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The online dating platform has a target audience of Black singles living in the U.S. It has an appealing design, and we were able to find a lot of content on the landing page. This is a good sign. Due to our experience with dating websites, we know that transparency signifies reliability and trustworthiness. As we read through the site, we noticed the mention of a high number of members currently on this site. The main goal of users is to find a long-term relationship, but casual dates might happen from time to time as well.

What the website offers sounds promising to users. We also found some testimonials on the homepage. This website claims to have a high customer satisfaction rate. All in all, the website makes a good first impression. However, all the hard facts about the site are missing, which makes it a big problem.

According to the information provided by the landing page, this website has it all. Despite this claim, information about their matchmaking system is not provided. Also, the statistics of the site are not provided. They claim to have highly successful matches, yet they don’t reveal the number of members on this site. In the end, the landing page provides a lot of content, but none of it was useful information.

The site operator is Antheia Services Ltd, which is based in Larnaca, Cyprus. After learning where this company was located, we had a hunch that this was an unreliable platform. Cyprus is infamous for being an island filled with scammers. We did some research and found negative online reviews about the website. The operator does not have a good reputation, therefore the information on the landing page was not true.

Is a rip-off?

Yes, the online dating website is a scam. The advertising on the landing page is misleading and wrong. A good example of this is that the site says they offer free registration, but users will be charged later. Information regarding costs is not provided before registering. After the registration process, costs will develop for a premium membership, which is a trap. As a result, not even registration is free. A subscription for a trial membership is offered, but it is possible to skip the payment. It is also possible to complete registration with a paid subscription.

The main problem with the trial membership is not that it is offered during the process of registering. This, of course, is not good at all and is the first sign of an unreliable website with a cheeky trap. The trial premium membership runs for three days. This is the only piece of information that was provided to us. It is not clearly stated for users to know that it must be terminated on time to avoid automatic renewal.

To sum it all up, users do not know when to terminate the subscription, nor do they realize that termination is not even possible. We have proof that the offered trial premium membership is a subscription rip-off. In the terms and conditions, it is mentioned that the deadline for termination is three days. Hence, the subscription for a trial premium membership must be terminated 72 hours before the term ends. This is simply not possible as the subscription runs for exactly 72 hours.

However, the subscription for a trial membership is the main problem with the site. While it is possible to skip payment during registration, it does not mean that new members are safe. After registering, the site operator uses a big variety of tricks to lure new members into a trap.

The main trick that this site does is to offer a trial membership right after users are done registering. At this point, the terms will vary a little bit, but it will still be a cheeky trap. We received many messages from other members right after registering. This is a sign of a moderated chat, although we did not find concrete evidence to back up this claim. In the legal information, the use of fake chats is not stated, nor did we find any text regarding fake chat operators or chatbots. Even the use of fictitious profiles is not mentioned.

In a way, the number of messages that we received could be considered proof of a fake chat scam. Due to our experience with dating sites, we were convinced that the messages we received were moderated. We also found some online reviews that came to the same conclusion we did about this site. Former users agree that this site uses fake chats to lure new members into a subscription trap.

The profiles did appear to be fake, due to the profile pictures being of high quality. We felt that the image quality and the fact that the members were all located in our region hinted at fictitious profiles. These factors in combination with the number of messages that we received within minutes are enough to affirm our findings.

One more important piece of information about the subscription trap is that the site operator uses fake chat to stimulate new members to chat. We have speculated that the fake chats are operated by chatbots and not by “fake chat” operators. The goal of bots is to encourage new users into purchasing a premium membership. Users are offered a trial subscription during registration and will be available again after registering if it was skipped during the process. The reason the trial membership is offered again is that it is the main trap. Other options are also available.

After the three-day trial subscription ends, it will renew to a monthly paid subscription. This is of course a loss of money. All the other subscriptions will renew automatically as well with no warning. This is a big problem as the site’s operator makes the process of termination difficult. Therefore, the expensive subscription for normal premium membership is another kind of trap. The chance of meeting a real match is zero on this site.

The company will ignore letters of termination or decline them without a justifiable reason. They will stall the termination process just long enough so that users will miss the deadline repeatedly. In the end, the premium membership will renew many times, even if it is not intentional. Cyprus is a hotspot for this kind of scam, which is probably why this unreliable company has based their operations at this location.

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Registration on

Registration is free for women and men. The process is very simple and can be done within a few minutes. On the landing page is the screen for registering. We choose our gender and the one that we are looking for. This website allows both homosexual and heterosexual matchmaking. It is possible to register as a woman or as a man, and we must provide our age and location. We also must enter a valid e-mail address and a password. To continue with the registration process, we need to agree to the terms and conditions, along with the privacy policy.

