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The online dating portal makes a very good first impression. On the landing page, we find a lot of content. There, we read about the offer of the site. There is information about the target group, and their special preferences. This website is a matchmaker for “silver agers.” So, seniors register here to find a match for a serious relationship. This is clearly pointed out in the name of the dating site.

The landing page does not only offer a lot of information, it looks appealing as well. This website has a modern appearance. We assume a high-quality dating service. The service is well-explained on the homepage. We read about a solid matchmaking algorithm. Plus, the portal seems to have a lot of members. Furthermore, the landing page contains testimonials from former and current users. Of course, the testimonials sound great and very promising.

But we must mention a few negative aspects. This website looks great and claims to offer a solid dating service. However, some facts are not provided at all. We do not know how many people are registered on this site. It is also not noted how many users are online on average. Also, the matchmaking system appears to be great. But we do not see any information about why this matchmaking system would be something special.

The longer we remain on the landing page, the more suspicious we get. We did some extra research on the internet. There, we found a lot of reviews. But these reviews were all negative. It seems that this website advertises with misleading information and fake testimonials. The operator of the site is Marbore Web Solutions Ltd, who are based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We know this company already. They are well-known for their scams.

Is a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating platform is a scam. Sadly, our first impression of the site was quite good. This portal advertises with an interesting offer for a clearly defined target group. However, all the information on the landing page turns out to be fake. This website uses wrong and misleading information. Of course, this is the first aspect of the site that we must criticize. This website is full of fake profiles. Plus, there are hints for a fake chat. So, the chances of meeting a match are low to zero.

By the way, we must mention one thought. The target group of the dating site is “silver agers.” Here, singles come together who are at least 50 years old. In general, this generation is not used to modern devices and networks on the internet. As this website is a subscription trap, and consciously goes for a very unprepared target group, it is a very sneaky rip-off.

There are two pieces of information on the landing page, that we want to highlight. First, the testimonials. They are cheap fakes. On the internet, we found many reviews about the site. This platform has a terrible reputation. Former users did not have a good experience. By the way, the operator of the platform has a bad reputation as well. Second, the free registration is not free. While registering, a trial premium membership is offered.

Now, it is possible to skip the payment and continue with a free basic membership. But the registration is not free. It is possible to complete the registration with a paid membership. Even worse, the trial premium membership is a subscription rip-off. Afterwards, it will extend automatically to a monthly subscription. It is not possible to avoid the automatic renewal for two reasons. On the one hand, the automatic renewal is mentioned in the terms. On the other hand, the deadline for termination is 72 hours.

Again, there are many problems. During registration, the terms of the trial premium membership are not provided. So, the very important information about the automated extension remains unknown. Additionally, we found reviews regarding the deadline for the termination. Actually, 72 hours as a deadline sounds more than fair to us. But the operator will make sure that the deadline will be missed anyway.

On the internet, we found reports about a very difficult process of termination. Letters of termination will be ignored or declined. In the end, the deadline for the termination will be missed. It does not really matter when the cancelation is made. This is a huge problem because all offered subscriptions will renew automatically. This is especially a very negative aspect, as the use of the site is not cheap at all. According to our experience, the premium memberships are very expensive.

Of course, the purchase of any kind of subscription is a waste of money. This website is a waste of time as well. The chances of meeting a real match are zero, regarding reviews from former users on the internet. This platform uses fake profiles. A fake profile shows a fictional person with whom a date is not possible. However, we must mention that proof of a fake chat is missing. In the terms and conditions, we did not find any notification about moderation.

But while registering, the promotion of our profile is mentioned briefly. This promotion works by sending messages to other members. Our profile will send automated messages to other new members. So, we will become a part of the scam. Plus, we will receive such messages as well. It took less than a minute. After a few seconds, we already received a few messages. The messages are not specially marked. Also, the messages do not contain any information about their actual purpose.

The goal of these messages is to lure new members into a trap. A paid membership is needed to send messages. The messages keep new members in a good mood, if the trial premium membership is purchased while registering. Or the messages stimulate new users to chat, which will end in a cheeky trap.

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Registration on

On the landing page, we see the screen for registration. The registration is free and quickly done. This website does not ask you for a lot of information. Within a few steps, a new profile is created. We enter our gender, and the one that we are looking forward to meeting. This platform allows gay and straight matchmaking. It is possible to register as a woman or as a man. The additional required information is our location and age. Plus, we must provide a valid e-mail address and a password.

