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Report on review appears to be a reliable choice. The advertisement for the online dating portal sounds interesting. Also, the offer of the platform sounds promising. This website is a matchmaker. It is not about casual dates, but all about real love. On this platform, singles can find a match from Russia and Ukraine. This site claims to be one of the most popular global platforms where people around the world can meet and date beautiful women from European countries.

This website claims to make matchmaking easy and fun. On this site, you will find plenty of choices. On the landing page, we read about a chatty community. Also, this portal seems to have a lot of active members. So, the chances of finding a match are high. But we are not sure if the chance of really meeting your match is high as well. We do not suspect a cheeky rip-off right away. However, this website connects singles from the US with women from East Europe or Russia.

The service includes not just the match finding process, but also translations and more. After a while, you can meet your match, if all things work out. Now, it can be a challenge to connect singles who already live in the same city. To find a match from another continent can be quite a challenge. Well, this site claims to have a successful history already. So, the expectations are very high. The operator of the site promises a lot. This website is operated by AML Network Ltd, who are based in Shatin, Hong Kong.

The company is part of the Qpid Network. In the past, we reported about a few websites on this network. Our experience was not that good. We advise you to be careful.

Is a rip-off? is a rip-off with a fake chat. The profiles in the members´ area are fake. All signs indicate a moderated chat. According to our experience, all profiles on the site are fictitious. By the way, we did some research on the internet. Former users complain about a fake chat as well. Within the first minute after the registration, we received the first notifications.

Those notifications are either sent by fake chat operators or bots. Now, those notifications are not normal messages. At first sight, we did not receive normal messages. After a few minutes, normal messages from other users came as well. This is a clear sign of a fake chat scam. But there is a problem. We did not find a legal proof of that from the terms and conditions.

The operator of the site does not mention moderation in any way. There are no synonyms used for moderation. The purpose of entertainment or amusement is not mentioned. Also, fictitious profiles, moderators, fake chat operators or agents are not noted. In the end, the proof from the legal information is missing. But we received many messages within a short time. The number of messages was too high to be real. Especially as we did not upload a profile picture. Also, our profile did not contain one piece of information.

Still, other members of the site were very interesting. We received erotic messages from very good-looking women. Other members mentioned that they want to meet us. They asked for money to come to the States. Surely, this is a rip-off. The goal is to increase the income of the operator. A user must pay to send messages. With each sent message, the income of the operator rises. To achieve that, a fake chat operator will not identify as a fictional person. Their fake profiles are not marked as such, either.

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Registration on

The screen for registration is displayed right at the top of the landing page. Within a short time, a new profile can be created. New users do not need a lot of information to register. We enter our full name and our age. Plus, we provide a valid e-mail address and a password. By the way, we receive a notification that this connection is not secured. Logins entered here on this website can be compromised.

Additionally, we can enter our gender. It is not possible to enter the gender that we are looking for, at least not yet. After we agreed to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy, the registration is completed. The whole process takes only a few seconds. Well, we experienced some difficulties while registering. We received notifications about an already existing profile. Surely, this is not true. However, we finished the registration. By the way, we found reviews on the internet that mention the same difficulties.

Anyway, this website allows heterosexual matchmaking only. After the registration is done, we were redirected to the members´ area right away. We did not enter more information into our profile. Also, we did not upload a profile picture. That makes the process of registration as easy as pie, and very fast. But it gives the chance of creating a profile with no useful piece of information. Other users do not know what we look like, or what we expect from this website. As this portal claims to be a matchmaker, it is not reliable.

Members’ area on

We did not verify our e-mail address. So, we were able to visit the website without a verified profile. Surely, this is not a good sign. This website does not make a good impression. Moreover, we did not enter one single useful detail into our profile. So, it would be a sign of a fake chat if we received messages right away. However, before we explain our experience with this site, we want to describe its appearance.

The website does not have the latest design. In general, the landing page looks a little bit old-fashioned. Later, the members´ area and other sections of the site do not have a different appearance. The portal does not look that great. But we see a huge selection of profile pictures. All profiles show female members. Those profiles look more than promising. So, the profiles look great. But we see that as a disadvantage of the site.

We did not provide any information about ourselves. Also, we did not verify our account or upload a profile picture. Therefore, spammers and scammers can register that easily as well. In the end, the website brings a high risk to the privacy of its users. As we see it, this portal lacks data protection. Also, there is a huge risk of falling for a scam.

