LovingFeel.com review

July 24, 2022 The result of our LovingFeel.com review: Our test turned out to be an insufficient dating website.
LovingFeel.com review
  • Fake chat rip-off

  • Fake Operator

  • Fake Profiles

  • Unlikely to meet

  • Negative comments

  • Very expensive

Report on LovingFeel.com review

LovingFeel.com makes a good first impression. On the landing page, we see some images of people. These pictures show female and male persons. But we are not sure if these images show actual members. They look like content for advertisements and less like normal profile pictures. Plus, it is not stated if the content on the landing page is for advertising or shows real members. Anyway, the screen for registration is displayed on the landing page. The registration is free.

Plus, it is stated that it is free to join the site. As we see it, that sounds like only the registration is free. We appreciate this statement. Other websites use very cheeky advertising to cover up costs that develop later. Here, we assume that costs will ensue after the registration. Additionally, the landing page provides quite a lot of information. We read about the website and their goals. But some important hard facts are missing.

We do not know about the number of members. Plus, we do not know what kind of costs will arise later on. So, we are not sure if we must buy a subscription for a premium membership, or credits to send messages. Finally, we are not sure about the actual service of the site. On the landing page, we read that it is an international dating site. But is it a matchmaker or a casual dating portal? That is not clarified, which is a negative aspect.

In the end, this website is not very transparent. According to our experience, this is bad. Transparency is the first sign of a reliable choice. Regarding that, this site makes a bad impression. The operator of the site is LovingFeel, who are based in Limassol, in Cyprus. Of course, you should never judge a book by its cover. But Cyprus is a hotspot for scammers. It might be that this site is not just a bad choice, but also a rip-off.

Is LovingFeel.com a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating portal LovingFeel.com shows all signs of a scam. In the beginning, this website had a good appearance. But while registering, we became curious. After the registration was completed, it was clear to us. The tricks on this website are quite cheeky. First, moderation is not clearly stated in the terms and conditions. The operator mentions the purpose of entertainment. Entertainment is a common synonym. It stands for moderation, in general. However, users who do not know that, suspect that this is a reliable dating service.

The profiles on the website are fake. Again, this is not noted in the legal information. But there is another clear sign of fake profiles. All the profiles in the members´ area show good-looking members. Of course, it appears to be a huge plus point. But it is simply not realistic. It is nearly impossible that one dating website only has users who look like models. In general, this is a sign of fake profiles. Here, it is quite obvious.

Moreover, we receive a lot of messages and notifications right after the registration. Actually, we were a bit confused about our inbox. We continuously received notifications about received messages. But our inbox remains empty. Plus, the interface of the site shows a screen with statistics. Right after the registration, we see that we have already received four messages. But the inbox was empty. Anyway, we received notifications from other members.

These notifications showed various bits of information. For example, some notifications are about likes for our profile. So, other members liked our profile, which must be fake. While registering, we did not provide one piece of information in our profile. Also, we did not upload a profile picture. So, there is no reason to like our profile. As we see it, the notifications should stimulate us to chat. We should make the first contact. Additionally, we receive notifications about chat invitations. Other members want us to contact them. Again, this is a trick.

The notifications are not real. Just like the profiles in the members´ area, they are generated by the operator. The goal is to stimulate a chat. As it is stated in the legal information, the goal is to entertain us. Well, this is how the operator describes the service. But we see it very differently. The goal is to increase the income of the operator. All the different notifications should stimulate us to chat, for which costs will develop. So, the actual goal of moderation is to increase the income of the operator.

Costs will arise sooner or later. A user needs credits to send messages. Unfortunately, we were not able to visit the payment section. We have to provide our credit card details to see the full offer. In the end, only a special offer is promoted. 20 credits cost 2.99 USD, which sounds like an interesting offer. However, the rates on the site are very high. So, 20 credits might sound like a lot, but it is not.

Finally, there is a certain risk of falling into a subscription rip-off. The credits will top up automatically. That is stated in the payment policy. Usually, an automatic renewal or top up can be very helpful. But this platform is not reliable. On the internet, we found reviews from former users. Some felt trapped in the automated payment system. In general, this website is a waste of time and money. Again, we found reviews about fake profiles and a fake chat.

