July 9, 2022 review
  • No fake profiles or subscription trap

  • Real members

  • Easy to use

  • Outdated design

  • Negative reports

  • Risk of love scammers

Report on review

The online dating portal does not make the best first impression. Its design is not at all appealing and is very outdated. Obviously, the content is more important than the appearance. But there is a catch to this. Websites that have older designs tend mostly to use older features for personal data protection and finding accurate matches. This is generally what happens. Your personal data is safe here, even though it is certainly not protected with the latest technical solution.

However, the more time we spent on this website, the better things became. This platform is safe. It is not a rip-off. The profiles on the site are mostly real since the site operator does not create fictitious ones. But there is still a risk of chatting with a fake profile. This website does not require member verification. So anyone can register quickly and easily here. On the internet, we found reviews from former users. They explain that love scammers have in the past sought to join this platform to find new victims.

At this point, we have to reiterate that this site is safe to use. The site operator works hard to avoid all kinds of risks. Still, we can only advise you to be careful. If you do not mind the risk, this site might be a good choice for anyone looking for some fun. This portal makes it possible to find casual dates and true love.

The operator of the site is William R. Robinson, who is based in Orlando, USA. Again, we have to note a negative point. Dating sites operated by private individuals usually come with a few disadvantages. Generally speaking, the first impression made by the site tends, in all candour, not to be too good. But in this review, we will also point out this site’s positive aspects. It is a truly unique portal.

Is a rip-off?

The online dating portal is not a scam. The site operator does not create fake profiles. Nor is moderation used to increase the operator’s income. But costs will arise after registration. Premium membership is needed to get in touch with other members. Such subscriptions are offered with different terms. We can assure you that none will end in a trap. The process of terminating an account is simple. Plus, the operator does not put any spoke in the wheel when a member cancels his subscription.

Actually, you are good to go and give this website a try. But nothing is perfect. This site has some negative points we have to mention too. These are quite critical. And they could deter some singles who might otherwise want to use this site. However, we can assure you there’s no risk of falling for a rip-off set up by the operator. The site operator really tries to offer a good service. But there’s still a risk of falling for the tricks of love scammers.

This website does not require member verification. So it’s easy to create a fake profile. It appears that quite a few love scammers have taken advantage of this opportunity in the past. On the internet, we found a lot of reviews of this site. Some mention this type of bad experience. However, most reports on the internet were positive. Admittedly there’s only a very small number of glowing reviews. But most former users found this site legit and okay.

The profiles on the site are real. So this platform does enable you to find a match. And real dates are possible here. The good thing about the site is that its community isn’t just open-minded; it’s chatty and quite active too. So you’ll see a lot of sex advertisements on the site. This platform does not use a normal matchmaking algorithm. You’ll read ads here from members looking for either casual dates, new friends or serious relationships.

However, as the first impression the site makes is not the best, only a few people join this site right away. If anyone does a little research, reports of fake profiles from love scammers will soon be found. This reduces the number of site registrations too. Generally speaking, this portal isn’t that popular and, sadly, doesn’t enjoy the best reputation. So a user does stand a chance of meeting someone, but it’s definitely not as good as it would be on other dating portals.

In the end, we can only recommend this website if you really feel engaged by what it offers. Plus, you should be aware of all the various dangers and risks in the online dating business. If you know what to expect, you are good to go.

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Registration on

Registration on is free for everyone. And the process of registering is as easy as pie. At the top of the landing page, we see a button enabling us to join the site. When we click this, the screen to create a profile opens. We enter our username, date of birth, location, gender, valid e-mail address and password. We also have to agree to the site’s terms and conditions. We have to mention a minor criticism here.

The terms and conditions will open in a new screen. This screen is small and its content is quite hard to read. We do not want to jump to any conclusions about a cheeky trick being played. Some scammers use such a trick to conceal something important from users. But this happens here because of the platform’s very outdated design. By the way, this is another minus point of this portal. In our experience, an old-fashioned design implies an outdated service too. This could also impact negatively on other site facilities, such as data protection for example.

However, we did not find any hint of a scam in the site’s legal information. Neither fictitious profiles nor fake chat operators are mentioned, and nor is the purpose of entertainment. This is obviously a positive point. After we agreed to the terms and conditions, we continued with registration. At the second stage we indicated the gender we are looking for. It is possible for a user to seek women, men, couples and transsexuals. And it’s possible to choose all these options.

We can also indicate our preferences as to dating goals. We can look for pen-pals, friends, casual dates or various types of relationship. We also have the opportunity to describe our appearance a little further. However, it is not possible to give an extensive outline of how we look. We can indicate our height, appearance and body type on a range from ‘slim’ to ‘big’.

The registration process is then over. We do not have to upload a profile picture or verify our e-mail address. The fact that neither of these things is compulsory is a negative point. In our experience, both these steps are very helpful precautions. Profiles with pictures generally increase a site’s quality. And the absence of a member verification process makes fake profiles possible. This enables love scammers to create fake profiles to scam users.

Members’ area on

After our speedy registration, we finally entered the platform. Sadly, the bad design we saw initially remains unchanged. We don’t find the site’s appearance at all appealing. This is a negative point in our estimation. But even if the site’s design might not be the best, at least we have a good overview. Maybe this is because of the intuitive navigation system. All site areas are easy to find. Plus, all the functions on offer are self-explanatory and simple to use. As far as surfing is concerned, we’re favourably impressed.

At the top of the portal, we see all the site’s various areas. We see our profile settings and the home button. We can also visit areas with pictures and videos. These contents are uploaded by users for other users to view. We do not have to pay anything to view this content, which we greatly appreciate. This enables us to form a good first impression of the site community. And we can browse through all the site’s members. Well, this portal is not a normal dating site. Members can publish various kinds of personal ad here.

