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It's just lunch: Test winner "Matchmaker"

The online dating website It's Just Lunch (IJL) is one of the best matchmaker portals in the world. Even if it is only available in five countries. It convinced us with its great service, wonderful results, and success stories of people who went from being single to a committed relationship. Founded in 1991 in the US it has been connecting people for nearly three decades with its unique and individual service.


  • It's just lunch Banner 300x250 Personalized matchmaker that is mostly used offline
  • One of a kind service to connect people
  • Best matchmaking based on personal interviews
  • Professional matchmaker is the contact person
  • Confidentiality model
  • One of the best-rated dating services in the US
  • All-around service
  • Simple registration with a personal interview via a phone call
  • Certified members only
  • Balanced gender-ratio with a little more female than male members
  • No online dating features or user profiles
  • Only face-to-face dates
  • High priced fee-based dating service

Are you tired of scrolling through user profiles on a dating portal with no matching results? And, are you looking for an individualized service to find your dream partner that is selected just for you by a personalized system? Then It's Just Lunch is the right choice for you.

General information

It's Just Lunch is a bit different than other online dating websites. The best way to describe it is that it’s a mix between an old-school matchmaker and a modern-based online dating service. Founded in 1991 in the United States this matchmaking site has grown since then. It has expanded to Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia. This site is operated by the same-named company It's Just Lunch.


The operator is located in California, USA, and runs a network of five regions which include North America, Europe, and Asia. This portal is only available in English speaking countries. So it is not an alternative for dating while traveling.

The use of the portal is simple and its service is personalized. You, as a customer, won’t have to do a lot of work. While scrolling through the website you will find all your answers about rates, services, experiences, and advantages of IJL. If you have a specific question about online dating in general, or if want to consult customer service as problems appear, customer service is available 24/7. Plus, it is one of the best-rated customer services in the US dating industry.

Let the matchmaker do the work

The key to success is much more than easy navigation of the portal or great customer service. Thanks to its all-around wonderful service it was rewarded with the highest rates by its members. The portal has offered face-to-face matchmaking for nearly 30 years now. That process of matchmaking follows six simple steps that are described on the homepage of IJL.

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Those six steps of the IJL service include an interview, personalized matches, and a date. Over the past three decades IJL has arranged more than two million dates. Love can be tricky and difficult from time to time, especially if you try your luck in online dating. But thanks to its personalized matchmaking service, IJL can proudly present many thousands of successful love stories.

The features and design of It’s Just Lunch

It’s Just Lunch does not need an extensive website or a lot of filters to find a potential match in the member’s pool. On the website you will find general information about the service of IJL. As well, there is great customer service that you can contact at any time for any questions. In this way, you can make sure that the different offers of It’s Just Lunch is right for you. You will also find some love stories of IJL members and a blog about love, dating, and passion on the homepage.

In general, the site of It’s Just Lunch does not offer much, but it does have a good overview. All of the sections are well-designed and informs the visitor about everything there is to know. There is no app for mobile devices and no chatroom in the member’s pool area. In the end, it is mostly an offline matchmaker service. The only thing you can do on the website of It’s Just Lunch is to check out the blog or register. But even the registration process will be completed by phone and not online.



  • Short registration form
  • Contact details are necessary
  • Registration is completed after a phone call
  • The phone call will be done via phone or Skype
  • The phone call interview takes about half an hour
  • There is a chance you won’t become a member

The service of It’s Just Lunch is one of a kind. Plus, the process of registration is unique as well. It all starts with a short form in which you enter your basic personal information and your contact details. They will also ask for your first and last name, age, gender, location, e-mail address, and phone number.

It's Just Lunch - Sign up

If you don’t want to wait and fill out the form you can call them instead. On the homepage of IJL you will see a contact number that you can call right away. That is the fast track for your application process. This way you will not have to wait until they call you. Just make sure, that you have enough time for the phone call as it would be a mistake to have to cut things off too early. The more information you can provide, and the more specific you describe your personality, the better your matches will be.

This is the first step in becoming a member of It’s Just Lunch. The first phone call with the interviewer will take about 30 minutes. In that call the matchmaker will try to get to know you. Along with that, the interviewer will explain the services, the costs, and your chances of finding a partner. They offer the best chances to find a partner. That means, that the people registering here are looking for a serious commitment. It is not a personalized search machine to find a casual date, but a partner for a long-lasting relationship.

It is not your decision if you become a member

If the phone call turns out to be successful you will join the It’s Just Lunch database. The service is not free. The costs can be compared to a premium-membership subscription.


