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Report on review

The online dating portal makes a good first impression. On the landing page, we see a video in a loop that shows an attractive woman who smiles into the camera. This woman fits the site’s target group. Men from the US and all over the world can find matches here. Their matches come from Russia. Well as we see things, the name of the website explains the target group fairly well.

What the platform offers in its advertising is interesting. On the landing page, we read general information. We read about the latest members and see some profile pictures there as well. These images show female and male users. This is a good first sign. If there had just been pictures of ladies, this could have been a clue that fake profiles are used. However, there is a big difference between the male and female images on display. Our experience tells us the female images look too good to be true. But this is just our impression.

Further information is provided. We read about the site community. The highest quality is guaranteed here. This guarantee applies to the site’s members and the service it offers. We can also read testimonials from former customers. And there’s also a description of the website itself. This makes a good and reassuring first impression.

We do however feel obliged to state that hard facts are missing. We do not know how many people have joined the site in the past. So we cannot evaluate our chances of finding a match before we register. The site’s actual features and functions are not explained either. In short, key details are not provided. The site’s transparency is poor. In our experience, this is a bad sign.

The website operator is AimDate LLC, which is based in Sheridan, USA. On the internet we found negative reviews. Most former users had bad experiences with this website. All the signs indicate an unreliable portal that is a scam.

Is a rip-off?

The online dating platform appears to be a scam. This website certainly does not make a good first impression, which starts with poor design. On the landing page, we see a video of an attractive woman. Naturally the video looks charming and promising. But site’s quality is very low. Its design is not based on the latest solutions. Nor does it offer adequate information upfront.

Content-wise, its transparency is poor. We did not find enough information about its services. In essence, all the important hard facts are missing. We do not know how many members it has. Nor is there an iota of information about site features. So we don’t know about its matchmaking system. Actually there’s a simple explanation for this. This website doesn’t have a matchmaking system even though it claims to be a matchmaker. In our experience this omission is a glaring problem.

Reviews on the internet also speak of the site’s poor quality. Generally speaking, former users were very disappointed. They allege a rip-off. But the situation is not that clear-cut. There are some hints of fake chat. Some profiles look fake: especially those in the members´ area. Some images show very attractive women who look more like professional models. The quality of other images is so poor that it’s hard to recognize the person in the picture. Reviews speak of moderation, but we cannot prove this.

During our review, we didn’t receive an unrealistically large number of messages. Actually, we didn’t receive any messages at all. However this comment applies even to these members who were currently online. We were allowed to send some free messages. But there doesn’t appear to be any activity on this website. In short, this portal does not offer any scope for matchmaking. Moreover, very high costs will develop.

The user needs coins to send messages and to upgrade their account. This means you have to pay double. Premium membership guarantees better chances of successful dating. But ultimately, it’s a waste of money. Using the site is a waste of time. Moreover, there is no matchmaking system. So it’s up to you to find a potential match and see if they are a real match. This requires a lot of time and money since you will have to send a lot of messages.

As we see it, this website might not be an obvious scam with fake chat or a subscription trap. However it promises too much and charges way too much money. As there is no chance of meeting a match, the website’s advertising makes misleading promises. This is reason enough for us to issue a clear warning. There is a strong risk of losing money for no benefit. The website appears to be a rip-off as it tricks its users into spending a huge amount of money.

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Registration on

On the landing page, we see the registration screen. Registration is free for women and men. And the process does not take too long. This platform does not ask for a lot of information, thus ensuring the process is as easy as pie. All the questions it poses are simple to answer and most information can be chosen from a menu. So you do not have to create extensive descriptions. The process starts by asking us to indicate our gender. It is possible to register as a woman or man. This website allows gay and heterosexual matchmaking.