These ads are about their needs. Some members are looking for new friends to meet in real life. Others are looking for pen pals. And there are members looking for matches to fall in love with. This love could last for one night only or for a lifetime. This website allows real matchmaking for people looking for serious commitments. And casual dates can be found here too. Our experience on this site suggests most users are looking for casual dates.

We wanted to see how many sex ads had been published recently. Before doing this, we set criteria for our search. In this way we can filter the offers we receive. This is similar to the facility other sites offer of filtering the members´ area: a feature which isn’t really present here. Again, this is not a typical online dating portal. Anyway, we found a lot of sex ads. On the first page, we saw seven ads just from women. And this section has more than 713 pages.

We weren’t sure whether older ads would be deleted. Sadly, we didn’t see any dates displayed which indicate when a particular sex ad was published. So we couldn’t verify the activity on this site. In the end, we had to rely on reviews on the internet. Former and current users mention a high level of activity despite the site’s low popularity. In a nutshell, you’d be lucky to find anything on offer close to you.

During our review, we did not find any hint of moderation. We did not receive any messages from other members. This might sound disappointing, but actually it’s a positive aspect. Receiving lots of attention right after registration is a sign of a fake chat scam. But this isn’t what happened here. Nor did we spot any other hints of cheeky tricks being played on users.

We visited some profiles. The profiles on this site appear to be genuine. It seems the absence of any member verification process doesn’t bring too many bad consequences after all. Obviously, this is a good thing. Some profiles are blurred. If you want to see all profiles on the site, you will need premium membership. The blurred profile pictures show sensitive content. To ensure the privacy of these users, only members with VIP membership can see their images.

Review members area

Costs on

Registration is free. After it’s completed, free basic membership will be provided. This kind of membership allows users a lot of freedom. We were able to form a good first impression of the site. Thanks to this basic form of membership, we were allowed to visit all site areas and use most functions.

Generally speaking, this portal doesn’t offer too many features. Within a few minutes, you’ll be familiar with all its various sections. This is because the site offers basic features only. And even with its outdated design, the portal offers a good overview.

To see all profile pictures, paid premium membership is needed. This is also required if you want to chat. By the way, we were asked to verify our profile when we wanted to visit the chat room. So only verified members can send messages. Even if we still criticize the non-existent verification process while a new member is registering, we believe this point is positive. Moreover, it is even possible to chat without premium membership. But for this to happen, a member with premium membership has to send the first message.

On this website, premium membership is worth its price. It’s not excessively expensive for users who feel drawn by what the site offers. And there are a lot of useful, smart features which are only accessible with VIP membership. One example is the ability to comment on images and videos. And paid premium membership allows users to make video calls.

Premium membership is offered with three different terms. There is premium membership for one month, costing 24.97 USD per month. Premium membership for three months costs 69.97 USD for the full period. And premium membership for 12 months costs 199.97 USD. On a monthly basis, the premium membership option for one year comes to around 16.00 USD, which is a good price.

All subscriptions can be terminated at any time. The process of termination is simple. You will find the operator’s full contact details in the terms and conditions. You can cancel your premium membership via e-mail or phone. On the internet, we found no reviews alleging a complicated process of termination. In a nutshell, there is no risk of falling into a subscription trap. This website is not a rip-off.

Payments can be made in various ways. The operator offers five different options. From paying with a bill on your phone to a credit card, you can choose your preferred method of payment. But again we have to mention the site’s outdated character. Neither GooglePay nor PayPal is offered. As we have already stated above, an outdated design has a much bigger influence on a site than just on its appearance.

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Conclusion from our experience

The online dating platform is a legit choice. We can assure you that this website is not a scam. The profiles on the site are not fake. At least, the portal operator does not create fictitious profiles. You do not need to worry about any subscription trap here. But we were not entirely persuaded by this website, as our review above makes clear. There is, according to reviews on the internet, a risk of falling for the tricks of love scammers. Moreover, your personal data here is not secured with the latest technical solutions.

Generally speaking, this portal offers a legit service. But it is not just its design that is outdated. No modern payment options are on offer at all. The interface has an old, boring appearance. All site features are easy to use since they are the absolute basics of any dating site. The portal does not have a smart matchmaking algorithm. And there are no exciting ways here to make initial contact.

However, this website does contain a lot of sex ads. Sadly, we were not able to prove their authenticity. Still, this portal does offer you the chance to meet real people. Casual dates, serious commitments and new friends can all be found here. We question how good the prospects are. In the end, we can only recommend this website if you are truly convinced by what it offers.

Fortunately, this portal offers a solid free basic membership option so users can give this website a try. In this way, you can evaluate how good the prospects are for yourself. Our experience suggests this site is safe and reliable. But there are clearly much better and more promising alternatives available. The platform operator is William R. Robinson, who is based in Orlando, USA.

Contact data of the operator of

William R. Robinson Esq
301 E. Pine St., Suite 1400
Florida 32801
Phone: 407-244-5688
Facsimile: 407-244-5690

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

The website is reliable and offers real sex ads.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

The design is bad. Plus, most of the features are outdated, including personal data protection.

What can I do on with a free account?

Free basic membership allows users a lot of freedom. We were able to visit all areas and use most of the site´s features.

Can I really meet someone on ?

Yes, you can meet real people on this site and arrange real dates.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

No, this website does not use bots or employ fake chat operators. But we found reviews alleging love scammers on this site. Fortunately, these reports date from the past. It seems the operator has found a solution to this problem.

How can I cancel my account on ?

To cancel your premium membership, please contact customer support.

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