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The online dating portal has an interesting appearance. On the landing page, we see a young couple in love. The image of the couple reminds us of Bollywood movies. Anyway, this picture gives us the impression that we can find matches here to fall in love with. Also, we see the screen for registration. Well, in fact, that is all we see. On this screen, we also see some details about the website. There, we read that we can make new friends or meet sex partners right away. So, the community of the site appears to be very open-minded.

On the landing page, we read the reason why we should register. This website is 100 percent free. At least, that is stated twice on the landing page. Also, we see information which shows the number of the users who are currently online. Regarding that number, more than 3000 users are online right now.

Well, the site looks interesting, but the design is not appealing at all. This website does not use the latest solutions, according to our impression. Also, we must criticize the poor transparency. Some details are mentioned, but the most important hard facts are missing. According to our experience, that is a bad sign. In the end, we do not even know what kind of dating site it is. It might be a matchmaker, or it could be a casual dating site. The operator of the platform is DateLinkNetworks LLC, who are based in Las Vegas, USA.

Is a rip-off?

The online dating portal does not make a good impression at all. However, it is quite hard to determine if it is a scam or not. So, we will mention all aspects of the site. First, we cannot recommend this portal. The chances of meeting a match in real life are about zero. Also, there is a cheeky offer of a subscription, which looks like a trap to us. Still, the offer of the site is real. But it has nothing to do with the advertised service on the landing page.

That is the reason why we cannot recommend this site as a dating portal. Put simply, it is not an online dating platform. Here, you can have a video chat with amateur erotic models. Sure, you will contact hot and interesting people. But you will never meet them for two reasons. First, the members of the erotic chat community are not from this site. By clicking on a profile which offers a live chat, you will be redirected to a website called The second reason is that the models are located all over the world.

So, the chances of meeting a user who offers a live chat are about zero. However, there appear to be some other members who are registered on But we were not able to visit the profiles of these users. Also, we were not able to make a contract. In the end, we were not able to handle the website in a comfortable way. Usually, by clicking on a button to visit a certain area, we were redirected to the payment section. The same happens by clicking on a profile on

Now, the profiles in the members´ pool of look real. But we are not able to prove that. To decide if a profile is real or not, we would have to get more information and see more images. From time to time, the profile description does not fit the profile images. That would be one way to reveal the use of fake profiles, which is not possible here. However, we found a notification about the purpose of entertainment in the legal information.

Usually, entertainment stands for moderation. On this site, it is not proof enough. Still, it does not make a good impression. In general, this website does not appear like a fake chat scam. But there is a chance of falling into a subscription rip-off. This website offers a premium membership with three different terms. First, the subscription must be terminated in time, to avoid an automatic renewal. In general, an automatic renewal does not have to be bad. Here, we are not sure if it is a trick.

Moreover, in the payment section, we receive a special offer. By purchasing a premium membership on, we can take a free trial membership for a website called The button to make the purchase is already activated, which is a cheeky trick. This kind of membership runs for two days. At first sight, the offer sounds interesting. But why offer a trial membership for another website? We checked, which is another amateur erotic chat portal. So, it is about the same as In the end, we would have two subscriptions for similar sites.

Also, the trial membership is a cheeky rip-off. After two days, it will extend automatically. Then, a premium membership will be granted, which is very expensive. The premium membership for costs 99.95 USD per month. Of course, that is a very bad offer, and a cheeky scam. That is another reason why we cannot recommend However, the actual subscription trap is on another website.

In the end, does not appear like an actual scam. But, it is not reliable. Also, there is a high risk of falling into a cheeky subscription trap on another site. On the internet, we found some reviews about the site. In general, most of the reviews were not positive. However, an actual scam on this site is not stated.

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Registration on

The registration is simple and quickly done. On the landing page, we see the screen to start the process of registration. We enter our gender, and the one that we are looking for. Also, we enter our country of residence and an age range. Regarding the age, we enter the age of our matches. Later, we will see only members who are that old. Then, we get to the second step of the registration. Here, we enter a username, a password, and a valid e-mail address. Also, we enter our date of birth and zip code.

To continue with the process of creating a profile, we must agree to the terms & conditions and privacy policy. In the next step, we can choose two options for notifications. This website will send us potential matches every day. We can choose a real-time notification. Then, we will get notifications about all activities on the site. The other option is a daily report. Then, we will receive one notification per day, which shows all activities in one list. Additionally, we can make a purchase for a so-called “stealth attraction” feature.

This feature is some kind of subscription and just a trial version. Well, the offer sounds interesting. Thanks to that feature, we will learn tips and tricks about how to get a lot of women. However, the offer sounds cheeky. First, it is a subscription. But legal information about the terms of the subscription is missing. Second, we did not even see the portal or have an experience with the service, so why make a purchase? That does not appear reliable, as we see it. By the way, a lot of advertisements for erotic platforms are also shown.

After we choose a notification plan, the process of registration is nearly done. We are asked to verify our account. But that is not mandatory. So, we can visit the site without verification. Moreover, we need to mention our impression of the registration process. Personal information is not required. It is not even possible to upload a profile picture while registering. Other users will see our location and age. That is too little information, even for a casual dating site.

Members’ area on

After the registration, we enter the website. Our first impression is about the same as with the landing page. The design of the site is not too appealing. Actually, the design of the interface is bad. First, we do not have a good overview of the portal. Second, the different areas are not clearly visible. Moreover, there is a lot of misleading advertising displayed. Even on the site itself. For example, by clicking on the button to hook up tonight, we are redirected to another site called is not even a dating website. So, it is not possible to hook up here. It is an online erotic chat site. So, you can have a video chat with other users. Of course, that might be a lot of fun. But it has nothing to do with hooking up. Also, costs will develop for joining a video chat. Additionally, the same happens by clicking on the section to play some sex games. Then, we are redirected again. By the way, these are not the only hidden links to other sites.

