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Report on review

The online dating portal has an appealing appearance. On the landing page, we saw an image of an attractive woman. Plus, we saw the screen for registration. Well, the screen only says who we are. The screen for registration is not very well presented. We feel that this platform offers too little information. The landing page does not inform us of the number of members. Also, we do not know if costs will ensue sooner or later. The transparency is bad. Based on past experience with other fake dating sites, this is a bad sign.

On the landing page, it is stated that we can register and check who we match with. However, this is not actually true. We created a profile on this website. Or, at least we tried. We were not able to complete the process of registration as costs will ensue. So, this website uses misleading pieces of information for its advertisement. Of course, this is another bad sign.

Registration is not free on this site. A free trial membership is offered, but this offer will end in a trap. Plus, it is not possible to scroll through the members´ area to find matches. A premium membership is needed. The dating service of the site is Enza Ltd, which is based in Kingston, Jamaica. This company is not reliable. We found some negative reviews about them on the internet. Former users complain about a fake chat and a subscription trap. Sadly, the reports speak the truth.

Is a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating platform is a scam. The profiles on the website are fake. A fake profile shows a fictional person in which a meeting in real life is not possible. As this website claims to be a legit dating site, it is a rip-off. Moreover, this platform tries to lure you into a trap. On the landing page, we read about free registration. However, the registration is not free. Before we were able to enter the website, we had to purchase a premium membership. Of course, we did not do that. It is a cheeky trick.

The offer is a free trial premium membership. Well, the trial membership is actually free, but just for one day. Then, it will extend to a pricey premium membership. It is not possible to avoid the automatic renewal. That is a subscription rip-off. Moreover, it seems that the termination of the normal premium membership is not easy as well. The company of the site is located in Jamaica. We assume that this location has a purpose. Sending letters of termination will be quite the challenge. By the way, we found reviews about the difficult termination process.

In general, this website has a poor reputation. Of course, the company behind the site has a bad image as well. It seems that quite a few people felt for their subscription trap. In the end, the offer sounds very convincing. A free trial membership sounds great, surely. It might even be that former customers completed the registration and actually read the information about the automatic renewal. This website gives a promising appearance. However, after registration is done, it will soon be clear that it is a waste of time and money.

We found reviews on the internet regarding a fake chat on this site. Plus, we found evidence in the legal information. All profiles are fake. There is no chance of actual matchmaking. After registration is done, a new member will receive many messages. These messages come from bots. Here, the fake profiles are managed by a computer program. So, you will not even chat with a “fake chat” operator.

The bots have a certain goal. They should keep users in a good mood. This way, they want them to remain an active member on the platform. Being an active member means you will have to spend money. The costs on the website are quite high. Based on the fact that all profiles are fictitious, it is a waste of money. Regarding the fake chat, we have to mention a few more aspects. The bots will start a conversation. While chatting, it will not reveal itself as a chatbot. Also, the fake profiles are not visibly marked as fictitious content.

So, users cannot detect the fake chat while using the website. However, we found some reviews that mention an obvious moderated chat. It seems that the messages of the bots really sound computer-generated. Unfortunately, if you can read the messages, you completed the registration. The registration can only be completed by making a purchase. In the end, it makes no difference anymore.

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Registration on

The registration is free. On the landing page, we do not read anything about costs. It might be that the use of the site is free as well. Anyway, we will highlight this aspect later on. Regarding the registration, the process is simple and can be done within a few minutes. On the landing page, we see the screen to start the process. At first, we choose our gender and the one that we are looking for. Then, we enter our date of birth and our location. In the last step, we enter our contact details.

We entered a valid e-mail address, a password, and a username. Also, we had to agree to the terms & conditions and the privacy policy. We also had to agree that we wanted to receive newsletters from a company named Sandbox, Ltd. This is a bit strange, for this is not the company of the site. This company is not even mentioned in the legal information. So, the question we asked ourselves is why should we receive a newsletter from this company? We also do not know why this step has to be mandatory.

However, we agreed to all the terms and continued with the process of registration. In the next step, we received an offer for a premium membership. This premium membership is free of charge. Well, it is free for one day, then costs will develop. In general, it looks like a trap. We can only express a clear warning. Never make a purchase too quickly. Especially not for a subscription that might extend automatically. Plus, always check the offer first before spending any money.

It is not possible to access this website without taking the subscription. Of course, we did not fall for this trick. It is a cheeky scam.

Members’ area on

We were not able to complete the registration. So, we were not able to enter the portal. Still, we received e-mails from this website. These e-mails claimed that we received messages from other users. That is a clear sign of a fake chat. It is actually very obvious. We did not provide any piece of useful information on our profile. We did not even complete the registration. In a nutshell, there is no reason that we should be contacted by other members.

