EasternHoneys.com review

June 8, 2022 The result of our EasternHoneys.com review: Our test turned out to be an insufficient dating website.
EasternHoneys.com review
  • Fake chat rip-off

  • Fake Operator

  • Fake Profiles

  • Unlikely to meet

  • Negative comments

  • Very expensive

Report on EasternHoneys.com review

The online dating platform EasternHoneys.com makes a good first impression. On the landing page, we see the screen for registration, which is free for both women and men. Plus, we see the image of a young Asian woman. What this portal offers in its advertising is interesting. Men from the US can register to meet charming singles from Asia. This platform is a matchmaker. Casual dates are obviously not possible since site members are located on different continents.

On the landing page, we read general information about the site and its services. According to the advertising, this platform has a lot of members. So the chances of meeting someone special here must be high too. But there’s a major problem we have to mention. The details on the landing page sound interesting, but hard facts are missing. We do not know how many users this portal really has. Moreover, we’re unsure whether costs will arise later. Last but not least, we did not read anything about actual dates.

This website has poor transparency which is a negative aspect. Although what the site offers sounds interesting, it takes a lot of effort to find accurate matches for those willing to make a serious commitment: especially here, since this website is supposedly an international matchmaker. This means its matchmaking algorithm has to operate at a high level. Its search algorithm will also need a lot of data, which is not requested from users. This omission confronts us with another big problem.

The portal operator is Interpillar Ltd, which is based in Las Vegas, USA. We know this company already. On the internet, we found negative reviews. Former users were not at all satisfied. Our experiences were also negative.

Is EasternHoneys.com a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating platform EasternHoneys.com is a rip-off. This portal shows all the signs of using fake chat. But we’d like to explain what’s wrong with this site step by step. First, its advertising contains misleading and irksome information. For example, it expressly offers free registration. Since there is no information about costs, this could imply that using the site is free too. But this is not the case. Costs will arise not just quickly but also to extremely high levels.

This portal also claims you can meet interesting people here. But the site profiles are fictitious. You can in fact ‘meet’ interesting, charming singles but the encounter will just take place online and not in real life. And there’s another indication of this website’s untrustworthiness. It claims to be an accurate matchmaker. To find accurate matches, a great deal of personal information is needed from members. But we didn’t have to provide any such information while registering.

The registration process includes answering a short questionnaire, but all the various stages are just optional and can be skipped. This is of course highly suspicious. We registered on this basis and bypassed all the questions. And we didn’t verify our account. We nonetheless received two messages within minutes of joining the site. This is a clear sign of a scam with fake chat. The high level of interest we received is too great to be real. Speaking from our experience, the case is clear.

In the site’s legal information, we found proof of a fake chat scam. The operator admits that this portal is for entertainment only. In general, the ‘purpose of entertainment’ means moderation. Fake chat operators control the profiles on the site to entertain users. Well, users of a dating site are not looking for entertainment. Nor do they realize what being ‘entertained’ really means. A fake chat operator will take the first step. They will actively encourage new members to join conversations. While chatting, they will not identify themselves as fictitious people.

This is a major minus point for this site’s services. And fake profiles are not specially marked as fictitious content. Ultimately, a user cannot recognize which profiles are fictitious. But during our review, the signs were pretty clear to us. First, the site profiles look stunning. Not one single profile shows an average-looking woman. They all look too good to be true. And the high volume of messages is further evidence.

By the way, the platform operator is well-known on the internet. We found a lot of negative reviews. Former users complain about moderation and high costs. Additionally, there is a risk of a subscription trap. This site uses a facility that automatically tops up your credit balance. This sounds like a cheeky trick, especially since your credit card details are requested when you are shown the various forms of credit on offer.

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Registration on EasternHoneys.com

The registration screen is displayed at the top of the landing page. This website only asks users for a little information when they register. The process is therefore over within a few minutes and is as easy as pie. We enter our gender, age, a valid e-mail address, password and a username.

