HookupAds.com review

May 26, 2022 The result of our HookupAds.com review: Our test turned out to be an insufficient dating website.
HookupAds.com review
  • Fake chat rip-off

  • Subscription Rip-off

  • Fake Operator

  • Fake Profiles

  • Negative comments

  • Very expensive

Report on HookupAds.com review

The online dating website HookupAds.com has an appealing and interesting appearance. On the landing page, we read about its open-minded community. Registration is also free for women and men. Plus, this website offers various features enabling members to find matches in no time. On the landing page, we see an image of an attractive woman at the top. This gives us the impression that we can find similar members on this site. Plus, we see various profile pictures on the homepage.

We read about casual dates and quick matchmaking. However, the website also claims to make actual matchmaking possible. So you can find the love of your life here too. But in our experience, this tends not to work out. It’s usually better if a dating site goes for just one target group or category. Anyway, there are statistics on the landing page. These show the site’s great matchmaking success. The numbers look great. Actually, the statistics sound too good to be true.

In the past, we have reviewed numerous dating sites. According to the statistics given here, this website must be one of the top three choices in the US. But in reality, it definitely isn’t. On the internet, we found negative reviews from former users. This website does not have a good reputation. So something isn’t quite right here. We are about to find out what this is. The website operator is Quad Strategy Ltd, which is based in California, USA. Just incidentally, the operator’s full contact details are not provided. This is not a good sign.

Is HookupAds.com a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating website HookupAds.com is a rip-off. We found reviews on the internet. Former users did not have a good experience. They explain the cheeky tricks played by this portal. First, the information on the landing page is misleading and false. This platform is not what it appears. You will find no real matches here. We found proof of fake chat in the legal information. This website uses fake profiles. A fake profile shows a fictitious person with whom a date in real life is not possible.

Bots control these fake profiles. They will encourage new members to chat. To read and reply to their messages, costs will arise. The goal of moderation is the purpose of entertainment. Well, this is how the operator explains it. We call it a fake chat scam. The actual goal is not amusing the user, but increasing the operator’s income. Naturally, users do not know about moderation. There is a reason why the operator calls this website an entertainment service. This sounds more much appealing than a cheeky fake chat.

Anyway, we would like to start at the beginning. The information on the landing page is misleading and irritating. We read there about free registration. But during registration, premium membership is offered. We are supposed to make a payment while creating a profile. So registration is not free. At least, this is our view. It is possible to skip the payment option. But costs will develop sooner or later. The user needs premium membership to become active. The subscriptions offered on this website are a waste of money and time since the profiles are fictitious.

Premium membership is also a subscription rip-off. The subscription offered during registration is a cheeky trap. It cannot be terminated on time. It will be renewed as expensive premium membership afterwards. A new membership subscription has to be paid monthly. A user has no chance of avoiding its automatic renewal. Thanks to this uncomfortable truth, this website is a scam with a subscription trap. Fake chat is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Registration on HookupAds.com

Registering on HookupAds.com is simple and completed in a few steps. On the landing page, we see the registration screen. The process starts by asking us to indicate our gender and the one we are looking for. This website allows gay and heterosexual matchmaking. But it was not possible to choose two genders to look for at the same time. After this, we enter our date of birth and location. In the last step, we enter a valid e-mail address and password.

To continue, we have to agree to the terms & conditions and privacy policy. Additionally, we are asked to agree to receiving promotions from a company named SandBox Ltd, which is confusing. This company is not mentioned in the legal information. In the terms and conditions, we see another company’s name as the website operator. We are not quite sure what this extra company is or what kind of promotions we will receive. The whole thing leaves a bad impression. In our experience, this is not a good sign.

It could be that the company named in the legal information is not the actual operator. But there is only one way to find out. We continue with the registration process. Later on we will learn more. Regarding the operator named in the legal information, we have to mention one more detail. The operator is identified, but its exact contact details are missing. This is another sign of an unreliable website.

After we agree to all the conditions, we reach the next step of the registration process. We are not required to enter further personal information there. We are supposed to purchase premium membership. Well, this makes a bad impression again. Our experience warns us this smacks of a subscription trap. We have not even entered the platform yet, but are being asked to make a payment. This does not of course inspire confidence, especially since the offer sounds very suspicious.

After we skipped the payment option, we saw an advertisement for another platform called JerkMate.com. We see this advertisement more often than we really want to. Moreover, we did not have to verify our account, which usually means inadequate data protection.

Members’ area on HookupAds.com

After registration is over, we visit the members´ area. We see a lot of profiles there. The website has a modern and appealing design. Thanks to this, we have a good overview of the site. The members are arranged in different categories. We see users who are currently online. Another section is for new members. Finally, we see users offering a live stream. This site does not appear to be a normal dating portal. Actually, it is an erotic portal for live cams. Well, at least this means the users have to be real people.

But actually, this isn’t completely true. First, we found internet reviews alleging fake profiles are used. Plus, we found a note in the legal information that admits the use of bots. These bots control the site profiles, which are fictitious. So the website offers live streams. But the live streams are not confined to this portal. We are redirected to other websites if we want to join a live stream. This website redirected us to different platforms.

Ultimately, this website is not reliable. It redirects us to expensive amateur erotic portals. These websites might not be a cheeky scam, but they are not reliable either. Moreover, the profiles we see in the members´ pool on HookupAds.com are fake. There is no chance of meeting a match in real life. This website uses fake chat. However, fake chat is not the worst aspect of this website. Actually, the worst part is the subscription trap.

