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  • Fake chat rip-off

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  • Fake Operator

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Report on review makes a good first impression. This online dating portal advertises an interesting offer. This platform claims to be a good choice as a casual dating site. More than 160,000 singles and couples are registered here, all looking for casual fun. This website was originally created for the New Zealand market, where the site has most users. It is now available all over the world. Here in the US, the portal already has a lot of members. We read at least about good chances of finding a match.

The portal is reasonably transparent. In our experience, this is an important sign. We found quite a lot of information on the landing page. But various key facts about the site are missing. We do, however, know some important details. This website offers free registration. You will then have the chance to meet open-minded people from all over the world. Besides routine chatting, you can conduct a video chat with other members.

On the landing page, we see some profile pictures. In general, the profiles make a good impression. They show good-looking people: a mixture of women and men. The profiles do not look fake. The site doesn’t only show women: this would be a hint that fake profiles are used. The site operator is Symbios Solutions Ltd, which is based in Segensworth East, United Kingdom.

Is a rip-off? appears at first glance to be a great choice. But this website does not seem very reliable afterwards. Our experience tells us it is a scam. It is, however, actually quite hard to prove this from our actual experience with the site, as it was not possible for us to use it fully. We were not able to visit the members´ area. On this website, the members´ area is called the chatroom. We were able to see some profiles in the gallery. These images belong to users and at least gave us a limited idea of how members look.

But we do not know whether a new member receives a lot of messages following registration. If this happened, it would be a hint of fake chat. We have to verify our account here first. Only then is it possible to visit the chatroom. Usually this would be a positive sign which we would appreciate. This would apply especially in this case, as this is the second part of the verification process. And we are asked to upload of an image of ourselves. But with this verification step, gold membership is purchased automatically.

Now this form of membership lasts for just seven day and is free. Actually, the offer sounds great. But we did not find full details of the subscription. It might be a cheeky subscription rip-off. As we see it, it is a trap.

Moreover, we found some reviews on the internet alleging fake chat. But there weren’t too many reports of this nature. However, we did find a note admitting moderation in the legal information. So it seems the profiles on the portal are fake and controlled by fake chat operators. We couldn’t prove this. A subscription has to be taken out before we can review the portal’s community. Our experience suggests this is a cheeky scam.

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Registration on

On the landing page, we see the registration form. Within the blink of an eye, our profile is created. This platform does not require a lot of information. We enter a valid e-mail address and password. We also choose a username and the kind of account we want to create. It is possible to register as a single or a couple. We then have to verify our account, which is good. This enables fake profiles to be avoided.

Afterwards, four more steps have to be taken to complete the registration process. These steps allow us to create an extensive profile. But most of the information sought is not compulsory. In the end, we entered our gender and sexual orientation. We also had to provide our location. The final compulsory item of information is a short self-description. A minimum of 10 words is required. We entered 10 random words with no context. We had the opportunity to provide further information about our appearance and sexual preferences. But we skipped all of this. Nor did we upload a profile image.

The process of registration makes a good impression. It is possible to create an extensive profile that includes a lot of useful information. We would, however, have appreciated it had providing further details not been just optional. The more information a profile includes, the better it is. This automatically adds to the quality of the members´ area. But our meager profile does not contain a lot of useful information for others. A profile like ours will not usually receive a lot of notice. And a profile without any personal information does not generally attract reactions from other users.

Members’ area on

After completing registration, we visit the website. Our first stop is its members´ area. We see a lot of profiles, most of which show average-looking people. This is a good sign. We have reviewed other dating websites which only show perfect-looking people. This is a sign of fake chat. But this portal makes a good impression. Many profiles have a profile picture, but it is not displayed openly because it depicts nudity.

This makes the site appear positive. We assume the portal is full of open-minded users who are readily available for casual dating. The profiles we saw were displayed in the gallery section. Besides this area, we can visit the forum and the story section. In both sections, users can chat publicly about different kinds of topics. At the top of the portal, we see an area called the chatroom. But we were not allowed to visit this section. To visit this area, we would have had to verify our profile again.

This is done by sending a picture of ourselves with a personalized number. This verification method is very safe. Of course, this makes a good impression. But we read a short note about one detail that made us curious.

If we verify our account, we will automatically receive a 7-day trial premium membership subscription. This is of course free. But we are not sure whether we have to terminate it actively to avoid its automatic renewal. It might be a trap. Well, this possibility lowers our overall impression of the site. Again, the system requiring verification with an image of ourselves is a positive sign implying the site is reliable. But verifying a profile does not mean we want to take out a subscription, even if it is free of charge.

