputation. This is already the first bad sign. Moreover, we checked the platform. This is not a matchmaker. According to our experience, it is a very cheeky scam. However, the women on the site are real. But you cannot not arrange a date.

The women on the website are based in Ukraine. They will contact new members for a chat. Here, very high costs will develop for sending messages. There are different kinds of credits that can either be used for sending messages, watching videos or pictures, making a phone call or a video call, and so on. But it is not possible to buy one package for all. They must be purchased separately. This is a reason for the high costs. Plus, the prices are tremendously high.

This website appears to be a fake chat. We received many chat invitations. So, we should send the first message. The website claims to be a matchmaker. So, users assume that actual dates will happen. Also, women will mention actual dates, as they are theoretically possible. But the women on this site have many options to cancel a date, or to rearrange it. This will happen many times, according to reviews from former users.

If a paying user cancels or rearranges the date, there will be no refund. Now, if a user insists that a date will happen, this means that thousands of USD have been spent. The date itself will only be for a maximum of one hour. This is not a dating website. It is an escort service. But an extremely unreliable one. As we see it, it is nothing but a huge rip-off. The operator of the platform is Webster Enterprises Ltd, who are based in Gibraltar.

Contact data of the operator of

Webster Enterprises Ltd
Suites 21&22 Victoria House
26 Main Street, Gibraltar

Phone: +1 (315) 849-4959

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

The platform advertises with an interesting offer.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

This website is a cheeky scam with a fake chat. It also appears to be a typical love scam, but it is well-organized.

What can I do on with a free account?

A free account allows you to get to know the site. But high costs will develop very soon.

Can I really meet someone on ?

The chances are very low to zero. But you will not meet your true love here. All meetings are limited to a maximum of one hour. It is some kind of unreliable escort service, which charges thousands of USD. As we see it, it is a cheeky scam.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

No, there are no fake chat operators or bots. But this website is a high risk. It appears to be a love scam.

How can I cancel my account on ?

You can delete your account at any time. There is no subscription for a premium membership that has to be terminated.

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