Sure, showing advertisements for other sites is not a crime. But, it lowers the user experience. Also, it does not make a reputable impression, even if the other sites are not a scam. However, we checked out the members´ pool of The members´ area is separated in two sections. One section shows girls who are currently online. The other section shows users who are currently active. At first, we do not know what the difference is. But we quickly found out.

The girls who are currently online do offer a live chat. But this live chat does not happen on, but on This is an online erotic chat website, but not a dating portal. Here, we can join live streams with members all over the world. That is one reason why dates are impossible. Also, the goal of is virtual entertainment, but not arranging actual dates. Of course, for using all functions on, costs will develop.

The profiles in the other section on are not available to us. To see these profiles, we must purchase a premium membership. In general, we were not able to use this website properly. By clicking on most of the website’s areas, we were redirected either to the payment section, or to completely different portals.

We were not able to prove a fake chat. But, our impression of the website is bad. We assume that it is not reliable. offers too many links to other websites. Well, the other sites are not actually a scam, but they are very overpriced, and do not offer the chance of meeting someone in real life. Reviews on the internet share our point of view.

Review member area

Terms and conditions of

Extract from the terms and conditions from the website. Current status of the terms and conditions as of June 22, 2022.

I am volunteering to view, hear, and access such materials on my own volition, and I choose to do so because I want to view/read/hear or otherwise access such materials for my own enjoyment, information or entertainment.

Yes, please give me a 2 day FREE trial to After two days this trial recurs at thirty-nine dollars ninety-five cents per month thereafter unless cancelled. Any charges will be discretely billed as "RRPSPT" or ""

Costs on

On the landing page, we read about free registration. In fact, it is stated that the website is 100% free. Well, it turns out that this is not true at all. This platform uses misleading advertisements. By the way, that is not the only misleading piece of information. On the landing page, it is stated that we can find friends and sex partners here. It is true, we can make friends. But dates are not part of the site’s offer. This website seems to offer an online entertainment service which is limited to erotic live streams.

Sure, that might be a lot of fun as well. But it has nothing to do with a dating service. Anyway, that is just one bad aspect of the site. In general, we cannot recommend this platform. Especially as high costs will develop for using the site. But we were not able to find out if the site is worth it. As explained before, the handling of the site is horrible. Most of the buttons on are links to other websites. Also, we were not able to visit other profiles.

Additionally, there is a cheeky trap. But the subscription trap that is set up is not from Now, offers a premium membership with three different terms. There is a one-year premium membership for 99.44 USD. After the first year, this kind of membership will cost 9.86 USD per month. Also, a three-month premium membership is offered, which costs 49.72 USD. After the first three months, this kind of membership will cost $14.86 per month.

Plus, a monthly premium membership is offered. This kind of membership costs 29.86 USD per month. All subscriptions will renew automatically, which sounds like a suspicious feature of this website. Usually, an automatic renewal is not a problem. Here, it appears to be a bad idea. However, the actual scam happens somewhere else. There is a button that is already activated. So, by not deactivating this button, we would automatically purchase a trial membership for another site.

A two-day free trial membership for is offered. This is another amateur erotic website, where you can watch and chat with models from all over the world. Again, real dates are not possible. After two days of this trial, it recurs at 99.95 USD per month thereafter. That is quite a lot of money. Especially as this subscription is an extra purchase, which will run separately from

By the way, there is another trial membership which is offered already while registering. For $1.95, we get instant access to powerful seduction methods. This is a complete step-by-step strategy for getting more women than ever before. Well, that sounds great. But there is no further information about this kind of subscription. It appears to be a cheeky trap as well.

Review payment

Conclusion from our experience is not reliable. According to our experience, it is not a fake chat. But there is a high risk of falling into a subscription trap. A single subscription trap? No, this website offers more than that. By making a purchase on this website, a trial membership for is automatically chosen. After two days, the trial membership renews to a monthly paid subscription for 99.95 USD.

Well, that sounds cheeky. But this very pricey payment runs separately from By the way, all subscriptions on will renew automatically as well. That does not have to be a scam. On this website, we are not sure about that. This website makes a horrible impression. For example, there are countless hidden links to other websites.

All websites that are linked are actually not a rip-off. But they are very overpriced and do not offer the chance of meeting a person in real life. All websites, including and itself, offer erotic live streams. In the end, it might happen that you pay more than two subscriptions for different sites, with no chance of a date. That is enough reason to skip The operator of is DateLinkNetworks LLC, who are based in Las Vegas, USA.

We must state that uses misleading information. On the landing page, free registration and free use are advertised. Additionally, we read about meeting real matches on the landing page, which is impossible.

Contact data of the operator of

DateLinkNetworks LLC
6130 W. Flamingo Rd, Box 877
Las Vegas, NV 89103

FAQs for

Here you can find the FAQ (Questions and Answers) for the dating website

What has attracted positive attention to ?

The website advertises with an interesting offer.

What has attracted negative attention to ?

This website makes a terrible impression. It is difficult to handle and full of links to other sites.

What can I do on with a free account?

Not too much. We were not able to visit all sections. Plus, we were not allowed to visit other profiles.

Can I really meet someone on ?

No, this website is a live stream platform and not a dating site.

Is there moderators or bots on ?

During our review, we did not experience any signs of a fake chat.

How can I cancel my account on ?

To delete your premium membership, please contact the customer support.

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