Anyway, we will explain more about the costs below. Here we just want to relate our impression of using the portal. It has a modern and appealing design. Thanks to this, navigation is very easy. Moreover, this site does not have too many different areas. In no time, we know this platform like the back of our hand. The images in the gallery make a promising impression. All in all, the site appears to be a great choice. But there is a problem.

We were not able to review the members´ area. We did see images on the portal. But we know nothing about the actual site community. Generally speaking, a sign of fake chat would be a high number of messages received within a short time. In our case, it was not possible to visit the inbox section. We only see that more than 1,000 members are currently online. This of course makes a promising impression.

The longer we remained on the site, the more we wanted to verify our account. But this would have meant we would have had to take out a subscription as well.

In the end, we conducted some research. We found internet reviews alleging this site uses fake profiles. Some mention a fake chat scam too. But the reviews by themselves are not sufficient as proof of these suspicions. So we checked the site’s legal information. Usually, moderation is admitted using euphemisms. Entertainment is one way to describe fake chat. This website admits using moderators right away.

Review member area

Terms and conditions of

Extract from the terms and conditions from the website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of May 2, 2022.

13.3 Without prejudice to the above, we accept no liability in respect of any of the activities or events organised by users of our Services that are advertised on our website. Our use of moderators and operators and chatroom operators and other administration of the websites does not imply a knowledge on the part of the Company or its affiliate of the website content. Extract from the terms and conditions from the website regarding the automatic renewal. Current status of the terms and conditions as of April 15, 2022.


Costs on

Registration is free. Then a new member has the opportunity to take a look at the website. But visiting one important section is not free. Well, it may be free to visit. But to go to the chatroom, we have to verify our account beforehand. Usually, this would be a positive precaution. But by verifying our account, we will automatically purchase a trial membership which runs for seven days. This is a seven-day gold membership subscription. Costs will arise for taking out a subscription, whether as silver or gold membership.

As we see it, the seven-day trial gold membership option is a trap. It seems suspicious that a verification process is combined with a subscription, especially since the subscriptions on this website will be renewed automatically. So the user will have to terminate the subscription in time to avoid this. But this seems impossible here. We assume the trial membership facility is a trap.

The operator makes the rip-off very smart. This site appears to be a great choice. In our case, it was not possible to experience fake chat. This is only possible after verification. So we did not receive any messages from fake chat operators encouraging us to chat. The trap will snap shut long before the first message reaches a new member.

Two memberships options are offered: silver and gold. Silver membership allows users access to a lot of features, such as an unlimited number of messages. And sending statuses to friends and followers can be done. With gold membership, viewing HD videos and many more features are available. By verifying our account, we actually do not have a choice. We will automatically receive gold membership.

Silver membership is offered with four different terms. One month’s use costs 29.95 USD; three months’ use costs 67,95 USD; six months’ use costs 90.95 USD and one year’s use costs 99.95 USD.

Gold membership is offered with five different terms. One month’s use costs 39.95 USD; three months’ use costs 89,95 USD; six months’ use costs 119.95 USD; one year’s use costs 139.95 USD and life-long membership is available for 245.95 USD.

Payments can be made with a credit card only. All payments appear to be one-time transactions. In the legal information and the payment section, we did not find extensive information about the subscriptions. Again, this is a bad sign. We assume this is another hint that the site is an unreliable choice. In general, the portal offers too little information to charge such high rates.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience may appear a good choice. But during our review, we noticed a lot of suspicious aspects. The portal is useless without verification. In principle, this is a positive sign. But by verifying our account with an image that shows our face and username, a trial gold membership subscription is automatically purchased. In our experience, this is a smart and very cheeky trick. While the process of verification makes this site more plausible, it is actually part of the rip-off.

We were not able to review the members´ section. This section is only available with a verified profile. So we would have had to fall headlong into a subscription trap beforehand. But we found hints of fake chat. And moderation is admitted in the legal information. The site operator is Symbios Solutions Ltd, which is based in Segensworth East, UK.

Contact data of the operator of

Symbios Solutions Ltd
16-18 Barnes Wallis Road
Segensworth East
PO15 5TT
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 370 490 0000

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

This website has an appealing appearance.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

The platform is only useable after purchasing gold membership. This subscription is purchased automatically during the verification process. It is a cheeky trap.

What can I do on with a free account?

A free account allows users access to many features. But we were not able to visit the members´ area.

Can I really meet someone on ?

In our experience, no.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

Moderation is admitted in the terms and conditions.

How can I cancel my account on ?

To terminate your premium membership, please contact customer support.

Let us know your experience in the comments as well.

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