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Report on review

The online dating platform has a promising appearance. This site goes for a certain target group. One positive aspect is that the target group is clearly defined. It’s also fairly extensive. Women and men can register here. But there are additional possibilities. This website is aimed at all LGBTQ people. In a nutshell, anyone who feels part of this target group is welcome here.

On the landing page, we see a selection of images. They don’t show sensitive content. But they do look appealing, and they certainly don’t look fake to us. As far as these images are concerned, the site makes a good first impression. The registration screen is on the homepage. Registration here is free. It also looks as though using the site is free too. We are told we should join the portal since it is free. Sadly, this turns out to be misleading information. And this misinformation isn’t the site’s worst aspect.

The website operator is SissyMeet, which appears to be located in the UK. But we are not sure about this. The exact location is not stated on the site. There’s also no hint about the operator’s location in the site’s legal information. This is clearly not a good sign. Our experience tells us this website is neither transparent nor reliable.

On the landing page, we read further information about the site. But this doesn’t really help us. We read general details about the target group. This might sound interesting to newcomers. But anyone who belongs to the LGBTQ community doesn’t need to be told what this is. Anyway, we did not find one single piece of helpful information. We do not know how many people are registered on this site. We do not know whether there will be any costs. And we have no idea about the matchmaking system used.

Is a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating site is a rip-off. On the landing page, we are given no useful information. The little that is available is either useless or misleading. Registration is free, but then costs will arise. And although the portal claims to be a dating site, its profiles are fake and controlled by bots. The subscription for premium membership appears to be a solid choice. But ultimately it turns out to be a subscription rip-off.

We will go step by step through all the cheeky tricks this site plays on users, as there are a lot that need explaining. Once registration is completed, a new member receives a lot of messages. These messages come from bots. The website is a fake chat scam. All profiles on the site are fake. A fake profile shows a fictitious person with whom a date in real life is not possible. This important fact remains unknown to the user.

The use of fictitious profiles controlled by bots is admitted in the site’s legal information. But there’s no hint whatsoever of this on the landing page.

This website goes for a certain target group. And the platform clearly claims to be a dating site. Its domain even contains the word ‘meet’. So we assume we can find a date to meet in real life here. But this proves not to be possible. We did some research on the internet. We found a lot of information there about this site. According to online reviews, all site profiles are fake. Former users explain how the scam works. By the way, it’s obvious this site’s customer satisfaction rate is extremely low.

The tricks start right after registration is completed. A new member will receive a lot of attention. We had exactly the same experience. Within a few minutes, we received messages and notifications. All these actions are generated by bots, which try to stimulate conversations. This is one of this site’s major drawbacks. Bots take the first step. They actively encourage new members to chat, but don’t inform them moderation is being used.

While chatting, they will not identify themselves as fictitious profiles or computer programs. In the end, users know nothing about moderation, which makes it all fake chat. The purpose of fake chat is to increase the operator’s income. Costs will ensue after registration. The user has to purchase premium membership to send messages. This is of course a waste of money. Sadly, there are even more negative points to mention.

Using this website is a waste of time too. The chances of meeting someone real are zero. Plus, there is a very high risk of falling into a subscription trap. All subscriptions are renewed automatically. In principle, automatic renewal can be good. It does not have to be a scam whenever it’s used. But here it could end in a trap for the user. Remember: the site operator remains mostly unknown. We only know its name is SissyMeet. We know far too little.

We do not know where the company is located. This makes two important processes very difficult to follow. First, the process of terminating a subscription will be very complex. The operator can ignore or decline termination requests even when made in time. Then the deadline will be missed and the subscription extended again and again. Reviews on the internet mention this specific ploy. Second, any legal steps taken against the operator will inevitably have a low success rate. How can users sue a company that remains mostly unknown? We can only advise you to not join this site at all.

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Registration on

Registration is free. Moreover, the site’s advertising actually encourages us to join using the slogan that registering is free. So using it could well be free too. But this point isn’t made clear. There is only one way to find out. Registering is simple and only takes a few minutes. On the landing page, we see the registration screen. We indicate our gender and the one we are looking for. Now, this website is no ordinary dating website. It caters to all genders and not just women or men.

It is also possible to register as sissy, dom male or mistress. Users can also look for all these genders. You can either choose just one gender to look for or all of them at the same time. This website is for everyone. We assume it must have a large number of members and that its community must be very open-minded.

We are then asked about our country and city of current residence. We need a username, password and valid e-mail address. One positive aspect we’d like to mention is the obligatory uploading of a profile picture. It is not possible to register without an image. This is good. It helps maintain the quality of the whole website. But profile pictures uploaded are not checked. We uploaded a white image containing no real or fake person. This worked just fine. However, the idea is good in principle as a way of making this site better.