We also have to choose the age of our matches. We set a range of ages in which we will receive potential matches. And we can push a button ensuring we will only receive matches from members who have uploaded at least one image. After this, the actual registration process starts. We enter our real name, username, valid e-mail address and details of what we are looking for. We can search for a serious commitment, friendship, marriage or a romantic experience. Naturally we indicated a preference for all these possibilities to increase our chances of finding a match.

We then entered our date of birth and location, chose a password and agreed to the site’s terms & conditions and privacy policy. We had to do the latter to complete the process. We then had the opportunity to upload a profile picture, which was optional. Subsequent stages proved numerous and included a questionnaire. We had the chance to provide a few more details about ourselves and our expectations. But all these steps could be skipped, which didn’t leave a good impression.

This platform claims to be a matchmaker. Logically, a lot of personal data would be required so it can find accurate matches. But this website leaves it optional whether to provide the necessary information or not. This does not leave us feeling comfortable. The questions we can skip are not very specific. They ask about our appearance and that of our desired matches. Again we can choose details and preferences from various lists, which concern our hobbies and so on.

All in all, completing the registration process took us about one minute. Obviously if we’d replied to all the questions, more time would have been needed. However, we regard this site’s registration process as inadequate. It elicits too little information and would still be inadequate even if all its questions were answered. And no profile picture is needed. Verification is not obligatory. Plus, it is possible to skip each question and thus create an empty profile.

Members’ area on

The members´ area is our first stop. After registering, we were automatically redirected to our profile settings. We had the chance to enter further information about ourselves there. But this wasn’t insisted on. We are reminded about verification. The reminders state that verification should be effected immediately. But we can still use the site without verifying our account. As we see it, this is poor data protection.

Another poor aspect of the site is its design. This website charges a lot of money and claims to be a high-class matchmaker. But its design is bad and there are no special features. In the end, this website doesn’t seem worth the price it charges. Anyway, we will explain more about costs later.

At the top of the interface, we see the site’s various areas. We can use the search function to find matches. There is a quick search facility, an advanced search and a section displaying the newest members. And we can create a list of our favorite members or members who’ve liked our profile. At the top of the portal we see the inbox. Last but not least, we see our profile settings. We can set new arrangements for our account there, change our password, contact data and so on.

In the members´ area, we see quite a lot of members. This platform appears to have a lot of active users. We visit the section showing the most popular members. These users are of course good-looking. However, we have a bad feeling. The most popular female users look more like professional model images while the most popular male members do not. It appears that older men are looking for much younger women. In principle, this does not have to be a problem.

But the profiles of lady members look fake to us. We checked the legal information to see whether this includes an admission that fictitious profiles are used. But the terms and conditions didn’t even hint at this. Neither fictitious profiles nor fake chat operators are mentioned. Nor does this website serve the purpose of entertainment. In a nutshell, proof of a fake chat scam is missing. And moderation doesn’t seem to be used here. We received no message at all. Even after a little while, there were no messages in our inbox.

However, the mere fact that there are no fake chat operators or bots does not mean fake profiles are not used. The profiles could still be fake. So the chances of meeting a match are still low. Plus, there are a few profile pictures that are not consistent with the information in the relevant account. Additionally, we question the authenticity of these profiles. There are plenty of attractive young women under 30. But they are seeking men over 70. This sounds a bit too good to be true. We assume these profiles are fake.

On the internet, we found reviews alleging fake profiles as well. Some also allege fake chat. But this isn’t sufficient to prove any such rip-off. We can only state that we believe the chances of meeting a real person here are very low. And we’d like to point out something else. If the profile were real, these users would not be looking for serious relationships. We cannot image that countless young women registered here are just looking for older men. There has to be a catch.

Review member area

Costs on

Registration is free. Women and men can join this site at any time. Initially there’s no risk of falling into any kind of payment trap. Costs will develop very fast. And we assume the level of site usage is very high. We believe this for one reason. This website claims to be an international matchmaker. To find accurate matches from another continent, two things are usually needed. First, a lot of personal data is required. Plus, this data has to be processed by a smart matchmaking algorithm. This site does not have either of these.

