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The online dating platform makes a good first impression. On the landing page, we see the registration screen. Registration is free and can be completed easily. Next to the registration screen we see the image of an attractive woman. Our first impression of the site is not too bad. But after a while we become aware that this site has a lot of problems.

First, it does not provide any substantive information apart from telling us about free registration. All we know is that we can create a profile free of charge. Obviously, this is far too sparse. This website’s transparency is grossly inadequate. The platform’s name certainly sounds charming. It also seems full of promise. It implies that we can meet interesting people to fall in love with on this site, which is what we assume will happen. And the image of the young woman on the landing page reinforces this kind of feeling.

But this is no more than just an intuition. We do not know how many people are registered on this website. We also have no idea what kinds of features and functions this site will use to find matches for users. Finally, we conclude it’s some kind of casual dating portal. But it could be a matchmaker too. In a nutshell, this website does not a good impression when studied in detail. In our experience, transparency provides the first indicator of a portal’s reliability. With this in mind, this site makes a dreadful impression.

The operator of this online dating portal is InfraWeb Solution Ltd, which is based in Hong Kong. This company is well-known on the internet, where we conducted extensive research. During this process, we found a lot of negative reviews. Former users were highly dissatisfied. What was even worse was their condemning this site as a cheeky scam. Actually, we already know the operator. We can only agree with the reviews on the internet. The operator runs a huge dating network. So beware if you see this company name.

Is a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating portal is a rip-off. This website makes a bad first impression. There is not one single substantive piece of information on the landing page except that offering free registration. The transparency of this site is appalling. Generally speaking, this is the first sign that a particular site is an unreliable choice. As we see it, this is already reason enough to skip this website completely. However, this site will play a lot of cheeky tricks to lure new members into a subscription rip-off. We will explain how all this works.

Registration is free. This is confirmed on the landing page, where it forms the only item of substantive information. But ultimately, it’s misleading and simply not true. After taking the first step in the registration process, we were offered trial premium membership. This kind of membership is very cheap. It costs 0.99 USD and runs for one day. But its terms are not explained. So we know nothing about what this kind of subscription involves, which is highly suspicious.

We advise you never to make any purchase on the internet too quickly. Always make sure you have all the necessary information. Plus, always check what’s actually on offer first before making any payment. In this case, we were supposed to make a payment without even visiting the platform. This does not sound like a good idea, especially as it involves buying a subscription. It could be much more than a mere one-time purchase and involve a trap. Later we discovered this really was the actual subscription scam we suspected.

However, it is possible to skip making a payment. We then finally entered the portal and visited the members´ area. We saw countless fake-looking profiles there. This website uses fake profiles. We also received numerous messages and notifications. This is a clear sign of fake chat. Now, obvious indicators of a fake chat scam began to appear. And we weren’t the only ones to have this experience. The internet is full of reviews alleging the use of moderated chat on this site. But the operator does not mention moderation in the legal information. So proof is missing.

But in the end we have our own proof of the use of fake chat. The profiles look too good to be true. And most users apparently come from our region. This might seem encouraging. But it’s a trick. The messages come from bots. This chat system is controlled by bots. The bots manage the profiles on the site, which are fake. A fake profile shows a fictitious person with whom a date in real life is impossible. But fake profiles are not marked as fake. The bots will actively start chats. While chatting, they won’t identify themselves as bots.

Their goal is to encourage users to reply. If the user wants to reply, costs will develop. A user needs premium membership to send messages. After registration, more premium membership options are available. Again we see the offer of trial premium membership and are given a little more information about what it involves. Trial membership runs for one day and costs 0.99 USD. But it will be extended automatically as a monthly paid subscription. This piece of information is not provided during registration.

So trial membership is a trap. Other subscriptions are available too. Their prices are displayed per day and not for their full duration. There is a reason for this. Doing things this way makes the rates look much cheaper. And all the subscriptions are a trap. The deadline for termination is 72 hours in advance. This makes terminating trial membership physically impossible. It is not humanly possible to cancel 1-day trial membership within an advanced deadline of three days.

As it happens, the deadline cannot be met in any case. The site operator is well-known. We found numerous reviews complaining about the tricks played by this company. Its tricks are simple but highly effective. Letters of termination will be ignored or declined without any reason. So it does not matter when you terminate your subscription. It seems you will miss the deadline, no matter what you do.

