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  • Fake chat rip-off

  • Subscription Rip-off

  • Fake Operator

  • Fake Profiles

  • Negative comments

  • Very expensive

Report on review makes a great first impression. On the landing page, we see an image of an attractive woman. We also see the form for registration. Registration is free and completed within a few seconds. This is stated on the landing page. Now the website looks great and full of promise. But there is one aspect we have to criticize. This site does not offer one single piece of information. Well, we know registration is free, but this is much too little.

At the top of the homepage, we read that this site is free of charge. We could therefore assume that using the site is completely free too. But later we discover that costs will arise. This discovery makes us feel misled and annoyed. In general, faulty transparency is a bad sign. In our experience, this can be the first hint of a scam. The site operator is Learn Virtual Ltd, which is based in Suffolk, United Kingdom. This company does not have a good reputation. This assuredly makes a negative impression too.

On the landing page, we found a note about so-called computer-generated virtual profiles. This might not sound suspicious to some. But we know its true meaning. Such profiles are fictitious and moderated. This site appears to use fake chat.

Is a rip-off? is a rip-off with fake chat and a subscription trap. Costs will arise for premium membership. Users will have to pay if they want to send messages. After registration is completed, there are plenty of reasons to chat. The profiles on the site are fictitious and controlled by bots. Computer programs control these fake profiles. Fake chat operators are not employed, but the bots are an effective substitute.

The bots will start a chat as soon as registration is finished. They will actively encourage new members to reply. We received numerous messages. The bots send messages with erotic content and even hold out the prospect of actual dates. While chatting, the bots will not send any notification about moderation. And their profiles are not marked as fake or artificial. It is a positive sign for us to mention in this review that the use of computer-generated virtual profiles is admitted on the landing page. But this notification is inadequate.

A synonym is used for fictitious profiles. And moderated chat is not admitted. It is only alluded to in the terms and conditions. This is obviously too little. Additionally, the site has defective transparency. We did not find much information on the landing page. However, we read that we should join this site because it is free. Well, this applies to registration only. Afterwards, a user will have to pay to use the site.

Costs are incurred when sending messages. It is possible to read messages, but this is not in the user’s best interests. It is a part of the scam. The messages encourage new members to purchase premium membership, which will end in a trap. A paid membership subscription will be extended automatically if the user does not terminate it in time. Usually there is nothing wrong with automatic renewal. But on this site it is used to trap users in recurring payments. We found reviews about the site. Former users explain that the process of termination is difficult.

The experience of former members indicates that the operator makes this process complicated. In the end, the deadline for the termination will be missed. This leads to the automatic renewal of a subscription. The website is a subscription rip-off. Moreover, the chances of meeting a real person here are around zero. According to information on the internet, all profiles are fake.

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Registration on

On the landing page, we see the registration form. The process is simple and completed within just a few minutes. This website does not require a lot of information from its users. This makes the creation of a profile fast and very smooth. We enter a valid e-mail address and password. Then we enter our date of birth. Afterwards, we have to agree to the terms & conditions and privacy policy. We also read a note in this section about computer-generated virtual profiles. These profiles will communicate with us. This is a hint that fake chat occurs.

We agree to all conditions and continue with our registration. We choose a username and indicate our location. Then we designate our gender and sexual orientation. It is possible to register as a woman or man. This website allows gay and heterosexual matchmaking. It is possible to seek both genders at the same time. At the next step, we have to describe ourselves. But this description has a minimum length of just five words. So an extensive self-outline is not compulsory. We can also upload a profile picture. But this is not compulsory either.

Finally, we created a profile with no personal information. We did not upload a profile picture. We just entered five random words into our profile description without any context. In general, this is not a commendable attribute. A profile like ours lowers the quality of a website. Now, this website does not ask for a lot of information. But the sparse information that is requested should be compulsory. However, an empty profile like ours should logically not receive any messages from other users.

By the way, we did not verify our e-mail address. This is a bad sign too. The verification of a new member’s account guarantees a modicum of safety for other members. But we were able to visit the site without a verified profile.

Members’ area on

The members´ area is our first stop. After our free registration, we received free basic membership. This kind of membership allows users a fair degree of freedom. We are able to see most profile pictures. We could also visit each profile to read further information. Remember – all this is possible without uploading a profile picture and with an unverified account. Data protection here is ineffective. Spammers and scammers could register here just as easily as we did.

However, the website has a modern and appealing design. At the top of the portal, we see the different areas. We see a section with “live cams” and one with “sexy games”. Both sections redirect us to other platforms. So they are not actual parts of this site. These linked websites did not seem to be scams from the information we gleaned on the internet. But we did not conduct extensive research.