While registering, we did not provide any useful information about ourself. This is obviously a bad sign. If this website were reliable, it would be your responsibility to find potential partners. And you’d have to find out whether a certain member were a real match or not. This would involve a lot of time and money. Well, we see things quite candidly. This website does not offer any kind of function to make matchmaking easier, but it still charges a lot of money. This sounds like a scam to us.

The user has to pay for sending messages. Coins are needed to do this. We did not find any information about the price per message. But reviews on the internet speak of high rates. So the process of finding a match and getting to know her entails spending a tremendous amount of money. Plus, sending messages might be a waste of time. This is not least because we believe fake profiles appear in the members´ pool.

Premium membership is available too. This includes one important feature. Only with premium membership is it possible to send messages not marked as spam. Without premium membership, every message sent could end in the spam folder of other members. In a nutshell, you need premium membership to guarantee contact. In our experience, this is a cheeky trick.

Moreover, the costs for premium membership are not displayed in USD but in coins. So you have to purchase coins first. Only then can you spend money on premium membership. This is another reason for the reviews’ allegations about excessively high costs. Coins are offered in different packages. The smallest package contains 50 coins and costs 5.00 USD. By the way, the rate per coin does not change if you choose another package. 500 coins cost 50.00 USD; 1000 coins cost 100.00 USD.

Premium membership is offered with different terms. Premium membership for one month costs 100 coins. So one month costs 10.00 USD. However, premium membership for three months costs 250 coins (25.00 USD). Last but not least, premium membership for six months costs 400 coins (40.00 USD).

By the way, we did not find any information about subscriptions. There could be some kind of trap here. Be sure to terminate your premium membership in good time to ensure the deadline is not missed.

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Conclusion from our experience

The online dating platform appears to be a rip-off. On the internet we found a lot of negative reviews. This website has a poor reputation. Former users were not only dissatisfied. They alleged fake profiles are used too. We had a bad experience when using this site. Its design is bad. And it doesn’t contain a single useful feature. Incidentally, there’s no useful information on the landing page either.

This platform claims to be an international matchmaker. Men from the US and all over the world can supposedly find women from Russia. But the site does nothing to help with your search. First, you are not obliged to provide a single item of information about yourself. Second, the questions posed while new members register are mostly pointless when it comes to finding you a match from another continent. Plus, your information will not be used by a search algorithm.

You have to find a potential match and get to know her yourself. This requires a lot of time and money as the use of this site is very expensive. Costs will arise for buying coins needed to chat. And coins are also needed to purchase premium membership. No information is given about subscription terms. This could be a subscription rip-off. But this is just something we sense intuitively and not an accusation based on evidence. However, without premium membership, making contact with other members could prove impossible.

Only premium members can send messages to other members without any risk of these finding their way into just the spam folder. This is, as we see things, a smart incentive for users to pay for premium membership. Ultimately, we believe the chances of finding a real person here are low. The prospects of meeting a match in real life are zero. This is our view. The operator of the portal is AimDate LLC, which is based in Sheridan, USA.

Contact data of the operator of

AimDate LLC
30 N Gould St Ste 9147
Sheridan, WY 82801
Fax: +1 307-219-4621

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

What the site offers sounds interesting.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

The portal has a bad design and a bad reputation. In the end, we assume this website is more than just a waste of time. It appears to be a scam too.

What can I do on with a free account?

A free account allows users access to all features. But beware: without paid premium membership, all your sent messages might only reach your intended match’s spam folder.

Can I really meet someone on ?

Our impression is that real matchmaking is not possible.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

Some reviews on the internet mention fake chat. We did not see any hint of this. And there is no reference to moderation in the site’s legal information.

How can I cancel my account on ?

You can delete your profile and cancel your premium membership in your profile settings. However, you can also terminate your premium membership via customer support.

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