We feel obliged to reiterate that making any payment here is a waste of money. This website uses fictitious profiles controlled by bots. The chances of meeting a real person here are non-existent. Reviews on the internet agree with us in this regard.

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Registration on

The registration screen is displayed on the landing page. We can sign up free of charge. So we assume that after registration, costs will develop since only signing up is free. Actually, the process is very simple and completed within a few minutes. Only a few personal details are required to create a new profile.

We chose our gender and the one we are looking for. This website allows gay and heterosexual matchmaking. It is possible to register as a woman or man. Additional information requested concerns our age and location. We only have to indicate our age and not our exact date of birth. Plus, we need a valid e-mail address and password. To proceed, we have to agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Then comes a surprise. We receive an offer of premium membership on a trial basis. This kind of membership costs 0.99 USD and runs for one day. Now, the offer sounds legit and interesting. But it presents various problems. First, registration is advertised as being free. Finally it proves possible to skip making a payment. However, registration might culminate in a paid subscription. So it may prove not to be free after all. This doesn’t quite sound right. It seems the ‘free registration’ proffered was misleading information.

Another problem is the absence of any further information about this kind of membership. We know its price and that it runs for one day. But we do not know whether we have to terminate it or if it will end automatically. There is also the possibility that it will be extended automatically. Ultimately, the offer sounds interesting but too much vital information is missing. The offer also sounds a bit cheeky. And generally speaking you should never make any purchase too quickly.

We had not at this stage even seen the platform or checked its features out. So, we were not sure whether the site was worth the payment. 0.99 USD is obviously not a lot of money. But there’s no good reason to spend any money at all on something we don’t know. You should always establish that any money you spend is worth it, especially, if any kind of subscription is involved.

Anyway, we were able to skip making a payment and were then given the opportunity to upload a profile picture. But this was optional. We could upload an image if we wished to, but there was no requirement that we did this, which was not good. In general, the site’s quality would have increased considerably had this step been obligatory. We assume numerous other members didn’t upload profile pictures either. This is of course a negative point. Another black mark for this site is that account verification is optional too. This is an absolute no-go.

The failure to insist on verification leads to inadequate personal data protection. Your personal information is not at all safe here. It is easy to create a fake profile and access other users’ data. This presents an obvious problem.

Members’ area on

The members´ area is our first stop. We enter the site without verifying our account. But we were still able to see all the profiles. This amounts to inadequate data protection. Apart from this, the portal does not look too bad. We see a lot of profiles. So we assume the chances of meeting other singles must be good. Moreover, most site members seem to come from our region. This is obviously an encouraging point. But there’s a catch, which we’ll explain later.

Before we outline further aspects of the site community, we’d like to describe our experience of navigating the site. The platform has a good overview. Its design is not the best. There are no colorful highlights, but we see all its important features at a glance. At the top, we see the search function, which we can use free of charge. Plus, we see the gallery, where all members’ images are shown. Studying this is quite a lot of fun, as pictures speak more than words.

At the top, we also see the inbox and our notifications. We receive a lot of messages and notifications. Our profile appears very popular. This is actually not a good sign, for reasons we’ll explain later. At the top, we see the button to upgrade our profile. We can use this to purchase premium membership. We skipped the offer of trial premium membership while registering. Now we have the opportunity to upgrade our status.

On the interface’s right, we see our incoming messages. Other users contact us straight away. This is not good. But for now, we’d like to set out our thoughts on the site community. First, we’d like to record our impression of its profiles. Our experience tells us the profiles are fake. Some profiles look like professional model images. Others appear to come from a data pool for fake profiles.

Most members on this website come from our region. We see countless women who supposedly live less than 10 miles away from us. This seems great, but it must all be fake, especially since this site’s popularity rating is low. Anyway, the messages we receive are fake. This website appears to use fake chat. Reports on the internet agree with us here. The only problem is that the site operator does not admit this. But the operator is notorious for its huge dating network full of scam sites. So this company isn’t remotely reliable.

