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Report on review

The online dating portal looks great. On the landing page, we see the image of an attractive woman. This image creates a promising impression. We assume we can find similarly good-looking women here. In the picture, we see two buttons. One is for existing members to log in; the other is for new registrations.

We also read summary information about the site. This portal is a casual dating website. Its name already makes this clear. And the information on the landing page describes what the site offers at further length. According to this information, the expression “a little bit more” is used deliberately. The portal is not very transparent. We see some more images of attractive women. Plus, we read some general descriptive details. But these are limited to just a few sentences. However, the sparse information provided on the landing page is mostly useless.

We do not know how many active users this site has. Nor is it clear whether costs will develop. In the end, we are not given any of the important information about the site that we should know. In this situation, there is only one way to find out whether this site is worth a try. We have to register. Only by doing things this way can we see how many users are registered and whether the site offers solid services.

The platform operator is Gagatas Ltd, which is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. We know this company already. Our experience with this operator has not been at all positive. And we are not alone in holding this view. The operator has a bad reputation on the internet. We found a lot of negative reviews from former users. They allege that this website is a cheeky rip-off.

Is a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating website is a scam. The profiles are fake. Bots control these fake profiles. They will start chats with new members. Their purpose is supposedly the entertainment of users. Well, this does not sound as bad as it actually it. This platform uses a lot of cheeky tricks. We’d like to explain each step of the process it uses that could end in a subscription rip-off for users.

We don’t see much information on the landing page. We see erotic images and just a minuscule amount of site information. But this information is either misleading or completely wrong. This page displays a small selection of profiles. But these profiles are fake. A fake profile shows a fictitious person. But such fake profiles are not marked as fake. This is a major pitfall. Sadly, it is not the only problem with this site.

After starting the registration process, a brief notification is displayed. On the registration screen, we read about computer-generated virtual profiles. At first, this does not sound too bad. A computer-generated virtual profile does not appear to play an important role in a scam. But a computer-generated virtual profile is a fake profile. There is of course a reason as to why the operator does not call moderated fictitious profiles what they really are. By the way, moderation is not mentioned at all.

The brief notification also does not make it clear that all profiles are fictitious. This website does not offer any prospect of successful dating. In fact, real dates in person are not even mentioned on the landing page. This is why we say this website’s advertising uses misleading tricks. The site clearly resembles a solid casual dating site. Plus, we read about finding our true love. Finally, we can supposedly find love on this site.

But in fact, we will never meet any match we saw earlier on this site. This is of course a cheeky and irritating situation for a user. After registration, the real scam begins. Bots will encourage new members to chat. While conducting conversations, they will not mention anything about moderation. This is another major problem with this site. Bots will take the first step in initiating a conversation. But they will not identify themselves as bots. Nor will they admit that moderation is being used. The fake profiles in the members´ area are not specially marked either.

The goal of moderation is, according to the terms and conditions, the purpose of entertainment. But this is obviously not true. If this really were its goal, users would receive information about being entertained. On this website, users will be lured into a subscription trap. The bots encourage users to chat since costs will develop for sending messages. Premium membership is needed to chat. Premium membership will be extended automatically if termination is not effected within the deadline stated.

Generally speaking, automatic renewal does not have to be a trap. But this is how it is used on this site. The operator makes the process of termination difficult. In the end, even letters of termination despatched in time will not bring the desired consequences. According to reviews on the internet, the operator ignores and declines letters of termination. We did some research on the internet. This turned up a lot of information about the site and its operator.

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Registration on

Registration is free and easily completed. It just takes a few minutes to create a new profile. On the landing page, we see two buttons. One is for members already registered who want to log in. The other is for new members to register. We chose the new registration option and began the process. We have to enter a valid e-mail address, password and our date of birth. Plus, it is obligatory to agree to the terms & conditions and privacy policy.

The terms and conditions include the communication guidelines. These are very important on this site. This website is an entertainment service. But this point is only stated in the terms and conditions. While registering, we read important information about computer-generated virtual profiles. It is good that this admission is made while a new user is creating a new profile. But there’s nothing good about the use of computer-generated virtual profiles.  And there’s something rather irritating about this note. Actually, it means the profiles on the site are fictitious and controlled by bots. This doesn’t sound good at all.

We feel there’s a reason as to why the operator does not call fictitious profiles what they really are. Actually, the operator does not want you to know about what the note really means. We’ll explain more about the computer-generated virtual profiles later. For now, we’ll focus on the process of registration. At the next stage, we enter a username and our location, gender and sexual orientation. This website allows gay, hetero- and bisexual matchmaking.

In the last stage, we can upload a profile picture. But this is not compulsory: a point we’re critical of. The uploading of an image would increase the quality of the site a great deal. Finally, we believe a lot of users will also have failed to upload images since this is not obligatory. Only one further step is required. We have to describe ourselves. Well, this makes a good impression. But only five words are needed to fill out this box. We typed five words with no meaning or context.

After this, registration is completed. Now we can verify our account. But this is not compulsory either. We do not have to verify our account, which is another negative aspect of this site. We will explain the implications of this later.

Members’ area on

Registration is simple and easily completed. Only little information is needed. And we don’t have to verify our account. However, we were still able to visit all the platform’s various sections. And we could see all the profile pictures. These profiles look attractive and promising. But we regard the fact that we can view them as a minus point. Without verification, personal data including profile pictures is not safe. Anyone can see your profile information, even without verifying their account.