Afterwards, we have to complete a questionnaire in three different parts. The first requests information about ourselves: e.g. whether we have ever tried online dating before, what we are looking for and details of our character. At the second stage, we enter further details of what we expect from our matches. In the final step, we have the opportunity to upload a profile picture, but this is optional. We do not have to do this.

All in all, the process of registration might seem solid. But the reality is different. First, it is possible to skip every question in the questionnaire. In the end, we created a profile without a single item of information. This is of course a discredit to the site. Second, the questions do not cover enough personal details to be useful for a matchmaking algorithm. They can of course help in locating potential partners. But the data requested is simply not detailed enough to work fully for this kind of purpose.

Last but not least, verification is not mandatory either. We completed our registration in just one minute and then entered the website. We were allowed to visit every section of the portal. And it was even possible to see every profile picture and read each user’s personal information. In our experience, this amounts to inadequate data protection. So this is another negative aspect of this portal. Gradually we succumbed to a bad feeling.

Members’ area on EasternHoneys.com

After our speedy registration, we entered the portal. We were automatically redirected to the members´ pool. We saw a lot of profiles there. This site seems to have a lot of users. Furthermore, their profiles make a promising impression. However, before we mention further aspects of the profiles, we’d like to outline our experience with the site’s navigation. The portal’s design is appealing and modern. Thanks to this, we have a good overview. Surfing is easy and smooth.

A few highlighted spots show our notifications and potential matches. This makes using the portal quite intuitive, and within a few minutes we become familiar with all its various areas. Actually, it doesn’t have too many different sections. But it does provide enough features for a user to find matches, explore the site and become an active part of its community.

At the top of the interface, we see the site’s various areas. We see the search function for filtering the members´ area. We also see a news feed showing all the members’ activity. And we view our notifications and received messages. It seems we’ve made a good impression on other members as we receive quite a lot of likes, messages and other notifications. Actually, this is a bad sign for reasons we’ll explain shortly.

On the left of the portal, we see statistics and all the activity taking place with just one quick look. The statistics appear to be problematic. Right after our registration, we saw two unread messages in our statistics. After a short while, these disappeared. We also see notifications in the form of pop-ups. They inform us that certain users are interested in our profile and ask us to contact them. In our experience, this is a smart way of inveigling users into chatting. It could be a cheeky trick.

The profiles in the members´ area look great. We checked a few pages of the members´ section. While conducting our review, we didn’t find a single profile showing an average-looking woman. This could of course seem promising. But we see things differently. The profiles look too good to be true. In general, this is a sign of fake profiles. And we receive too much attention. This website appears to be a rip-off with fake chat.

The high level of interest we elicited must be fake. We didn’t provide a single piece of information about ourselves. And we failed to upload a profile picture and skipped the verification of our account. So all other users see is a new profile without any personal details. Usually, such a profile would only enjoy low popularity. On other sites, such a profile would not even elicit a response. But here we receive plenty of messages from good-looking women.

These messages include erotic content. This is clearly a trick to encourage us to chat. First, other users do not know what we look like or what we are looking for. The chances of genuinely receiving erotic fantasies right away are around zero. The second indicator that these messages are fake is that this portal claims to be a matchmaker. Usually, users of a matchmaker take things nice and slow.

In short, this website is a rip-off. The profiles are fake and show fictitious people with whom dates in real life are not possible. And the profiles are moderated. Fake chat operators control these profiles. They encourage us to chat but don’t admit anything about moderation. In the legal information, we found proof of fake chat. The site operator admits this platform is an entertainment service.

Review EasternHoneys.com member area

Terms and conditions of EasternHoneys.com

Extract from the terms and conditions from the EasternHoneys.com website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of June 8, 2022.

Any statement that may be posted on the Service is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional financial, medical, legal, or other advice.

Costs on EasternHoneys.com

Registration is free. Sooner or later, costs will develop for credits. Premium membership is not offered. So there is no risk of falling into a subscription trap. Or at least, this is what we assumed. A user needs credits to send messages. This is the only type of cost incurred. But the credits have an automatic top-up facility. So if you run low on credits, they will be automatically rebought. This could amount to a kind of subscription rip-off. We found several reviews on the internet claiming this.