The messages come from bots. They will start chats. But they will not admit moderation is being used. They encourage new members to chat by using erotic messages. This is obviously a cheeky trick to lure us into a subscription trap. If we want to reply, costs will develop. While chatting, the bots will not identify themselves as fictitious people. Moderation is unknown to the user. Nor are the profiles marked as fictitious content.

Review member area

Terms and conditions of

Extract from the terms and conditions from the website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of June 24, 2022.

Unless cancelled, your 1-day trial membership plan will automatically convert to our monthly package after the end of your 1-day trial period at the full price of $38.59.

Costs on

On the landing page, we read about free registration. This sounds great, but it is not true. While registering, trial premium membership is offered, which costs 0.99 USD and runs for one day. The offer sounds interesting, but seems very suspicious. There is no information provided. We do not see the terms of the subscription. So we do not know whether it will end or be renewed automatically. This is not a good sign. And registration is not really free. Referring to ‘free registration’ is misleading.

It is possible to skip making a payment. Then free basic membership is provided. This kind of membership runs unrestricted and allows a new member the use of a lot of features. We were able to see all profile pictures and visit all profiles individually. So we were allowed to read personal information. By the way, this worked with our unverified profile, which amounts to inadequate data protection. Free basic membership allows members to use the search function. Plus, we were able to read messages. Sadly, the messages come from bots and are a part of the rip-off.

The goal of moderated chat is to encourage us to make a purchase. After the offer we received while registering, trial premium membership is offered again. Now, we receive further information about this kind of membership. This is the real trap, since it will be renewed automatically. There is nothing a user can do to avoid this. First, automatic extension of a monthly paid premium membership is stated in the offer. But this notification is well-hidden at the bottom of the site.

Second, the deadline for termination for all kinds of memberships is 72 hours in advance. So it is simply not possible to terminate trial membership on time. In principle, the deadline might sound fair. But it is useless. The site operator will make the termination process very complicated. In the end, it does not matter when you terminate your premium membership. The operator will decline your letter of termination without any reason or simply ignore it.

So you will miss the deadline, whatever happens. As all subscriptions are renewed automatically, they all end in a trap. Besides trial membership, three more options are available. There is premium membership for one week. This kind of membership costs 0.56 USD per day. There’s also premium membership for one month, which costs 1.38 USD per day. Last but not least, premium membership for three months costs 0.77 USD per day.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience

The online dating portal is a rip-off with a subscription trap. While a new user is registering, the first trap is already being set. Registration is advertised as being free. But this is not the case. Well, it is possible to skip the trap, which comes in the form of trial premium membership. This kind of membership is offered later on as well with the same terms. It runs for one day and will be extended as a monthly paid subscription afterwards. This cannot be avoided.

The deadline for termination is three days in advance, which makes cancelation on time impossible since trial membership only runs for one day. Plus, automatic renewal is mentioned in the payment section. By the way, all subscriptions on offer are a trap. The operator makes termination difficult. So you will miss the deadline anyway. Then you will pay a lot of money for nothing since the chances of finding a date here are zero.

This website shows all signs of using fake chat. The profiles look fake and there are numerous signs of moderation. We received a lot of messages that sounded computer-generated. Second, reviews allege the use of fake chat too. And the operator is well-known for its cheeky tricks. Moderation lures new members into the trap. This website is operated by InfraWeb Solution Ltd, which is based in Hong Kong.

Contact data of the operator of

InfraWeb Solution Ltd
Suite 1601, Kinwick Centre
32 Hollywood Road
Central Hong Kong

Phone: 1 (800) 760 4909

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

The website has an appealing appearance.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

The profiles are fake and moderated. The goal of moderation is to lure new members into a trap.

What can I do on with a free account?

While registering, a new member is offered trial membership, which is the real trap. It is possible to skip this trap. Then free membership is offered, which allows users to access all features except sending messages.

Can I really meet someone on ?

No, real dates are not possible.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

Yes, all the signs speak of moderation. But proof from the terms and conditions is missing.

How can I cancel my account on ?

To terminate your premium membership, please contact customer support.

Let us know your experience in the comments as well.

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  1. Chew February 6, 2023 at 12:57 am

    This site is a waste of time and more so money !!! Full of fake profiles that can’t reply to simplest of questions ( bots ) … in conclusion a straight person would have better chance of meeting someone or hooking up in a gay night club … save your time and money and do not bother with mydeeplove

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