The next step of the registration process did not leave a good impression. We received an offer to subscribe for a trial premium membership. This kind of membership is not too expensive, but the price is not the real problem here. There are two big issues. Firstly, it does not make a reliable impression that we are asked to pay for a subscription while registering. Since we did not enter the website, we are not sure if it would be worth the price. We can only recommend that our readers never make a purchase on the internet too early.

The second problem was that a subscription is offered, but information about the terms of this subscription was not provided. We were not sure if we had to terminate the subscription actively or if it would end automatically. Generally, receiving an offer before registration does not make a website reliable. The fact that no useful piece of information is provided is even worse. Speaking from our experience with dating sites, this looked like a rip-off with a subscription trap.

However, we skipped the payment and were given the choice to upload a profile picture. We did not upload a profile picture, as this step was optional. When a dating site does not make uploading a profile picture mandatory, it is a red flag. Profile pictures are supposed to increase the quality of a website and help users avoid fake profiles. Furthermore, users are not required to verify their new accounts. Verification protects the personal information of users and helps to avoid fake profiles.

The fact that users are not forced to verify their accounts leaves behind some doubts about the site. Moreover, a subscription is offered while registering. We have a bad feeling about this site.

Members’ area on

We entered the website without verification, which is a negative aspect of the site. We were able to see all the content on the site, including the personal information of all other members. This means all personal data is not well secured, which leads to data protection leakage. Sadly, this is not the worst part about this website. Before we explain more about the negative aspects, we want to mention a few positive points as well.

The platform has an appealing design, and the handling is smooth and easy. It is simple to navigate through the website. At the top of the interface, we see the different sections. The handling of the site might be smooth because there is much to explore. However, the necessary features of a dating site are provided and are free of charge.

At the top, we saw our profile settings, where we could provide more personal information about ourselves. It was possible for us to upload a profile picture with extra images to the profile. This way, it is possible to create a unique profile. It is highly recommended for users to upload at least one photo on a genuine dating site. The more information provided, the better. A picture will greatly increase the chances of getting contacted by others, but that does not matter on this site.

At the top of the website, we saw our notifications and inbox. Within minutes of being active on the site, we received multiple messages. This, of course, makes a promising impression, but in reality, it is a bad sign. It was obviously fake and believe that this website engages users in fake chats. The profiles appeared to be fake as well. Many profiles displayed attractive women so that it would encourage new users to like them or start a conversation.

As new members are actively encouraged to chat, we assume that there are no “fake chat” operators. The messages that we received looked more computer-generated. As a result, the fake profiles are most likely operated by chatbots. However, the goal and tricks remain the same. Bots will start a conversation by actively sending messages to new members. Chatbots will not inform the users know that the chat is fake, thus labeling this site a scam.

The goal is to encourage new members to purchase a premium membership. It is not possible to read received messages without it. Users will need a premium membership in order to read and send messages. This is how moderated fake profiles are used to lure new members into a trap. Moreover, moderation and the use of virtual profiles are mentioned in the terms and conditions. The legal proof is also missing.

We were able to identify the fake messages and images. Through online research, we learned that former users mentioned the very same experience we had with this site. This website is well-known for its cheeky rip-off and subscription traps that operate through fake chats.

Review member area

Terms and conditions of

Extract from the terms and conditions from the website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of October 14, 2022.

All paid subscriptions automatically renew for the period and price that you signed up to. You may cancel the auto-renew feature to avoid recurring charges, but you must act at least 3 days (that is, 72 hours) prior to the renewal date.

Costs on offers free registration, but this is not actually true. While registering, we received an offer for a premium membership. A trial subscription is offered, which runs for three days. The three-day trial membership costs 1.29 USD per day. This offer might sound convincing, but it is a cheeky trap.

It is not possible to cancel the three-day trial subscription on time. In the legal information, it is stated that the deadline for termination is 72 hours. That means it is not possible to cancel this subscription in time. This is why users should never make any purchases too early on the internet. Always make sure first if the offer suits you. Moreover, the offer users would receive by registering here does not provide much info on what users would receive. This is another sign of an unreliable offer, especially for a subscription.

The terms must be provided, otherwise, we would advise you to not spend any money on a site that does not have one. However, it is possible to skip the payment while registering. Then users will receive a free basic membership. This kind of membership allows users to roam the website. After skipping the subscription offer, we were able to visit all profiles and see all personal content. Being able to see all profile content without verification is a violation of data protection.

However, with a free basic membership, it is possible to explore the website. The site does not offer a lot of areas and features. However, basic features are provided, and it is possible to use some of them for free. Such features include liking three profiles per day with a basic membership. Users may also use the search function to filter the members´ area. This is actually very important as the site is crowded with good-looking members.