This amounts to inadequate data protection. But it is not the worst aspect of the site. But there is one good point to state in the site’s favor. Its design is modern and appealing. Such good design makes navigation easy and smooth. And it also means we have a good overview of all areas.

At the top, we see the site’s various sections. We see our profile settings. If we want to, we can provide more details about ourselves. Next to the profile settings, we see the option to upgrade our account. We also see the section for notifications and messages. We receive a lot of attention right away. This may seem positive, but actually it’s not a good sign, as we will explain shorty.

At the top, we also see two interesting areas. One is for sexy games. This sounds quite interesting and a lot of fun. The other leads to live streams, which can only mean erotic live streams. It’s good that this option is on offer, since obviously only real people can make live streams. But our positive feeling evaporated once we clicked the relevant buttons. In the end, the buttons lead to completely different sites. So they are in effect advertisements and not part of what offers.

Anyway, the profiles on look great. We assume the chances of finding a match must be good. We remember the advertisement on the landing page. We read there about the fact that finding love on this site is supposed to be easy. However, we also remember the notification about computer-generated virtual profiles. After this, our good impression disappeared again.

As we stated earlier, we receive a lot of attention. This attention comes in the form of messages and notifications. The messages sound promising and very charming. But in reality these messages have been sent by a computer program. This website is a fake chat scam. Bots encourage us to join conversations. They take the first step. So we don’t instigate chats. While chatting, bots will not admit anything about what the ‘purpose of entertainment’ really means.

The site operator claims the platform’s purpose is entertaining users. But this is not true. On the landing page, we have the impression that this is a genuine dating site. This isn’t true either. The real goal is to lure new members into a trap. To attain this goal, bots start a chat. If the user purchases premium membership, which is needed to reply, the trap will snap shut.

In general, the chances of meeting a real person here are zero. This is our experience, since all profiles look fake. Reviews on the internet agree with us here. Former users had the very same feeling as we did.

Review member area

Terms and conditions of

Extract from the terms and conditions from the website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of June 24, 2022.

Please, note that while using Our Services You may sometimes interact with automated online accounts and/or fictitious profiles, which its interactions been generated by or with the assistance of automated programs or scripts, or by real persons that have been contracted or employed by Us (Hereinafter, referred to as “Bots”, "Automated Profiles” or “Fictitious profiles”). These Automated Profiles are being used within the Services for the enhancing Your amusement experience and providing You with entertaining services, which helps You to better intercommunicate with another user who is a real human being.

Costs on

Costs will develop after registration. But before a user is charged, unlimited free basic membership is provided. This kind of membership allows users access to a lot of functions. We are able to visit each profile to read further personal information. By the way, this works with unverified accounts too, which amounts to bad privacy protection. Anyway, free basic membership allowed us to read messages. The offer seems good, but it is a part of the trick.

The messages come from bots. They take the place of fake chat operators. Their goal is to stimulate conversations. The user has to pay for sending messages. Premium membership is required for him to become active. Now we’d like to reiterate that this website uses fake chat. As we see it, there is no chance of meeting a real person here. So this website is a waste of money. Plus, the rates are quite high. Sadly, there is even more to mention on the minus side. The subscription will end in a cheeky trap.

All subscriptions are renewed automatically. So the user has to terminate current premium membership proactively and on time to avoid its automatic extension. But this is not that easy. The operator makes termination difficult. We found reviews alleging this on the internet. Former users explain that letters of termination despatched on time were simply ignored. An alternative tactic the operator uses to continue automatic renewal was declining letters of termination without any reason.

In the end, the deadline will be missed. So the expensive and useless subscription is extended over and over again. Premium membership is offered with different terms. One month costs 29.95 USD. Premium membership for three months costs 19.98 USD per month. Last but not least, premium membership for six months costs 16.66 USD per month.

Payments can be made with a credit card or major brand gift card. And we’d like to reiterate that the rates stated for premium membership do not represent the full price but just the rate per month. This website will charge you a lot of money so you can be entertained.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience

The online dating platform is a scam with fake chat and a subscription trap. But fake chat is not the biggest problem on this site. While a new member is registering, the use of fake profiles is admitted. But the fake profiles are described as computer-generated virtual profiles. Furthermore, moderation is not mentioned at all. Last but not least, it is not made clear that all profiles are fictitious.

The real goal of moderation is to lure new members into a trap. In the legal information, the purpose of entertainment is admitted. But this is just another way to state that chats are moderated. And the user’s entertainment is not the site’s real aim. It’s just what users are told. But users will not receive any hint that fake chat is used.

Bots control the fake profiles and start chats. We received a lot of messages right after registration. A bot will not make any admission about moderation. So they will not identify themselves to users for what they are. Plus, the fake profiles are not specially labeled. The operator does not want you to know about the use of fake chat. This website is operated by Gagatas Ltd, which is based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The user has to pay for a subscription to send messages. All subscriptions are subject to automatic renewal. Usually, this is not a problem. Here it is a trap. The operator makes the process of termination very complicated. Ultimately, the termination deadline will be missed several times. So the subscription will be renewed automatically again and again.

Contact data of the operator of

Gagatas Ltd
Prousis 5a
Lakatameia 2314
Nicosia, Cyprus

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

The portal has a good design.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

This platform uses fake chat and is a subscription trap. The site also has inadequate data protection.

What can I do on with a free account?

Free basic membership allows users access to all features except sending messages.

Can I really meet someone on ?

No, all profiles are fictitious.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

Yes, bots control the fake profiles on the site and take the place of fake chat operators.

How can I cancel my account on ?

To terminate your premium membership, please contact customer support.

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