HookupIt.com review

August 10, 2022 The result of our HookupIt.com review: Our test turned out to be an insufficient dating website.
HookupIt.com review
  • Fake chat rip-off

  • Subscription Rip-off

  • Fake Operator

  • Fake Profiles

  • Negative comments

  • Very expensive

Report on HookupIt.com review

HookupIt.com looks great. The online dating platform has a modern and appealing appearance. On the landing page, we see an image of an attractive woman. Plus, we see the screen to start the registration process. The registration is free. This is one of only a few details which are provided on the homepage. We must criticize the bad transparency. This platform does not provide any information about its service. In fact, we do not even know for sure, if it is a matchmaker, or a casual dating site. Well, the name of the portal is a certain hint.

But that does not change the fact that no useful information is provided. The number of registered members is missing. So, we do not know about the chances of finding a match. Moreover, we do not know if costs will develop after the registration. In the end, there are only two ways to find out if this website is good or bad. One way is to register and check the platform. Usually, this should not be necessary. As we see it, the landing page should provide enough information to evaluate this.

The alternative way is to do some research. On the internet, this platform has a very bad reputation. We found a lot of negative reviews. Regarding the information on the internet, this website is a scam with a fake chat. The operator of the platform is Estival GmbH, who are based in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. By the way, this location can be the first hint of an unreliable operator.

Is HookupIt.com a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating portal HookupIt.com is a rip-off. The first sign of a bad choice is bad transparency. On the landing page, we did not find any useful information. There, we read about meeting interesting singles in the US. But no further information about the members´ structure, or the service of the site, is provided. This makes a suspicious impression. On the internet, the platform has a bad image. We found plenty of reviews. Former users had a bad experience with the site.

So, a bit of research is enough to avoid any kind of risk. Regarding the information on the internet, this website is a fake chat. After a little while, we found proof of that. The use of fictional profiles and fake chat operators is not noted in the legal information. At first, we assumed that any kind of proof is missing. But the operator mentions automated messages to promote profiles. These promotional messages stimulate users to chat, for which costs will develop.

Additionally, we found notes about third-party content and services. Moreover, the operator states that all content on the site is owned by the company. That includes the profiles on the website as well. So, the operator uses a few tricks to cover the notifications about moderation. As we point out many times, it is mandatory to read all the terms and conditions. This is the only way to avoid any risk for sure.

The profiles on this platform are fake. Regarding reviews from former users, all profiles are fake. It is not possible to meet any real singles here. Well, we found a clear sign of fake profiles after registration. The members´ area is full of good-looking users. Of course, that makes a great impression. But the profiles look like images of professional models. The content of the website looks too good to be real.

The tricks on the website are a bit sneaky and quite special. It is possible to have private chats. However, there is an open chat in which you can chat with all other users at the same time. That might sound like a fun activity. But there is a big problem. The female profiles are fake. Also, we read a lot of advertisements for other websites in the chat room. By the way, that gives a very unreliable impression.

Sending messages is not for free. Costs will develop for a premium membership. After the purchase, it is possible to send as many messages as you want. According to our impression, the profiles are moderated. But the profiles are not managed by fake chat operators. It seems that bots are used for their replacement. Many messages which come from female profiles sound computer-generated. Again, fake chat operators are not mentioned in the terms and conditions. We only read about third-party content and services.

Regarding the costs, we must mention a few very important details. The premium membership will extend automatically, if it is not terminated in time. This is noted in the legal information. In the payment section, we found proof of a subscription rip-off. A trial membership is offered. This kind of membership runs for three days. In the payment section, we read that this kind of membership will extend automatically after three days.

In the legal information, we found another piece of information. The deadline for termination is three days. So, it is not possible to cancel the trial membership in time. That means, the trial membership will extend for sure. It is a sneaky trap. Then, high costs will ensue for a useless subscription. Here, it is possible to chat with bots that control fake profiles. Regarding reports on the internet, the chances of meeting another user in real life are zero.