However, it is not possible to make contact with other members or to read incoming messages. After registration, it only took a few minutes before we received our first batch of messages. This was when we were notified of the different subscription rates. It is fairly obvious that the profiles are moderated for luring new members into a trap.

If users did not fall for the first trap during registration, then messages from bots might entice them to do so. After registering, four options are available to choose from for a premium membership. The payment page offers more information about each subscription. Most importantly about the trial membership. There is a trial subscription that lasts for a day. The rate per day is the same; 1.29 USD per day. After one day, it will renew to a normal premium membership. This is stated below the offer.

The piece of information about automatic renewal is provided, but it is still well-hidden. Automatic renewal cannot be avoided as it is part of its term. After one day, the new subscription will be charged monthly and costs 43.68 USD. In the end, the one-day trial membership is also a trap. Additionally, there is a premium membership for one week, which costs 1.70 USD per day. Then there is a subscription for one month that costs 1.56 USD per day. The last offer is a three-month subscription that costs 1.42 USD per day.

The prices are very high: 1.42 USD per day for 90 days is a lot. Especially since the chances of finding a match on this site are zero. The members´ pool is full of fake profiles that are operated by bots. However, there is more to mention. There is another main problem with the site and its subscriptions. All offered subscriptions renew automatically, if not terminated on time. The site’s company makes sure that this will happen.

We found online reviews about the difficult process of termination. The site’s operator will ignore letters of termination. Other letters of termination will be declined without a reason. As a result, the deadline will be missed again and again. This is a huge financial challenge as the costs on the website are very high.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience is a rip-off with a subscription trap. The profiles are fake and operated by chatbots. The legal proof of fake chat services is missing, but we have enough evidence to call this website a fake chat scam. However, the main problem is the subscription trap. The first trap is set during the registration process. If users choose the trial membership that is offered, it will automatically extend to a monthly paid subscription when the trial date is complete. There is no way to avoid automatic renewal, as it is stated in the terms and conditions.

The offer that is given during registration is unreliable for many reasons. Mainly because no information about the subscription is offered. It is possible to skip the payment. Then fake chat messages are used to lure new members into a trap again. We received many messages right away, but we were not able to read them. This is a cheeky trick to encourage new members to make a purchase for a subscription.

After registering, a trial subscription for one day is offered. It is a trap as well. The payment webpage provides information about subscriptions extending automatically. There is no way to avoid an automatic renewal after subscribing. All the other subscriptions are a trap as well, for they renew automatically. This is a problem as the site operator makes the termination process difficult.

The site operator is Antheia Services Ltd, which is based in Larnaca, Cyprus. The location of the company is the first sign of this site being a scam. Cyprus is well-known for being a hotspot for scammers.

Contact data of the operator of

Antheia Services Ltd
Agiou Georgiou Makri
64. Anna Maria Lena Court, Flat/Office 201
Larnaca, 6037

Phone: 1 (800) 935 0634

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

The website has an appealing design.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

The subscription will end in a trap, and fake chat messages are used to lure new members into the trap.

What can I do on with a free account?

While registering, a paid trial subscription is offered. It is a trap, but it is possible to skip it. With a free basic membership, it is possible to view all the site’s contents and use some of its features. Reading and sending messages are not available for free accounts.

Can I really meet someone on ?

No, the profiles appear to be fake. Reviews from former users stated that it is so.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

Yes, many signs indicate that fake chats are operated by chatbots.

How can I cancel my account on ?

To cancel your premium membership, please contact customer support.

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  1. Diana Nelson February 21, 2023 at 3:49 pm

    I just want to add that this site is the biggest scam ever! I had to receive another card from my bank which didn’t stop these crooks! The unfortunate act on my part was reaching out to these people on February 20th 2023, asking for a refund for charges that were made without authorization! I’m a senior citizen and disabled veteran! I thought that I reached an honest person, not knowing that this man was a professional scammer! He proceeded to talk me into getting on Zelle and draining my account! I was told that his mission was to get me a refund promptly! I was ripped off by this SCAMMER! People beware! There should be a class action lawsuits against these SCAMMERS! Thank you for allowing me to post my comments.

  2. Rebecca August 13, 2022 at 8:14 am

    THIS IS A HUGE SCAM I was forced to call & talk to someone to cancel b4 my 3 day trial ended and they automatically moved my subscription from their website to another dating site without my consent & immediately discontinued the features I paid for for the 3 days. They refused to reimburse me. There is also no way to remove your account/profile from their websites. They provide instructions that do not exist. I have sent numerous emails and am filing a complaint on the BBB.

  3. Ron July 6, 2022 at 7:57 pm

    Yes it’s true the dating site is scam .unreal women or cheating .they will offer u 3days try.then will charge immediately $30. No we’re u can complain or call .ur money is gone .pls do not even try this website .is scam big scam .

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