In the next step, we see something that we must evaluate negatively. We receive an offer for a trial premium membership. This kind of membership runs for one day and costs only 0.99 USD. The offer sounds great. But there are a few problems with this offer. First, registrations should be free. On the landing page, we read about signing up for free. But it might be that the registration process will be completed with a purchase of a subscription. This does not appear reliable, in general.

Moreover, this offer is not trustworthy. We know the price and the terms of the trial premium membership. But it is not clear to us if this subscription must be terminated or not. All in all, there is not one piece of information provided. So, we must buy a cat in a hat. This is not a good idea. Especially, as this is a subscription. So, there is a certain risk of falling into a subscription trap.

Lastly, never make a purchase too early. Especially on the internet, as it might end in a trap. There is no reason to purchase a premium membership on a website that we did not even enter yet. We do not know how many people are registered, or if there are matches close to us. Always make sure that the offer suits you well. If that is the case, payments can be done without any further concerns. But not here.

Now, it is possible to skip the payment for the trial premium membership. Still, this kind of subscription makes a bad impression. According to our experience, it looks like a trap. Afterwards, we can upload a profile picture. But this is not mandatory. Then, the registration is completed. It is optional to verify a new account. Again, this is another bad sign. A missing verification process increases the risk of fake profiles. Additionally, your personal information is not safe here, as we will explain later, in this review.

Members’ area on

After the very quick registration, we enter the portal. Our first stop is the members´ area. There, we see a lot of profiles. It seems that this website offers great chances to find a match. But we must mention a few general thoughts first. Then, we will describe our experience with this site, and what is wrong with it.

In general, the website claims to be a matchmaker for seniors. But a matchmaker requires a lot of information from its users. Only then, is accurate matchmaking possible. Here, the registration process does not ask for one useful personal detail that could be used to find a potential partner. So, it is possible to become curious already. Also, the landing page looked great. Afterwards, the rest of the platform has a boring design. Of course, the design of a dating site does not decide if the service is good or bad. However, it makes a bad impression here.

There are our thoughts. As we see it, the platform makes an unreliable impression from the very beginning. We already mentioned the poor design. However, the platform has a solid overview. It is very easy to navigate through the portal. But there is a certain reason for that. This website does not have a lot of different areas. We only found the absolute basics. At the top, we see the search function that we can use for free. Also, we see the inbox, which shows our notifications as well.

Our profile settings are displayed at the top. Plus, there we see the button to upgrade our profile. Now, we must focus on the members´ area. We see many profiles. At first, we assumed that the profiles are real. In the beginning, we assumed a reliable matchmaker. But this is not the case. On the internet, we found reviews about fake profiles. Additionally, the fake profiles on the site appear to be moderated. There are many signs of a fake chat.

Right after registration, we already received two messages from other members. Of course, this makes a great impression. But it is simply not realistic. Our profile does not contain one piece of information. Also, we did not upload a profile picture. Our account is not even verified. In a nutshell, there is no reason to contact us.

The messages that we receive are sent automatically. This portal uses automated messages. While registering, a short notification about promotional messages is shown. But the actual goal of these messages is not to promote our profile. The messages are not specially marked. So, new members of the site will assume that real members try to make contact. Additionally, we assume that the profiles on the site are fake, even if proof from the terms and conditions is missing. Some profiles look fake to us.

The goal of the automated messages is to increase the activity on the platform. If a new member purchased the trial premium membership, the automated messages will create a promising impression. Users who skip the payment will be lured into the trap. The messages are sent by bots. Bots are the replacement for fake chat operators. The messages do not contain any helpful piece of information for the user. As we see it, this website is a fake chat scam.

Review member area

Terms and conditions of

Extract from the terms and conditions from the website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of August 10, 2022.

Unless cancelled, your 1-day trial membership plan will automatically convert to our monthly package after the end of your 1-day trial period at the full price of $38.59. Please note that the amount debited may vary if your transaction requires a currency conversion. In this case we will use a retail exchange rate.

Costs on

Registration is free. At least, this is stated on the landing page. Well, it turns out that it is not true. While registering, a trial premium membership is offered. Now, it is possible to skip the payment and continue with a free basic membership. But it is also possible to complete the registration with a paid membership, as well. In a nutshell, registration is not free. This is the first misleading piece of information. However, misleading advertising is not the worst part.