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Registration on LovingFeel.com

The registration is free for women and men. At the top of the landing page, we see the screen for registration. The whole process takes only a few minutes and is as easy as pie. We select our gender and date of birth. Also, we enter a valid e-mail address, password, and a username. To continue with the registration, we must agree to the terms & conditions and the privacy policy. After that, we have the chance to provide more personal information.

Now, a questionnaire has to be done. It includes three different parts. The first part is about ourselves. Here, we can provide a bit more information about our appearance and interests. Plus, questions are asked about our skills, hobbies, and job. The second part of the questionnaire is more about our expectations of a perfect match. We can set the age range for our potential matches. Also, this part includes some questions about preferred characteristics. But this part is very short. It includes only three questions, which is far too little.

According to our experience, the second part should be much more extensive. However, we can provide some information that is useful for the matchmaking system. Anyway, we continue with the questionnaire and completed the third part. Here, we can upload a profile picture. That completes the third part.

Now, there are a few things about the registration process. In general, the questions do not make a lot of sense to us. As we see it, the provided data is not very helpful for a matchmaking system. This gives us a bad impression. We assume that the website wants to appear reliable. In the end, it is not. Also, it is possible to skip all questions. We went this way and skip all steps. By the way, that is also possible with the upload of a profile picture.

Of course, this is a very negative aspect. If the questionnaire has to be done anyway, why make it possible to skip all the questions? Especially, the upload of a profile picture should be obligatory. That helps to avoid fake profiles. Also, verification is not needed either. So, we created an empty profile, without any useful information. From our point of view, this website makes a bad impression.

Members’ area on LovingFeel.com

We complete the registration without verification. Our first stop is the members´ area. There, we see a lot of profiles. Moreover, all the profiles look stunning. This website has a lot of good-looking users, which makes a promising impression. Anyway, we must mention the bad personal data protection. After registration, it is possible to see all profile pictures, and get personal information from other members. Of course, this is a negative aspect which we must criticize.

This website has an appealing design. The interface offers a good overview. It is very easy to navigate through the portal. Surely, this is a positive point. But the website is not very extensive. So, there is not too much to explore. At the top, we see our profile settings and the different areas. There, we see the search function, the inbox, and notifications. Then, there is a newsfeed, in which we see the activities of all members. This area is very similar to well-known social media platforms.

Also, there is the section to buy credits. On the right side of the interface, we see our statistics. As we see it, this screen is great and very helpful. With just one glance, we see all the important numbers. We see how many messages we have sent and received. Plus, different kinds of requests are displayed. In general, this screen is great. But there appears to be a problem. Right after the registration, we had already received four messages. After a little while, the number lowered to only one received message, even though we did not open the inbox.

For some reason, the number of received messages changes constantly. In the end, this is not the only problem with the site. This portal shows all signs of a scam with fake chat. First, we must mention the fake profiles. The members´ area is full of great-looking profiles. Of course, that makes a very promising impression. But that is a general sign of fake profiles. It is not possible that a dating site has only good-looking members.

Also, some descriptions do not fit the profile pictures. The messages we receive do not come from real members. Either bots send us these messages, or fake chat operators. Unfortunately, we were not able to clarify that. But we know that this site is a scam with a fake chat. In the legal information, we found a notification about the purpose of entertainment. Entertainment stands for moderation. But the goal of moderation is not the entertainment of users.

On the internet, we found reviews about a fake chat. So, we were not the only ones to have this experience. Now, in general, moderation does not have to be bad. But the fake profiles are not marked as such. Plus, the notifications and messages are a cheeky trick. The goal is to encourage us to chat. Then, costs will develop. Moreover, we finally received a message in the inbox. Before, we only got notifications about received messages. Now, we were able to prove another big problem.

The messages do not contain a piece of information about moderation. It seems that fake chat operators are employed. At least, the message that we received did not sound computer-generated. Anyway, fake chat operators animate us to chat. While chatting, no information about moderation is provided. So, fake chat operators will not identify, which is a huge problem. This website is a rip-off. According to our experience, all profiles in the members´ area are fake. So, the chances of meeting a real match are zero.