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Registration on HookupIt.com

On the landing page, we see the screen to register. Registration is free for women and men. Also, the process of creating a new profile takes only a few minutes. This website will not ask for a lot of information. That makes registration smooth and easy. First, we enter our gender and the one that we are looking for. It is possible to register as a woman or as a man. Plus, it is possible to look for one gender. This site allows gay and straight matchmaking.

Then, we enter our age and location. In the last two steps, we provide a valid e-mail address and a password. Also, we must agree to the terms and conditions, and the privacy policy to continue the registration. Afterwards, we must verify our account. This makes a good impression. Verification of new members improves the quality of the website. It guarantees a certain level of personal data protection. Plus, it helps against fake profiles.

After verification, we can provide a bit more information about ourselves. We can upload a profile picture. Also, we can describe our appearance, current status of our relationship, and social drinking habits. It is possible to provide general information. So, other users can create a first impression. Surely, this is too little to find accurate matches for a serious relationship. However, this platform is not a matchmaker, it is a casual dating site. In the end, enough information can be provided.

But it is possible to skip all these steps. We were able to skip all steps after verification. In the end, we did not provide any information about ourselves. According to our experience, this makes a bad impression. However, at least it is possible to provide a certain level of information. All in all, registration takes about one or two minutes.

Members’ area on HookupIt.com

After registration, we enter the platform. We will be automatically redirected to the members´ area. The members´ pool of the platform is quite extensive. We see a lot of good-looking members. Of course, that makes a great impression. We assume that the chances of meeting other users are high. Additionally, it does not matter who we choose as a match. Surely, this match will look stunning. Before we mention more about the community on this site, we want to describe its appearance first.

The portal has an appealing design. It has a good overview. Plus, the handling is very simple. The main reason for the good overview and easy handling is quite simple. This platform does not offer a lot of features. There are four different areas that we can explore. At the top, the different areas are displayed. We see the search function. It is possible to filter the members´ area. The search function includes the age, location, and a few more criteria.

In the activity area, we see our friends, likes, and followers. In the like section, we can play a hot or not game. We see a profile picture that we can either like or dislike. If another member likes our profile picture as well, we can start a chat. Then, there is the chat room. The functionality of this website is very simple. We can chat with all other members in an open chat room. Also, it is possible to have a private conversation with a certain member.

Well, it turns out quite quickly that this website is a waste of time. We checked out the open chat room. There, we read messages from male users looking for a date in their region. Most of the female users send spam messages. We read about following other users on other dating platforms. Also, we read a lot of messages which sound fake to us. According to our impression, the profiles are generated by a computer program.

We also found some profiles from female members that send the same message again and again. As we see it, this website is a fake chat scam. The profiles on the platform are clearly a fake. A fake profile shows a fictional person. Of course, it is not possible to meet a fictional character in real life. But the profiles are not marked as fictional content. Plus, the bots in the chat room will not send any notification about moderation.

There is an obvious sign of a fake chat scam. All the profiles on the site show very attractive women. Again, this creates a promising impression. But it is clearly a fake. It is simply not very realistic that a suspicious-looking dating site is full of users who look like models. In the legal information, we read about third-party content. This content includes the profiles as well.

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Terms and conditions of HookupIt.com

Extract from the terms and conditions from the HookupIt.com website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of August 10, 2022.

Any other text, content, graphics, user interfaces, trademarks, logos, sounds, artwork, images, and other intellectual property appearing on our Services is owned, controlled or licensed by us and protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property law rights. All rights, title, and interest in and to Our Content remains with us at all times.

For your convenience, the subscription you have chosen will be upgraded after 3 days to 1 month membership & automatically charged from your credit card every 1 month.