To complete our registration, we have to agree to the terms & conditions and privacy policy. Then registration is completed. The process requires two steps. After entering all our information, we have to verify our account. Again, this is a plus point for the site. It helps avoid fake profiles. And your personal information is well protected. Thanks to such verification, it is not that easy to create fake profiles. This is one of the few positive aspects to mention about this site.

Members’ area on

After verifying our account, we visited the platform. Initially, we were redirected to our profile settings. If we wanted to, we could enter a little more information to our profile. But this is not compulsory, so we continue without adding further personal data. The site’s design isn’t that great. Actually, we find the portal’s appearance distinctly unappealing. White and grey colors are mostly used. A light pink color is used to highlight some sections and features. But this highlighting doesn’t work that well.

The overview is not that good either. It took us a little while to find the members´ area. And there’s no section showing all members in one screen. We have to filter the members´ pool first. So we choose the age and location of our desired matches. Then we see a list of users. Their profiles look attractive, genuine and full of promise. Most images show erotic content. This of course all looks great. This site has a very broad-minded community.

Navigating the site isn’t that simple. This is bad, especially as this website is not very extensive. At the top, we see five different areas. One is the search function. Actually, this function’s button is displayed twice. The others consist of our profile settings, inbox, a media section and the network. On the right, we see a button to upgrade our profile. Plus, we see users who visit our profile. This list grows longer and longer with every second that passes.

Sadly, the visitors to our profile are not real. This website uses fake profiles. All profiles are fictitious. It is not possible to meet such fictitious people in real life. This is one pitfall of this site, but it’s not the only one. The fake profiles are not marked as fake. So we don’t know which profiles are genuine and which fake. Reviews on the internet allege all profiles are fake. Our experience inclines us to agree with these reviews. They speak the truth.

Another major problem is that the fake profiles are moderated. There are no employed fake chat operators; they’ve been replaced by bots. Bots will visit our profile, like it and send us messages. Their goal is to encourage us to chat. They also take the first step in instigating conversations. While chatting, they will not identify themselves as bots. And they won’t admit anything about moderation either. So users don’t realize their chances of meeting a match are zero.

Moderated chat obviously serves a certain purpose. The goal of moderation is to increase activity on the site. This again raises the operator’s income. You’ll pay a lot of money here to chat with bots. This website is not a dating site but a cheeky rip-off. You will be entertained. This kind of service is limited to a virtual experience. Real dates are not possible. By the way, actual meetings are not even mentioned on the landing page.

Review member area

Terms and conditions of

Extract from the terms and conditions from the website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of June 26, 2022.

SissyMeet creates user profiles for use by our customer support representatives for the support, marketing and improvement of the Services. SissyMeet's customer support representatives are encouraged to speak to members and also stimulate conversation between members by making introductions and recommendations. Some profiles are created for entertainment purposes only. Members will also receive communications from computer generated virtual profiles for entertainment purposes only.

Your subscription will be automatically extended for successive renewal period of the same duration as the subscription term originally selected, at the then current non-promotional subscription rate. Please note that you must terminate your subscription prior to the end of the subscription period for which you have paid to avoid being charged for the next subscription period.

Costs on

Registration is free. Once it’s completed, free basic membership is provided. This kind of membership allows users access to virtually all features. After we verified our account, we were able to use the search function. And we could view all the profile pictures and visit the profiles themselves to read further information. Thanks to verification, such personal information is well secured.

So our free basic membership allowed us to do almost everything. All site sections were free to visit. But this website isn’t that extensive. So there’s not a lot to explore. Costs only arise for sending messages. Premium membership is needed to chat. Two kinds of premium membership are available: silver and gold.

The two versions have different terms. There’s trial membership, which runs for three days. And premium membership is available for three months and for six months. Both our experience and reviews on the internet warn that trial membership is a trap. After the three days of trial membership, the subscription will automatically be extended. This scam is referred to in reports on the internet.

Additionally, all other kinds of subscription will be renewed automatically too. So you have to terminate your premium membership proactively and on time to avoid its recurrence. In principle, automatic renewal isn’t necessarily bad. Here, however, it is used as a trap. First, this site is not trustworthy. Second, we have proof of fake chat. Third, reviews on the internet speak of a subscription trap. Finally, the operator’s contact details remain unknown.

We assume the missing contact information makes terminating a subscription extremely complicated. Plus, it means it’s well-nigh impossible to take legal action against the site and its operator.

Silver premium membership is offered in three packages. First, trial membership costs 3.00 USD for three days. Afterwards, it will be renewed as premium membership that costs 29.00 USD per month. Premium membership for three months costs 19.00 USD per month. And premium membership for six months costs 16.00 USD per month.