Before you become a member of It’s Just Lunch you will have to agree to their terms and conditions. But It's Just Lunch is not made for everyone. In the end, the matchmaker will decide if you fit in or not. The matchmakers of IJL do not approve everyone that applies to the service. In fact, the matchmakers are very selective. However, do not hesitate to call. If you make it clear that you are looking for a relationship in a region where IJL is available, you have good chances to become a part of the network. It’s possible that It's Just Lunch might accept people that do not live in the available regions. But only under the condition that they are willing to travel to their selected matches.

Thanks to such personalized registration you can be sure that all of the other members have the same interests and goals as you do – finding a partner for a relationship. That means that you have good chances to find your match. Or, to be more specific, a matchmaker of It’s Just Lunch will find a match out of all registered members for you.

The member’s pool of IJL

  • No member’s pool to scroll through
  • Great privacy policy
  • Everything after registration happens offline
  • Members of IJL are mostly middle-aged singles
  • Singles of a higher level
  • More female than male members
  • Only members from the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the UK

There is a reason why It’s Just Lunch does most of the work. The singles who want to join IJL are usually very busy with work and simply do not have the time to meet someone on their own. We assume that the majority of the IJL members are high leveled singles in the age between 30 to 45 years.

Plus the matchmaking system of It’s Just Lunch is a little old-fashioned. So, the target group is certainly not younger people that are looking for fun. As far as we can assume the gender-ratio is that there are more women registered. As this matchmaker is only available in 5 countries, the member’s pool is not the biggest. It is only available in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

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The exact number of members is not known. That is because the number changes often. If members find a match, the membership will be paused. The only information we have from the operator itself is that in the past three decades the matchmaking service has arranged more than two million dates.

Getting in touch with each other

“Let us be your wingman.” – That is the slogan of It's Just Lunch, if you want to know how it works here. It is a personalized matchmaking service that can be compared to an old-fashioned matchmaker service. While you would spend a lot of time creating your own profile, uploading a great profile picture of yourself, and searching the member’s pool for the perfect partner, IJL’s system is different. Instead of sitting in front of your screen and using a website, you will be put in touch with people once a match has been arranged. On It's Just Lunch face-to-face dates can happen right from the beginning. All it starts with is providing the contact details that you entered in the first step of registration.

The six steps to finding your match

After a while, you will receive a phone call from an IJL matchmaker who will ask you a few questions. This person is a professional in dating, love, and desire who tries to get to know you. Once they find out your genuine interests and understanding you, they will know what kind of person you are looking for. This personal matchmaking process tends to work out well.


You could compare this phone call step by filling out your user’s profile with personal information and images. At IJL, someone else will do that for you. Even better, this personalized matchmaker will search for matches in your region that fit perfectly with your lifestyle, interests, and convictions. On the phone call, after you provide your personal details you can sit back and relax. It will not take too long to find some potential matches that have been hand-selected. The general service and matchmaking system of It's Just Lunch might be the most personal service that we know of. It's effective and simple.

It's Just Lunch - personal Matchmaker

After the matchmaking interview, you and the selected potential partner will go out on a date. This, of course, is the most successful way to find out if there is any chemistry between the two of you. After the first date you will have a phone call with your personal matchmaker to debrief about the date. There are only two options. You were not sure and want to try another match, or the match was good and you want to proceed.

If the latter, your membership will be paused and you can enjoy life with your new partner.

The costs for It's Just Lunch

It’s Just Lunch is a fee-based matchmaking service. The first phone call is free. Part of the paid service is a professional and personalized service at a high level. That part of the service is not for free. In return for the high price, the operator guarantees the best service and great fitting matches for you.

The payment models are based on a member’s preferences and location. So, there is not one fixed price for membership. IJL compares the costs of the service to an investment planner that you pay to handle your finances. These rates vary depending on the criteria.

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The personalized matchmaking service of IJL is not cheap. We found that a full-service could cost between $10,000 and $50,000 for one year. But be aware that you won’t need the service all year long. That is just a sum-up of the full service per day times 365 days which usually no one needs. And again, if you have lower requirements, or if you live in a region where your match can be found easily, the service will be much cheaper. The price depends on your personal wishes and desires. To find out the costs of the dating service, you will have to contact the matchmaker.

Our conclusion on It’s Just Lunch

It’s Just Lunch is one of the most successful and rewarded dating services in the US. Thanks in part to a personal matchmaker that will contact you by phone in order to get to know you and find your match. Here you can enjoy an all-around service. The portal does not provide a member’s pool or user profiles that you can check by yourself. That means that here you will find the best personal data protection.

It is an offline matchmaker with a long successful history of nearly 30 years. The only thing that might be an obstacle could be the high price. But, on the other hand, good service is always connected to higher costs. As we see it, if you are living in one of the five regions where IJL is available and you are looking for a serious commitment, this matchmaker is one of the best choices you can make.