Costs on HookupIt.com

Registration is free for women and men. Costs will develop sooner or later. A premium membership is needed to chat. This is the only feature for which costs will develop. At first, a free basic membership is provided, which runs for an unlimited time. So, there is no need to hurry. New members have all the time in the world to check out this website. Also, the free basic membership allowed us to see all profile pictures, and to visit each profile individually. Moreover, we are free to play the hot or not game if we uploaded a profile picture.

The premium membership is quite expensive. According to our experience, the rates on this website are very high. In general, the premium membership is a waste of money. The profiles on the site are fake, and the chances of realizing a date are very low. This is not just our impression. On the internet, we found a lot of reviews from disappointed members. They mention a rip-off with a fake chat. Plus, they mention a sneaky subscription trap as well.

All in all, this platform offers four different kinds of paid memberships. There is one trial membership. This kind of subscription costs 3.14 USD and runs for three days. Additionally, the normal premium membership is available with three different terms. A premium membership, for one-month, costs 106.60 USD per month. The premium membership, for three months, costs 37.32 USD per month. Lastly, the premium membership, for six months, costs 23.98 USD per month.

For the first purchase, a discount of 25% is offered. So, the prices are a bit lower for the first purchase. But that does not change the fact that the rates are too high. Additionally, the trial membership is a sneaky trap. The trial membership runs for three days. Afterwards, it will renew automatically to a one-month premium membership.

It is not possible to avoid the automatic renewal. On the one hand, the automatic renewal is stated on the payment page. But this very important notification is not provided in the initial offer. It is displayed at the very bottom. Surely, there is a reason why this note is hidden. Plus, we read about the deadline for the termination in the legal information. The deadline is three days. In the end, it is not possible to cancel a 3-day membership, three days before it ends.

We must mention two more important aspects. First, the costs are displayed confusingly. It is not pointed out that the prices are for only one month. It is possible that users assume the costs are overall. In the end, this will be a bad surprise. Second, the process of the termination of a monthly paid premium membership will be a difficult challenge. The operator is located in Hong Kong. This location is a hotspot for scammers.

Legal steps against the company have a low success rate. Regarding reviews on the internet, the operator will ignore letters of termination. Other letters of termination will be declined, without a reason. So, the operator makes sure that the deadline for the termination will be missed.

Review HookupIt.com payment

Conclusion from our HookupIt.com experience

The online dating website HookupIt.com is a rip-off. It is a fake chat and a subscription trap. There is one aspect that makes this site a very bad choice. The rates for the premium membership are very high. Now, the profiles on the site are fake. A fake profile shows a fictional person with whom a date in real life is not possible. However, these fake profiles are not specially marked. It seems that bots control these fake profiles. At least, the messages that we read sounded computer-generated to us.

Costs will develop for chatting. To send messages in the open chat room or in private chats, a premium membership is needed. The costs are very high. A premium membership for one-month costs more than 100.00 USD per month. But a very cheap trial membership is offered, which is the actual trap.

The trial membership will extend to a monthly paid subscription. There is no way to avoid that. Additionally, we found reviews about the difficult process of termination in general. The operator of the site makes the termination complicated. This website is operated by Estival GmbH, who are based in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Contact data of the operator of HookupIt.com

Estival GmbH
RM 1005, 10/F Tai Yau Bldg 18
Jonston Road, Wan Chai
Hong Kong


Phone: +33 9 71 08 12 81

FAQs for HookupIt.com

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website HookupIt.com

What has attracted positive attention to HookupIt.com ?

The platform has a nice appearance.

What has attracted negative attention to HookupIt.com ?

The platform is a fake chat and a subscription trap.

What can I do on HookupIt.com with a free account?

A free basic membership allows the use all features, except for sending messages.

Can I really meet someone on HookupIt.com ?

No, the profiles are fake.

Is there moderators or bots on HookupIt.com ?

Yes, this website uses bots. According to our experience, the messages sound computer-generated.

How can I cancel my account on HookupIt.com ?

To cancel your premium membership, please contact the customer support.

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