However, we could organize our profile settings. We could also add further information about ourselves. But the profiles on this site are not detailed. It is only possible to provide general information. The members´ area of the site is quite popular. We scrolled through the site and its members. Most profiles look great. Actually, some look too good to be true. Our experience tells us some are fake. This website also has a timeline in which we see all member activity.

We spotted a lot of activity on this site. Moreover, we received a lot of attention from other members. Within minutes of acquiring membership, we received our first message. This is a clear sign of fake chat. We have plenty of reasons to review it in this way. First, the site admits using computer-generated virtual profiles right on the landing page. Second, the messages can only be fake.

We did not enter a single item of personal information in our profile. Nor did we upload a profile picture. In general, it is highly improbable that a new member with such a profile would receive so much attention. Moreover, the messages appear to be fake. Some messages ask basic questions. Others contain erotic fantasies. All this definitely offers a promising impression. But it is all a part of a trick to encourage us to respond. If we want to reply, we will have to pay to use the site.

Review member area

Terms and conditions of

Extract from the terms and conditions from the website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of April 22, 2022.

From time to time, while You use Our Services, You may interact with automated online accounts and/or false profiles, which all its content has been generated by either: a) real persons that have been only contracted or employed by Us for the purposes set-forth below; or/and b) by automated programs or scripts, which dialogues none really exist and have been generated exclusively by programming (Hereinafter, collectively referred to as Automated Profiles).

Costs on

Registration is free. After completing this, we received free basic membership that runs unrestricted. This kind of membership allowed us quite a lot of freedom. We were able to use the search function. We could also see nearly all profile pictures. Only those that show nudity are not displayed. If we want to see these images, we have to purchase a paid premium membership subscription. However, we were able to visit all profiles to read further personal information.

Most users did upload more than just one image to their profile. Some were displayed, while others were disabled because they depicted nudity. We have to re-state one important point here. We could do all these things without verification. Furthermore, we therefore question the site’s data protection integrity. Anyone can register and read all the personal information available. Anyway, it transpires that all profiles on the site were fake.

Another feature that is free to use with basic membership is reading messages. Within a short time, we received plenty of messages. These messages are generated automatically by bots. They are a trick to inveigle us into purchasing a subscription. Costs will ensue for premium membership. Neither coins nor credits are offered. Our research indicates a subscription will end in a trap due to its automatic renewal. We will explain this later. Just for now, we would like to explain the different payment rates on this website.

Premium membership is offered in three different forms. A 1-month premium membership subscription is offered. This costs 29.95 USD per month. A 3-month premium membership option costs 19.98 USD per month. In total, this costs 59.95 USD. Last but not least, a 6-month premium membership subscription costs 16.66 USD per month. This form of membership costs 99.95 USD every six months.

The costs will recur. As mentioned before, all subscriptions will be renewed automatically if they are not terminated proactively in time. We advise you to not make any purchase here. First, the site is very unreliable. Second, this site uses fictitious profiles. So the chances of finding a date are zero. Last but not least, we found many reviews alleging a subscription trap. The operator makes termination difficult.

We would like to point out that in principle, automatic renewal does not have to be bad. But in practice here, all the indications are of a rip-off with a subscription trap. We assume this kind of cheeky trick is happening. Former users complain about it on the internet. All payments will recur after the expiry of their particular subscription durations. Payments can be made by credit card or Major Brand Gift Cards.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience is a scam with fake chat and a subscription trap. This site uses fictitious profiles. This is stated on the landing page, which is good. It is the only good aspect of this site in our review. But the fake profiles are not called what they are. The operator calls them computer-generated virtual profiles. Bots control these fake profiles. They will encourage new members to chat without identifying themselves as fake.

A bot will not send any notification about moderation. In a nutshell, users do not know about moderation, which makes these communications fake chat. The purpose of these bots-controlled fake profiles is to lure new members into a trap. Costs will arise for premium membership. Every form of subscription is extended automatically if a user does not terminate his current membership option proactively in time. As the operator makes cancellation difficult, this is a trap.

The platform operator is Learn Virtual Ltd, which is based in Suffolk, United Kingdom. This company has a bad reputation on the internet. We found reviews of the operator. By the way, this is not the only site run by this company. So beware of all sites managed by this operator.

Contact data of the operator of

Learn Virtual Ltd
Office A, Menta Business Centre, 21-27 Hollands Road
Haverhill, Suffolk
United Kingdom

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

The website has a modern design.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

This website uses fictitious profiles. This is conceded on the landing page. However, it means fake chat and a subscription trap.

What can I do on with a free account?

A free account allows users a lot of freedom. We were able to see profile pictures and read messages, even without verifying our profile.

Can I really meet someone on ?

No, the profiles of the site are fake. The experience of former users suggests all profiles are fictitious.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

Yes, this website uses bots as a substitute for fake chat operators.

How can I cancel my account on ?

To terminate your premium membership account, please contact customer support.

Let us know your experience in the comments as well.

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