Review LovingFeel.com member area

Terms and conditions of LovingFeel.com

Extract from the terms and conditions from the LovingFeel.com website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of July 24, 2022.

Any statement that may be posted on the Service is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional financial, medical, legal, or other advice.

Costs on LovingFeel.com

The registration is free. Then, costs will develop for sending messages. Users must purchase credits to send messages. So, it is possible to explore the portal and use its features. In the end, all the features on the site are free. As we see it, this is a positive aspect. But the use of the site is a waste of time. The profiles are fake and moderated. Here, you will pay to chat with fake chat operators. This site is a fake chat scam. Plus, there is even a risk of falling into a trap.

Regarding the costs, it is quite complicated. Also, we were not able to enter the payment page. We only received a special offer of 20 credits for 2.99 USD. Actually, this offer sounds quite interesting. But the use of the site is very expensive. So, 20 credits will be spent very quickly. 10 Credits are needed to send a picture. Five credits are needed to send a sticker. To send a personal message, two credits are needed. But the charges will continue.

Two credits are needed to start a conversation. Then, more credits will be charged from your balance every 60 seconds. It does not matter how many messages you send within this time. Every minute, you must spend credits. If you do not send or receive a message for 60 seconds, the charges will stop. First, it is not noted how many credits will be charged per minute. Second, this is a cheeky trick to charge the paying customer.

It might sound like a great feature, that it is possible to send as many messages as you want within one minute. But it is certainly not, especially for users who are not used to typing on a keyboard. They can lose a lot of money. Moreover, even this is not the worst problem. The credits will top up automatically. Again, this sounds like a great feature. But it is used as a trap. Moreover, we only found the special offer of 20 credits. Afterwards, the prices will increase a lot.

In general, an automatic renewal does not have to be a scam. On this site, there is no automatic renewal of a premium membership. But the automated top-up of credits is very similar to that. Now, we found some reviews on the internet. Former users describe this website as a bad choice. There are some reports that mention a payment trap. Every month, your balance of credits will automatically top up. Plus, it is possible to buy more credits at any time. This will certainly happen, as the use of the site is very expensive.

Review LovingFeel.com payment

Conclusion from our LovingFeel.com experience

The online dating platform LovingFeel.com is a rip-off with a fake chat. Plus, there is a high risk of falling into some kind of subscription trap. On this site, credits are needed to send messages. So, there is no premium membership. Still, the credits will automatically top up. That seems to be used as a trap here. On the internet, we found reviews from former users who criticize that. Many felt trapped in a recurring payment.

Anyway, this website is a waste of time and money. The profiles in the members´ area are fake. Fake chat operators operate these fake profiles. We are not sure if fake chat operators are employed, or if bots are used. However, we received many messages and notifications within a few minutes. This is a clear sign of moderation. Plus, the operator of the site noted the purpose of entertainment in the legal information. Entertainment usually stands for moderation.

But the goal of moderation is not the entertainment of users. The actual goal is to increase the income of the operator. The operator of the portal is LovingFeel, who are based in Limassol, Cyprus. By the way, Cyprus is a hotspot for scammers. This could have been the first hint of an unreliable portal.

Contact data of the operator of LovingFeel.com

Victory House 205
Archbishop Makarios Avenue
Limassol, 3030


FAQs for LovingFeel.com

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website LovingFeel.com

What has attracted positive attention to LovingFeel.com ?

This website has an appealing design and advertises with an interesting offer.

What has attracted negative attention to LovingFeel.com ?

The profiles in the members´ area are fake and moderated. Plus, there is a high risk of falling into a subscription trap.

What can I do on LovingFeel.com with a free account?

Costs will ensue for sending messages only. There is no premium account.

Can I really meet someone on LovingFeel.com ?

No, according to our experience. Reviews on the internet agree with us.

Is there moderators or bots on LovingFeel.com ?

Yes, all signs point to a fake chat.

How can I cancel my account on LovingFeel.com ?

You can delete your profile at any time in the profile settings. To cancel the automatic top up, please contact the customer support.

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