Review HookupAds.com member area

Terms and conditions of HookupAds.com

Extract from the terms and conditions from the HookupAds.com website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of May 26, 2022.


14.1 hookupads.com encourages You to use the CUPID EPD PROGRAM / ONLINE REGENT service to enhance communications, entertainment and Your total site experience and enjoyment.

14.2 An CUPID EPD PROGRAM / ONLINE REGENT may be a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated "person" or "character"). CUPID EPD PROGRAM / ONLINE REGENT may be employed by hookupads.com or a third party to enhance Your online experience. For example, an CUPID EPD PROGRAM / ONLINE REGENT may provide an electronic introduction to new or existing hookupads.com features or functionality, or discourage inappropriate behavior.

There is absolutely no cost for signing up for free access membership, which includes one day of free access then upgrades to platinum vip for $49.95 monthly until canceled.

Costs on HookupAds.com

This website offers free registration. But this isn’t wholly true. While registering, we received an offer of trial premium membership. This kind of membership costs literally nothing. It is advertised as costing 0.00 USD. Well, that sounds great. But it is a cheeky trap. First, we would like to explain the obvious trick behind the trial premium membership offer for zero USD. Without paid membership, a member’s ability to use the site is very limited. After we skipped the payment option, we received free basic membership.

This kind of membership allowed us to visit some sections of the site, but not all of them. To visit the profiles of other users, we have to make a purchase. And it’s not possible to join a live stream, either. Last but not least, we see advertisements for various platforms offering amateur porn. Actually, showing ads for other websites is not prohibited. However, the other sites advertised here are not very reliable, although they do seem to be safe. Generally speaking, there are better and cheaper alternatives on the internet than the other sites advertised here.

It seems that these ads will disappear if we make a purchase. So the operator provides different incentives for new members to make purchases. In addition to this one, there are moderated fake profiles. This website uses fake chat. We found proof of moderated chat in the terms and conditions. However, this does not play a major part in the site’s real scam. The operator creates a lot of other inducements for users to purchase premium membership. When purchasing premium membership, a credit card is the only way of making a payment.

The free trial membership is renewed automatically as a monthly paid subscription. There is nothing a user can do to avoid this. The question then arises as to why a user would need free premium membership to be able to make a payment. Generally speaking, nothing is free, especially on the internet or in the online dating business. A user needs premium membership to send messages and more. Next, the free premium membership offer and its terms are explained. Obviously, the free premium membership offer contains a catch. Well, the catch is its automatic renewal.

After the one day’s free premium membership, it will be renewed as a monthly paid subscription that costs $49.95 per month. Moreover, this kind of membership is difficult to terminate, too. As monthly paid premium membership is extended automatically as well, this is a trap. There is another obvious reason why this kind of membership is difficult to terminate. The operator’s contact details are not stated in full. Nor are we completely sure who the site operator actually is.

In the site’s legal information, we read about a company called Quad Strategy Ltd. At first, we assumed this company is the website operator. We assume this company is based in California, USA. An imprint is missing. Nor are the exact contact details stated in the terms and conditions. Anyway, while registering we saw another company name: SandBox Ltd. However, this company also fails to state its full contact details.

So we are not completely sure who the actual operator is. This means we can only assume subscription cancelations are dealt with by Quad Strategy Ltd, since this company is mentioned in the legal information. Even then, cancelation might not be that easy. We also found internet reviews alleging a subscription trap. Former users complained about a difficult termination process.

Review HookupAds.com payment

Conclusion from our HookupAds.com experience

HookupAds.com is a rip-off with a subscription trap and fake chat. In the legal information, we found proof of fake chat. This website uses fictitious profiles controlled by bots. Fake chat operators are not employed. However, fake chat is not the worst aspect of this site. We did not receive messages instigating us to make a purchase. Still, this does not change the fact that the profiles in the members´ pool are fake and moderated.

Well, this website does seem to have real members. This platform offers live streams. Actually, the live streams take place on other sites. By the way, we received a lot of ads for other amateur erotic portals. These ads lowered the quality of our experience with this site. Anyway, the operator has devised a lot more incentives to persuade users to purchase premium membership than just fake chat. For example, premium membership costs literally nothing.

Premium membership for one day is offered, costing 0.00 USD. But this is a trap. It will be renewed as a monthly paid subscription afterwards. There is no way of avoiding its automatic extension. Furthermore, terminating normal premium membership is difficult. First, two different companies were possible candidates for being the site operator. Second, the company referred to in the terms and conditions does not provide its full contact details. It seems the site operator is Quad Strategy Ltd. We assume this company is based in California, USA.

Contact data of the operator of HookupAds.com

Quad Strategy Ltd


FAQs for HookupAds.com

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website HookupAds.com

What has attracted positive attention to HookupAds.com ?

The landing page has a modern and appealing design.

What has attracted negative attention to HookupAds.com ?

This website shows a lot of ads, which makes navigating the site difficult. Plus, it uses fake chat and sets a subscription trap.

What can I do on HookupAds.com with a free account?

Free basic membership does not allow members to use many features. Without making a payment, this website is mostly useless.

Can I really meet someone on HookupAds.com ?

No, this website uses fake chat. We found proof of this in the legal information. Plus, it is confirmed by reviews we found on the internet.

Is there moderators or bots on HookupAds.com ?

Yes, this website uses bots. Fake chat operators are not employed.

How can I cancel my account on HookupAds.com ?

To cancel your premium membership, please contact customer support.

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