But this evidence is not sufficient to prove a subscription trap. Ultimately, we can only draw readers’ attention to the risk of recurring payments. The real problems on this site are moderation and the purpose this serves. Fake chat operators encourage new members to chat. While chatting they will not inform users about moderation or the purpose of entertainment. The real aim of moderation is of course not the entertainment of users. The true goal is to increase the operator’s income.

A user has to pay to send messages. Two credits are needed to send one message. Actually, this sounds quite cheap but in reality it is not. Each message allows a maximum of 300 characters. Additionally, this website claims to be a matchmaker. But our experience was that there is in fact no matchmaking system. So the process of finding potential matches and getting to know them is left up to the user. This requires a large number of messages. In the end, costs will mount fast.

It is also possible to send stickers, such as smileys. To send one sticker, five credits are needed. To send an image, 10 credits are needed. During our review, we received several messages. We would have had to use up quite a lot of credits to reply to all the messages in our inbox. By the way, former members complain about high costs too. On the internet, we found several reports about high charges. Well, this website is a waste of money since it uses fake chat.

While using the site, credits will run low sooner or later. New credits then have to be purchased. The credits are offered in different packages. But we were not able to visit the payment section. To see the price list of credits, we would have had to enter our credit card details first. In general, we advise you never to do this. Never provide your credit card details before seeing what’s actually on offer. It might be a trap, especially in this case.

Review EasternHoneys.com payment

Conclusion from our EasternHoneys.com experience

The online dating site EasternHoneys.com is a scam with fake chat. All profiles in the members´ area just look amazing. This could of course impress some users favorably. But we know it’s a sign that fake profiles are used. We also received a lot of messages right after our registration. This is another clear hint of a cheeky trick. The fake profiles are managed by fake chat operators. A fake chat operator tries to encourage new members to chat. While chatting, they will not identify themselves as fictitious people.

The profiles are not marked as fictitious content either. In the end, users do not know about moderation, which makes the whole thing a rip-off. Even in the legal information, euphemisms are used to describe the actual service. The operator admits it is not a dating site but an entertainment service. Entertainment usually means moderation. The site operator is Interpillar Ltd, which is based in Las Vegas, USA. This company has a bad image on the internet. We already know this operator: this website is part of its huge network.

Contact data of the operator of EasternHoneys.com

Interpillar Ltd
Suite 500
3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89169


FAQs for EasternHoneys.com

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website EasternHoneys.com

What has attracted positive attention to EasternHoneys.com ?

The design of the site is appealing and modern. And navigation is easy and smooth.

What has attracted negative attention to EasternHoneys.com ?

The profiles on the site are clearly fake. And they are moderated.

What can I do on EasternHoneys.com with a free account?

This website does not offer premium membership. Costs only develop for sending messages.

Can I really meet someone on EasternHoneys.com ?

No, the profiles are fake. Reviews on the internet mention that all profiles are fictitious. We can certainly concur with this conclusion.

Is there moderators or bots on EasternHoneys.com ?

Yes, this website is an entertainment site. Fake chat operators are employed to generate a higher income for the operator.

How can I cancel my account on EasternHoneys.com ?

You can delete your profile at any time in the profile settings. To cancel the automatic top-up of your credits, please contact customer support.

Let us know your EasternHoneys.com experience in the comments as well.

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  1. jean-louis BOURLOTON April 25, 2021 at 1:49 pm

    Bonjour, je viens confirmer votre analyse de ce site EasternHoneys .com qui est un site de voyous . J’ai dépensé depuis le mois de Février 3000 euros en crédit pour des profils bidons et je compte me faire rembourser par le chargeback de ma banque.
    J’attire votre attention sur le fait qu’il faut avoir dépensé 3000 crédits ( 600 euros) avec une personne pour pouvoir obtenir du site ses coordonnées avec le consentement de la personne .
    Il est clair que cet accord n’est jamais obtenu puisque le contact est bidon.
    Merci pour votre analyse et faites en sorte que ces gens ne puissent sévir librement.
    Jean-Louis BOURLOTON.

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