As mentioned before, the profiles look great. According to our experience, the profiles look too good to be real. Also, there is not one woman that looks like an average person. All profiles show good-looking women who are looking for true love. In a nutshell, the profiles of the site appear to be fake. Most of the images show professional models. At least, the profiles do not display real singles. Additionally, there is a hint of a fake chat.

Within the very first minute, we receive notifications. Now, this website tricks its users in a smart way. We do not receive actual messages, at first. But we see notifications from other users. Those notifications pop up on the right-hand side of the members´ area. Other users seem to be very interested in us. This can only be a fake. Please remember, we did not upload a profile picture, and our profile does not contain one piece of information. Later on, we receive normal messages from other users as well.

However, other users want us to chat. We read erotic messages that should encourage us to reply quickly. This is a clear sign of a fake chat. There is no chance that a new member receives that much attention. Also, it is very unlikely that good-looking women ask for a date. Especially, if they do not know what we look like, or what we actually expect.

But there is a huge problem. We did not find a legal proof of a fake chat. The operator of the site does not mention moderation in any way. The purpose of entertainment is not stated. That could be a hint about moderation. Also, fake chat operators or fictitious profiles are not noted in the legal information. In the end, we receive more than enough messages to call this website a fake chat. The profiles are fake, obviously. Also, the messages are fake as well.

Review member area

Costs on

The registration is free, then costs will arise to use the website. A user will need credits to send messages. So, a subscription for a premium membership is not offered. That means that there is no subscription trap to fear. Well, that is good, but it does not make this site any better. It is still a fake chat scam. The moderated chat serves one purpose only. It is used to increase the income of the operator.

We were able to send a few messages for free. But at some point, our balance was insufficient to send any more messages. So, there is only one way left to stay in touch with all the matches that we received already. By the way, while reviewing this website, we received more than 50 notifications and messages. So, there is great interest in remaining on the website. However, it is all part of a cheeky rip-off.

If we want to stay active on this site, we must purchase credits. The credits are offered in different packages. All in all, three different packages are offered. Depending on which package we select, the price per message changes as well. We can only pay with a credit card. This is the only way of paying. The smallest package contains only two credits, and costs 3.99 USD. So, we pay about two US Dollars per message. The second package contains 16 credits for 16 messages. One message costs 6.00 USD. In the biggest package, 100 credits are included. This package allows sending 100 messages for 399.00 USD. So, one message costs about 4.00 USD.

By making a purchase, a free premium service will be bought as well. It allows sending five messages for free, and unlimited chat for 20 minutes. Additionally, all profiles will be unlocked. Usually, this kind of service costs 9.99 USD. We are not sure if this is some kind of subscription. Regarding the terms, it is a one-time payment. However, it sounds suspicious. Moreover, any purchase is a waste of money.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience is a scam with a fake chat. The profiles on the site are fake. Fake chat operators control these fake profiles. There are a lot of clear signs of a fake chat, but legal proof is missing. We were not able to find a statement about moderation in the terms and conditions. Of course, this is a huge problem. But during our review, we received a lot of messages from other members. Those messages were all fake. A few reasons indicate that. First, we did not upload any content to our profile. So, all received interest must be fake.

Second, the messages came right after the registration. Last but not least, some users asked for a date. This cannot be true. No one would ask a new member without a verified profile, and no picture, out to a meeting.

The operator of the site is AML Network Ltd, who are based in Shatin, Hong Kong. This company is part of the Qpid Network. We know this network already. They are well-known for their huge scam network.

Contact data of the operator of

AML Network Ltd
Suite 18
28th floor
Metropole Square
2 On Yiu Street
Shatin, Hong Kong

Phone: 1-800-801-3129

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

The website has a good overview.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

The design is a bit old-fashioned. Plus, the profiles in the members´ area are fake.

What can I do on with a free account?

A free account allows all kinds of freedom. It is actually possible to try the site for free. Costs will arise for sending messages afterward.

Can I really meet someone on ?

No, the profiles are fake. According to our experience, all profiles are fake. Reviews on the internet agree with us.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

Yes, all signs indicate a fake chat, even if proof in the terms and conditions is missing. We received countless notifications and messages within no time. By the way, our profile did not contain one piece of personal information.

How can I cancel my account on ?

To delete your account, please contact the customer support.

Let us know your experience in the comments as well.

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