Gold premium membership is offered in three forms too. Trial membership here costs 5.00 USD for three days. Afterwards, it will be renewed as premium membership that costs 39.00 USD per month. Then premium membership for three months costs 29.00 USD per month. Finally, premium membership for six months costs 20.00 USD per month. Payments can be made with a credit card.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience

The online dating platform might look like a great choice. It is in fact a rip-off. In its legal information, we found proof that fake chat is used. And on the internet numerous reviews allege a subscription trap. The profiles on the site are fake. A fake profile shows a fictitious person with whom a date in real life is not possible. Bots control these fake profiles. They will encourage new members to chat. While chatting, they will not identify themselves as fictitious people.

Ultimately, users will not know about moderation. The goal of moderation is to encourage new members to chat as paid premium membership is needed to send messages. So the goal of moderation is to lure new members into a trap. Trial membership is needed; this will be extended to a monthly paid subscription. It is not, according to reviews on the internet, possible to avoid this.

Plus, it is not easy to terminate any subscription here. The contact data of the operator are not complete. Actually, we only know the site operator is called SissyMeet and appears to be located in the United Kingdom. This is far too little when it comes to vital information. We assume this omission of key data makes the process of termination very complex.

Contact data of the operator of

United Kingdom

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

What this website’s advertising offers sounds solid.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

The profiles are fictitious and controlled by bots. The purpose of moderation here is to lure new members into a subscription trap.

What can I do on with a free account?

A free account allows users access to virtually all site features. Paid premium membership is needed for sending messages.

Can I really meet someone on ?

No; our experience tells us all the profiles are fake.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

Yes, this website uses bots, which are deployed instead of fake chat operators.

How can I cancel my account on ?

To cancel your premium membership, please contact customer support. More information is provided in the profile settings and the site’s FAQs.

Let us know your experience in the comments as well.

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  1. Eden Gurl November 23, 2022 at 5:55 am

    I agree with most of what is said is this review, although, it is misleading in many areas. There certainly are many fake profiles on the site, but there are also many that are of real persons, be it another sissy gurl, or a mistress. As far as the Dom Males are concerned, I honestly can’t say, simply because, I have no interest in any of them, so I do not communicate with any at all. But, from a logical standpoint, I would assume it’s the same kind of situation. Speaking for myself, I have met in person with one other sissy gurl, and one mistress. I have moved on from the mistress, and I’m still in a relationship with the other sissy gurl, and we are now life long sissy sisters. I have never been inundated with messages from fake profiles, or “Bots”, but I have responded in many profiles, both sissies and mistresses, which turned out to be “Bots”. However, it is so incredibly easy to distinguish between a real person and the fake ones, just by the verbiage used by the “Bots”, because it’s all basically the same in every message. My biggest issue with them currently, is that I recently sent a payment to continue my upgraded status, in the form of a gift card for anonymity, which has been received by them, but it has not been unlocked and activated for some reason. I have never had any issues before by using this payment method. I have sent four messages to Customer Service, as of today, and I have yet to receive any response from any of them. This is totally mind boggling!! As stated in this preview, there is no way to contact the site admin, other than through the “Contact Us” portal. No outside site contact information, no ownership information, and the only location I have found, is vaguely
    in the UK. For those of us sissy gurls, there just aren’t sites specifically for us, that aren’t as flaky and disreputable as Sissy Meet. But, based on my personal success, I suggest it’s worth a try, but as the sayings go, enter at own risk and buyer beware!!

  2. Garold McLaws June 7, 2021 at 8:21 am

    they offer a 3 day trial but end your benefits at day 2 before you have a chance to cancel it. You end up being charged for a month which they claim is non refundable. It all seemed like a bunch of computer conversations which were always one or two liners. So not really even entertaining.

  3. shae May 10, 2021 at 7:47 pm

    I managed to get my money back from them, bu they continue to send me emails. It’s almost as if they left my profile up, but took away my ability to access it. I can no longer log into the site, or access any portion of it, so there’s no way to tell if my profile is still there or not. I can’t unsubscribe from their mailing list, because they won’t let me access any portion of the page from any device I’ve previously used on my account. currently I’m still getting 3 or more spam emails from them per a day. I have the feeling like someone else is probably using my account to scam more people like they tried to do with me. This is disconcerting since it has my image on it.

  4. Shae May 8, 2021 at 11:41 am

    This site is a huge scam.
    All the profiles in my state show up in my city, but nowhere else In my state. That’s weird, because I live in a small town in a big state.
    Several of the profiles seem to have been taken off of other sites like twitter and only fans, but the names don’t match.
    I left a coment about the Jessica Rabbit figurine one woman had in one of her photos. She had to look it up, and didn’t even seem to recognize the character. She then went on to ask what movie she was from despite being listed as 44 on her profile.
    The website seems to bill from Amsterdam.

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