Anyway, we did some research about this site with the internet. We wanted to find out more about the site. On the internet, we found reviews from former users. They explained that the website actually has an appealing design. The handling is smooth and easy. Plus, the profiles in the members´ area look great as well. Usually, that would sound great. Sadly, it is all worthless. All profiles on the site are fake. The fake profiles show fictional people. It is not possible to find a real match here.

Now, real dates are not stated on the landing page, but the website created the impression of a legit dating service. In the end, this is not the only misleading piece of advertisement.

Terms and conditions of

Extract from the terms and conditions from the website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of July 15, 2022.

ONLINE EMISSARY program: UTILIZES VIRTUAL PROFILES THAT DO NOT CORRESPOND TO ACTUAL MEMBERS: 14.1 encourages You to use the ONLINE EMISSARY program to enhance communications, entertainment and Your total site experience and enjoyment.

Please give me a membership to It is so simple to sign up for a membership, which also includes a one-day trial to, rebilling at forty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents monthly unless canceled. A one time one dollar and twenty-five cents profile setup fee may apply. Your membership to will remain active even if you cancel your PremiumVip membership. TO AVOID BEING CHARGED THE FULL MONTHLY FEE JUST CANCEL BEFORE THE TRIAL PERIOD ENDS. PremiumVip members will receive unrestricted website access.

Costs on

On the landing page, we read about free registration, but the registration is not free. At the end of the process, a trial premium membership is offered. Now, this trial premium membership is free. So, the registration still appears to be free. However, it is a cheeky rip-off. The trial premium membership runs for one day. Then, it will renew to a monthly paid subscription. That is bad, of course. However, the price of the premium membership makes it even worse. The premium membership costs 49.95 USD per month.

This website is a huge loss of money. Additionally, the termination process of the premium membership is difficult as well. On the internet, we found reviews about a difficult termination process. Plus, we had this impression from the very beginning. The company is located in Kingston, Jamaica. According to our experience, this chosen location serves a purpose. It is difficult to take legal steps against the company. Plus, the process of termination is way more complex because of the distance.

It seems that the company declines letters of termination. Some terminations will simply be ignored. That is a huge problem as the premium membership renews automatically as well. In the end, your credit card will be charged way more often than you wanted it to. We also have to state a few more aspects about the advertisement of the offer. We found a lot of misleading information. For example, we read that we will purchase a 100% free lifetime membership. This is even stated a few times.

Only on a small screen on the right side of the offer, we read more useful information. There, we read about the costs for the normal premium membership. It is noted that we can avoid the automatic extension of the trial membership, but this is not true. In the legal information, we found the text that says the deadline for the termination is at least five days. As the trial premium membership runs for one day only, it is simply not possible.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience

The online dating platform is a scam. It is a fake chat and a subscription trap. Regarding this website, the fake chat is not the main problem. On the landing page, we mostly found misleading information. One example is the free registration. The registration is not free of charge. You have to purchase a trial premium membership. This trial premium membership is free, but only for one day. After that, it will renew to a monthly paid subscription. There is no way to avoid this. The deadline for termination is five days.

Moreover, the company makes the termination of the normal premium membership difficult as well. That is another big problem, as this subscription also renews automatically if it is not terminated on time. Plus, the chance of successful matchmaking is zero. In the legal information, we found the proof of a fake chat. All profiles are fake and show fictional people. These profiles are also moderated.

As stated before, the fake chat is not the biggest problem with the website. You are only able to chat with a moderated fake profile after making the purchase. Then, the subscription trap will snap close. So, the subscription trap is way worse than the generated chat. The company of the site is Enza Ltd which is based in Kingston, Jamaica. Of course, this company has a terrible reputation online. We found many negative reviews.

Contact data of the operator of

Enza Ltd
48 Constant Spring Road
Kingston 10, Jamaica

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

The landing page has an appealing design.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

The landing page is full of misleading advertisement. Plus, all profiles are fake and moderated. Last but not least, the trial premium membership is a cheeky subscription rip-off.

What can I do on with a free account?

There is no free account. You have to purchase a subscription while registering. Well, this subscription is free, but only for one day. Then, very high costs will ensue for a new premium membership.

Can I really meet someone on ?

No, this website uses fictitious profiles.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

Yes, we found proof of a fake chat. It seems that bots manage the fake profiles.

How can I cancel my account on ?

To terminate your premium membership, please contact the customer support.

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  1. Robert July 14, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    Sadly there are quite a few sites with fake profiles . They call them lots of different things to try to fool you . Alot are called online cupid, and some you have read the terms and conditions very , very close to even find it . My advice to anyone considering joining ANY of the adult date / hookup sites take the time and read the terms of service very closely . You will save yourself alot of headache and your money .

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