In this section, we will cover the poor personal data protection of the site. During registration, verification is optional. We received a new account and did not verify it. But we were able to see all the content on the site. The free basic membership allowed us to see all profile pictures. Plus, it was even possible to visit each profile, and get more personal information. This is a lack of data protection. It is easy to create fake profiles, and to get personal data from registered users.

Again, bad personal data protection is not the worst aspect of this site, either. It is the fake chat, which will lure new members into a subscription trap. The free basic membership allowed us to read messages. We received a lot of messages from bots that control fake profiles. Regarding reviews on the internet, all profiles are fake. So, the chances of meeting a match in real life are very low. These messages are not specially marked, and do not contain any useful information for the user.

If the automated messages were marked as promotional messages from other users, it would change things a lot. However, this way, it is nothing but a sneaky fake chat. The goal is to encourage new members to chat. To send messages, a paid membership is mandatory. This is the only feature that is not included in the free basic membership.

As noted before, a trial premium membership is offered while registering. This kind of membership costs 0.99 USD and runs for one day. The offer might sound good, but there are many problems. We explained these problems earlier. The main problem is that the offer does not contain the terms of the subscription.

It is possible to skip the payment. In the payment section, the trial premium membership will be still offered. Now, more information is provided. We read about the automatic renewal of the trial membership. After one day, it will automatically extend to a monthly paid premium membership, that costs 38.59 USD per month. Actually, this does not have to be a problem. But, this important information is not provided on the offer while registering. This is one reason why it is a cheeky rip-off with a subscription trap.

Moreover, we found a notification about the deadline for the termination in the terms and conditions. All subscriptions must be terminated at least 72 hours before they will come to an end. Actually, this deadline sounds very fair. But it is another cheeky trick. On the internet, we found reviews about the difficult process of termination. The operator will simply ignore letters of termination or decline them, without a reason. This is another big problem, as all subscriptions extend automatically. By the way, the costs for the subscriptions are very high. That makes everything even worse.

Besides the trial membership, there is a premium membership for one week. This kind of membership costs 0.56 USD per day. The premium membership, for one-month, costs 1.38 USD per day. Plus, the premium membership, for three months, costs 0.77 USD per day. As we see it, the prices are displayed per day for a reason. This way, the rates appear to be much lower than they actually are. This website charges too much money.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience

The online dating website is a rip-off with a subscription trap. Plus, the profiles on the site appear to be fake. This is not just our impression. On the internet, we found many reviews about a fake chat. But legal proof of fake profiles is missing. However, we know that automated messages are used. These messages are not marked. So, users do not know that they are computer-generated. They lure new members into a trap.

The subscription trap can snap closed already, while registering. There, a trial premium membership is offered. This is the actual trap on this website. It will extend afterwards to an expensive monthly paid premium membership. Additionally, the cancelation of all subscriptions is a tough challenge. The operator makes the termination difficult. The operator of the portal is Marbore Web Solutions Ltd, who are based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Contact data of the operator of

Marbore Web Solutions Ltd
Office 4A, Floor 3
76a James Bourchier blvd.
Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: 1 (800) 935 0685

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

The landing page looks great. Plus, the offer of the dating site sounds interesting.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

This website is a rip-off with a fake chat and a subscription trap. Plus, it has poor personal data protection.

What can I do on with a free account?

While registering, it is possible to purchase a trial premium membership. But this is a subscription trap. However, it is possible to skip the payment. Then, a free basic membership is provided. This kind of membership allows the use of all features, except for sending messages.

Can I really meet someone on ?

No, the profiles on the site are fake. This is not just our impression. Former users had the same experience.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

Yes, this website uses bots. They are the replacement for fake chat operators.

How can I cancel my account on ?

To cancel your premium membership, please contact the customer service.

Let us know your experience in the comments as well.

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  1. Jeff D. March 11, 2024 at 2:31 am

    I turned them in to my credit card company! Master card called and wham! I got an email telling me a refund had been issued and would show up on my card in 10 days! They shut the card off and issued a new one with different number. The site is a scam, no doubt about it but a lot more sophisticated than Granny Space or Milf Place. Same thing, total scam!

  2. Ruby Milke December 15, 2022 at 4:56 am

    I was gullible and got on this site, and now can’t get off. I’ve wrote them repeatedly. I’m a senior,age 69, they offered me men at age 30! I can’t get their attention .I just want off it.

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